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  1. And that flock of seagulls did what we would do if Jerm were ministering to us: they raaaan... they ran so far awaaaay.
  2. I never ever bought Hannah and Bright. She said early on that she liked guys like Amy's brother, but honestly what is there to "like"? She could say she thought he was physically attractive, but that she liked him? I don't buy it. Their dating relationship was going to end inevitably; they were just way too different. And overall, Hannah was obnoxious. She seemed like a character created solely with the purpose of appealling to the introverted, insecure wallflower teenage girl viewers the show had and to draw more in. Amy of season 2, I understood. I have had some really bad periods of depress
  3. If Jana were to get married, do you think TLC would do a one-time two-hour special for the wedding? Or do you think their ties are forever severed?
  4. How sad. Only several months ago I thought she was the prettiest of the girls. I guess now that she's old enough to wear makeup, her mom got to her and plucked the eyebrows to crap and taught her how to "properly" do her hair and makeup.
  5. Is there a possibility than any family secrets of the Duggar Empire could be revealed in court in relation to this case? If so, I think that even though the show has been cancelled again, Josh would take a plea deal in order to keep from going to trial and releasing any skeletons.
  6. If they thought that naming the baby after some Wal-Mart related thing in order to get sponsorships and money from the company, you can bet they'd at least seriously consider it. I used to work at a Dollar Tree not too far from some really trashy apartments. We eventually had to keep the pregnancy tests behind the counter because we had so many women take them off the shelf, use the test in the bathroom, and then leave without paying for it. Super classy, let me tell you.
  7. Would it be "acceptable" in her world to get a job as a pre-K assistant in a school or another job that involves working with little kids once both kids attend full-time? It's almost always a field filled with women, so she wouldn't be taking away a man's job; it's childcare which is what she grew up doing; it would give her something to do; she wouldn't need a formal college education; and it could help if she feels she wants more kids but isn't able to do so.
  8. I think their "attention" on the girls was purely for the purposes of marketing. They were selling the idea of modest, pretty virgins who solely want to be a wife and mother in a modern world. The oldest girls were the ones who "wrote" a book about courtships. It was merely a profitable angle to work to the public; in private though, I think Josh was viewed by his parents in the same high esteem and privileged position in the family.
  9. Did Ben and Jessa say anything about moving to a bigger house yet? Last I knew, before Jessa announced her pregnancy, they were still in their house that they had since they got married. Jessa made a bunk bed to fit the three kids who were all sharing a room, which also was supposed to be an office for Ben. With two boys and two girls now, they cannot possibly stay there too many more years unless they build at least one more bedroom.
  10. It makes me sad for Josh's siblings to have had their childhoods and young adult life pimped out for all to see and then see that money spent on Josh to get out of even more legal trouble. I wonder if JB and Michelle would be this involved and supportive if any of their offspring, besides the blessed golden boy, were caught in the same situations Josh has? Methinks they wouldn't.
  11. You memorize verses for three reasons: 1. To help you evanglize. If you're trying to lead someone to accepting Jesus, you need to have Bible verses to back up your sales pitch. 2. Quoting scripture in prayer or out loud when being tempted will help thwart Satan in his attacks against you and your loved ones. 3. Show your Christian street-cred; it's a way to flex and impress other Christians to babble on with your memorized scriptures.
  12. Because Jesus. That's all it takes; mention you follow the right kind of Jesus, and it's sweet and quaint and even admirable to be "training up" a brood of kids that you have neither the resources nor desire to have. If you're not Christian, or don't look a certain way, or take money from the evil government to feed and house them, you're to be criticized, disdained, used as an example of what not to do. I'm really surprised that Josh wasn't sent to live with Jed and his new bride since they're geographically not too far away and are the only ones nearby without kids. I wonder if Jed was
  13. Yes, but for as image-obsessed they are, they really ought to have dressed a bit nicer. Like, Jinger could have worn a blouse and simple earrings with nice jeans. They didn't need to dress to the 9's, but some effort would have gone a long way. We know they have nice clothes that aren't cheap.
  14. My opinion is that since Israel was a honeymoon baby, born in the midst of the first Josh scandal, during a very trying time in Jill and Derick's new marriage, they took it out on him, whether they were aware of it or not. A lot of their plans for life as a married couple didn't happen the way they envisioned, and I think that stress was sensed by Izzy. Jill was visibly overwhelmed with all that happened in the first few years of marriage and only now within the last year or two, after making it known that she's going to therapy and hardly sees her Duggar family, has it seemed that they're all
  15. Jeremy has been aging in dog years the past few years, but he really looks like he's aged two years in the past two weeks. His eyes look so tired and wrinkly.
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