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  1. Joy and Austin aren't in the new season promo. Any specualtion as to why? I wonder if he/she/they didn't like TLC airing her previous pregnancy, even after she had the stillbirth and decided to keep a bit more privacy than before...? Or Austin just wants to have a quieter life with his wife and children, away from videocameras to give Joy her first break from that life since she was all of five years old?
  2. Jeremy said, "What am I doing with my life?" Oh Jer, how many times we here have wonder that very same question. BTW, how's that seminary stuff going?
  3. But is used clothing acceptable to the aspirational Jeremy? I wouldn't blame Jinger for never wanting to wear used clothes again after having hand-me-downs and Goodwill clothing from the girls' community closet, so I wouldn't fault her at all for wanting new. I could see that being beneath Jeremy in fear that someone would find out somehow that his stuff had been previously worn by someone else.
  4. I was hoping that during quarantine that some of the Duggar families would try to be even more #relateable and I'm so glad they didn't disappoint. Acting like their world has changed dramatically like normal people's has... it reminds me of the celebrities whining in their multi-million dollar mansions. Just so out of touch, tone-deaf, and just overall repulsive.
  5. If I were a customer of GrubHub, I'd be not-pleased to see an additional adult and two young children in the car around my food.
  6. Their "Would You Rather" s a perfect summation of what I hate about these two being paired up. He wanted a "meek" woman; in other words, he wanted a "weak" woman that he could constantly feel superior to and demean back down to her secondary position in the relationship if she did try to stand up for herself. I feel that no matter what he answers were on the game, he'd contradict them and basically tell her that her decision was dumb/incorrect. This arrogoant POS reminds me a lot of my sister-in-law's husband and I genuinely think she's subtly being mentally abused and grdually being molded into what HE wants. This couple is, I think, the worst of the marrieds now with the exception of Josh.
  7. That was about the most personalized, intimate birthday tribute from a Duggar I've seen. And it's for a daughter-in-law, not one of the offspring of JB and M! Guess now that JD has taken the mantle of eldest Duggar son on after Josh's misdeeds, his spouse is the favored in-law?
  8. JD looks really happy in the family photos from Easter. Glad that at least one of the duggar offspring is having a happy marriage. Of course, it's a male who's thrilled with marital life; he now has a woman to make sure his every need is met. I'm curious if any of the Duggar females are ever going to be as happy.
  9. Her voice for seven minutes is annoying. I was annoyed actually within three minutes. She sounds kind of dumb and yet condescending at the same time.
  10. Okay, when people use the word "literally" to mean something very not literally, it annoys me so much. People literally slam your family? That means we pick you up and throw you on the ground WWE style? You all are literally stupid in every facet of life because of your nitwits parents.
  11. As far as viewing the filming crew as "family", I think in the case of the Duggars it may actually not be far from the truth. We've seen how detached Michelle has been pretty much the entire series; Jim Bob checks in once in a while; the elder girls have to look after the younger ones, but they're also kind of brought up to view each other as a potential snitch and enemy. That doesn't foster a lot of warmth and caring. Some of the film crew have been around, what, fifteen years or so? That's a signficant time- several of the youngest Duggar offspring don't even know what life was like before the show... these camerapeople have been there since their birth.
  12. If TLC were interested in keeping the show going, they'd air stuff that people may actually find interesting. Interview Jill and Derick to see how she is progressing in post-compound life. Interview some of the older kids, married and unmarried, about the religious aspect of their lives and perhaps let that lead into viewers understanding some of the real issues of their near-cult. Even perhaps bring in Anna's brother who offered to let her live with him and we can hear from an escapee what life was lik then and now after breaking free. And as has been suggested before, these kidults need to work at real jobs. Watching them have deer-in-headlights looks when someone at work swears or wears a low-cut shirt could make for entertaining tv, from both leghumpers and hate-watchers. A few years ago after the Josh scandals came out, I had hoped TLC would actually make a show worth watching to examine the harm isolated religious sects can cause, but no, they had to keep the sunshine and roses angle going.
  13. I noticed the Nathan brought Nurie a Precious Moments figurine. My goodness, I forgot about those. Their heyday was around 1993 or so I think...? Bet he found it at Goodwill for a buck.
  14. Ugh, that sign they're holding while posing and smiling... ugh. Hey, guess what, you sheltered, ignorant young ladies; women (and men) regret having children. And some of them who have too many and can't support them without help from the church and the government for perpetuity should perhaps be able to be introspective and slow down the breeding.
  15. When I see these drawings and Bible verses inside the walls, I picture a horror movie where a family move into in old abandoned house and do a thorough remodel, and when they tear down the walls they discover the Bible verses. Throughout the movie they learn of the previous owners: a family of overly zealous, patricarchal cult members who beat and starve their children of love, education and food. I'm not sure where I'd have the movie go in the third act... I'll have to think on that one.
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