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  1. MarylandGirl

    Law & Order

    I was just watching Securitate (DVRed) today, and I think the son qualifies for this. They agreed and gave him a very minimal sentence.
  2. MarylandGirl

    Law & Order

    I DVRed them and am just now getting through them. I'm even finding I kind of like Greevey? I am amused by some of the dramatic use of music in the first season though.
  3. MarylandGirl

    Law & Order

    I get the sense it was a retcon. If I recall correctly, there was even an episode earlier in her tenure that was about LGBTQ rights, and when I watched it later, knowing what happened, I figured there would have been some hints in there, like her being particularly passionate about it. But nope, nothing jumped out.
  4. MarylandGirl

    S31:E11/12 This One is For One Million Dollars

    I was saying your second point to my H while watching. I'm really bad at retaining things I hear. Like if someone gives me verbal directions to a place, I can remember maybe the first two steps. I can't imagine having to remember 22 (well, 11, if it was split up). Now if I had to memorize stuff that was written down? I don't have a photographic memory, but I'd still do much better at that sort of task. I'm guessing Korey does have an audiographic memory. To comment on what some others said, I agree that the fowling seemed out of place in the final leg. It would have been more of a challenge if *both* team members had to knock all their pins down. Or if they only got, say, 3 tries then all the pins had to be set up again. The record-making challenge was interesting in an "Oh that's how they make records" kind of way, but didn't add much drama really. Running through the market in the next to last leg was pretty great--and I forget who said it (Tyler maybe?), but they showed one racer saying, "Oh good, now all we have to do is find Phil and check in" before finding him then being given that clue! Drum challenge was good, too.
  5. MarylandGirl

    Without A Trace

    Agreed on all the hooker comments! And yeah, I wasn't sure how to feel about the victim either. Maybe if they'd done a better job showing why the woman had such a hold on him in the first place? It just felt like she was always trying to manipulate him, including the "We need to move to California together right now or my life will be awful." Have you watched "Two of Us" yet? Curious as to your take on that. Particularly the ending.
  6. MarylandGirl

    S15.E25: Jump into the Fog

    And by the end of the series, ER had a completely different cast than the start. One of the issues with Grey's is the title--it kind of has to center around Meredith (I guess it could have switched to a different Grey...). They hang on to many characters way longer than they have a decent plot for them. As for this episode specifically, as a finale, I think one of the main issues for me is that they were trying to focus on too many plots at once. I feel the best finales of Grey's had them all together dealing with the same issue (like the hospital shooter or the plane crash). Of course, it's over the top to have some major disaster every finale. At the same time, focusing on just a couple plotlines in this one would have made it more effective. It's like you would go from the high-stakes blood donor for the boy to...Maggie and Jackson's camping woes to Teddy giving birth in a fairly straightforward delivery (well, aside from the whole Owen confessing his love--I think if I was in the middle of giving birth, I'd just be like, "shut up until I'm done!"). And Jo getting needed treatment. Oh right, and the whole insurance fraud thing. And Contacts and HAOG. I still feel like I'm forgetting something. As for Jo going inpatient, she did seem to be having difficulty functioning. Like just laying in bed all day, not really being willing to talk about what happened (except to Meredith), the going to work drunk, saying something suggestive of wanting to die. I think she was a good candidate for voluntary inpatient. Could she have been forced to go legally on a psych hold without seeming more of an immediate threat to herself (or others)? Doubtful. But voluntary, as long as there are beds available--she might be able to get help more quickly than once or twice weekly therapy sessions. Though as someone mentiond, intensive outpatient might have been a better choice, I imagine many viewers wouldn't be familiar with that, so they'd have to do a big explanation. While just showing "Psychiatric Inpatient" on the door was enough.
  7. MarylandGirl

    S17.E18: Top 5 (2019.05.12)

    I agree that Alejandro is an artist--his piano on that last song was just amazing! That being said, I think he'd do better not winning and getting signed on his own, so he could write his own songs. I've only been watching for a couple weeks, but Laine kinda bores me. Madison has a great voice--I think she'd do well with an AI contract.
  8. MarylandGirl

    S15.E24: Drawn to the Blood

    Just when I thought Maggie couldn't get any more annoying, she goes camping! And it was SO obvious that there was going to be a car accident with the blood donor. Is there a reason why they couldn't have taken her blood on the plane when she wouldn't leave? (That's what I was expecting Owen's big idea to be, not showing her the patient and guilting her into doing it.) Or is this a case where it would need to go directly from her into the boy? Agree with the other posters that they need a psychiatrist on staff. That could open up some interesting plot lines, too.
  9. MarylandGirl

    S17.E17: Woodstock and Show Stoppers (2019.05.05)

    I only just started watching this season, and I kinda liked Alejandro's performance of his original song [ducks]. And I thought Jeremiah was really good, but Broadway styles tended not to last in previous seasons. He'll have a good career.
  10. MarylandGirl

    Without A Trace

    I hated how abruptly they ended Martin/Sam, too. "The Bogie Man" was a rather unsettling one, maybe more so to me now than when it originally aired because I have a daughter? "Showdown" was really good and suspenseful, and I agree on Danny's great performance. I feel Enrique Murciano was rather underrated on the show.
  11. MarylandGirl

    S15.E22: Head Over High Heels

    Yep, my husband is a redhead, I'm a brunette, and our daughter is blonde (dark blonde, but still). And H has blue eyes, I have brown eyes, and D has hazel/green eyes. Genetics are fascinating. As for the ep...yeah, didn't care about many of the story lines. And Contacts can do much better--HAOG seems like an a-hole.
  12. MarylandGirl

    S15.E20: The Whole Package

    Was Megan always that annoying? I hope she doesn't stick around for long...
  13. MarylandGirl

    S17.E03: All the Rage

    Apparently, I am from the same planet! I don't understand how they said a couple were costume-y but not that one? It made me think of Little Red Riding Hood. But like, sexy Little Red Riding Hood, like a Halloween costume. Maybe it would fly off the rack in a Halloween store?
  14. MarylandGirl

    Without A Trace

    Ugh--are not enough people watching or something?
  15. MarylandGirl

    Without A Trace

    I just watched that episode the other day--it was a lighter one, including that ending! And then how the speaker, his brother, and the former foster brother all seemed to think it was no big deal, that they could just walk away from it. I think the reason the first few seasons hold up so well is like you said--they're about the cases and people, not soapy stuff. Sure Shadows and a couple other episodes involved stuff with Jack's father, but I think those were really well done and gave good insight into Jack's character. And really, the stuff with Jack's ex-wife was generally good. Maybe it was just better writing in general...