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  1. What would have been really interesting is if they could have revisited some fairly memorable case from SVU history where new evidence turned up, and there was a chance a conviction could be overturned. Or maybe if there was an unsolved one? Or where the perp got away due to some technicality?
  2. This is a good point--but I feel like at least before they were likeable in some way, or at least interesting. Thinking of the original 5, MAGIC, I guess. But as others have said, now they're incompetent in both their social lives AND their jobs--and not in an entertaining way. More like in an "I feel bad for the hospital's patients" way. And they seem very one-note, like Helm's obsession with Meredith, Glasses' love for Nico...have they even really fleshed out the other interns at all? I think it's also an issue of a lack of interesting romantic relationships. The Meredith-Derek-Add
  3. I had the same thought! Like, apparently that's the actor's only purpose now. Not that I particularly like the character anyway, but if I were the actor, I think I'd be rather annoyed by it all. Though if he's getting a nice paycheck for just showing up briefly...
  4. I'm married to my former coworker. And out of our team, there were a couple other marriages as well. I joked that we should add to a help wanted ad "also, a dating service!" ETA: I enjoyed the first episode. I like the new team so far and was happy to see Sara (she was always a favorite of mine, for whatever reason) and also Brass. Was never really a Hodges fan.
  5. I also question why they trust him. And what if someone happens to see him walking into police headquarters? I guess I assumed that those working undercover met with their police contacts in other locations or something? Also don't think he should trust Flutura.
  6. I can't help you with the episode title, but you could be having migraines, as I get them with auras. It's also possible to get "ocular migraines," where you have the aura symptoms (particularly with the eyes), but don't get the actual headache afterward (I have those on occasion, too). I would be interested to hear what episode it is, if someone finds it!
  7. Also an issue with DVRs. I have a Fios DVR and had a whole bunch of episodes of CC and some other shows saved on it. When it died, I lost all the shows. In the past, they had transferred to the new DVR, but they changed it. And there was some comment on the website about how it's not intended for the purpose of saving episodes.
  8. It would seem somewhat unfair if they were allowed to hang around and help, because then the last contestant finishing could get help from all of them. Especially because then some of the chefs would be completely done (as opposed to helping out while they're still working on their own dish). But I am sort of curious about the rule now...
  9. I was confused, because it sounded like "gruyère," as in the cheese, and I was like, "But I thought they could only use cheddar?"
  10. Agreed for the most part on returning serial killers. I find that I need to look up the actor, and then I'm like, "That's it! That's where I know them from!" And some I feel weirdly invested in, like, "Oh, they've had a good career since then, good for them!" For those who like this show, I do highly recommend "The Closer" and "Major Crimes." (though: returning serial killer warning!)
  11. See, I associate him with Homicide, but he has played his share of creepy bad guys, including on that episode of Cold Case. Which was an interesting one, because it diverted from the usual formula.
  12. I ended up watching Daniela again last night after reading these posts. You're right that it's a really powerful episode, and her dancing with the boyfriend at the end is touching. I was crying. (My husband happened to come downstairs, and I was like, "Everything is fine, just crying at this TV show!") I realized what made me so sad about the episode--it's that Daniela died alone, feeling she was rejected. If she was still even slightly alive when her boyfriend came back, enough to know that he still loved her, then it would have felt less sad to me. But the idea with the ending is that she ev
  13. Yes, those are both particularly brutal episodes. Others I can't bring myself to rewatch are Glued, The Boy in the Box, Daniela, Wishing, Ravaged, The Promise, and Perfect Day.
  14. So, I don't think undercover johns would have worked in this situation. From my understanding, the way they generally work is that, say, they'd arrange to meet with a suspected prostitute (or just pull up on a block where they're working), then once the suspected prostitute offers a sexual act in exchange for money (I'm not sure if they need to formally take the money from the john first--I feel I've seen both scenarios portrayed on various shows), they can arrest them for prostitution. Or if they catch a john offering money, then they can both be arrested. (Or an undercover posing as a prosti
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