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  1. I agree with most of your points on "City Hall" (just watched it). I mean, "Nothing you could do would bring him back" could apply to any murder trial. I do think his conviction was the correct verdict. The government's secret acts were wrong though, particularly regarding the issues in this case. It maybe gets a bit more hazy if it's a suspected terrorist plot. Some good acting in this one by the guests as well, including the water inspector and father of the suspect.
  2. Same. I've started reading the comments here before deciding whether to watch episodes. This one definitely sounds like a "skip"!
  3. Blood Libel, where they try to claim there was a Jewish conspiracy to frame the defendant. Thin Ice, where the father said he had "sports rage."
  4. Just watched "Burn Card"--great episode, though sad departure for Green. I think the fact that they don't usually tend to focus much on the characters' outside lives makes it much more effective when they do. Some of the exchanges between Green and Van Buren and Green and Lupo were really well done.
  5. Yeah, I was expecting her to resign or get fired in that ep, but then she didn't. But I guess it was setting up her departure.
  6. I have officially survived season 17 and am now on to 18. So much better already... Did I miss something, or did they not explain Cassady's departure at all? Or, for that matter, McCoy taking over for Branch? Like, they said he was brought in to finish his term, but did they explain why?
  7. OK, thanks, all! I'll push on through then. I'm on E14, "Church." Cassidy has become slightly more tolerable. I do like Rubirosa--she stays on for a bit, right?
  8. Season 17 really is pretty terrible (save a couple decent episodes). Sort of blasting my way through it now. It seems much more glaring in its "ripped from the headlines"-ness. And too focused on celebrities. I don't think I watched much of 18-20 at the time they were on--they're better though, right? Not that it's a particularly high bar to cross...
  9. Well, there was the first one with Jackson and April that died, right? Not sure if that counts...but they were together then.
  10. Same! I'm trying to think of what sort of meaning he could have had other than freedom from the relationship. I mean aside from a "hooray, USA!" sort of thing. Like there's no plausible deniability there...and he had to know Maggie could have seen it or heard about it, knowing how no one can keep a secret in that group...
  11. Oh right, wasn't even thinking of the doctor. Agreed on him, too.
  12. From ones I've watched recently: The father/grandfather in Cost of Capital, for what he did to his daughter and granddaughter (and his general smugness about it all). The ex-wife in Home Sweet was pretty bad, too, caring more about the money she was getting than the little girl who died.
  13. The one who worked with Callie and Arizona seemed especially bad (I say this as someone who has been in both individual therapy and marriage counseling). Therapy rarely seems to be portrayed accurately in TV/movies. If they could make it a bit more realistic with Jo, it could be interesting. Maybe...
  14. I was thinking the same--her crying was so fake! I was never a huge fan of hers, and now she's even worse. And she's hurting Koracik!
  15. Yeah, from what happened with a friend who was in one for a week, they take away your phone as well and don't let you access it until you leave. I think with that it's partly that they just want you to focus on your care, but also I imagine the fear that someone could call or send a text that upsets them. And she was suicidal but hadn't made an attempt either--she was handcuffed and taken by police because they thought she was a danger to herself. It could be with Jo, they told her at the first hospital where she was that either she had to take herself to an inpatient facility, or they would forcibly commit her. And I do understand how she could have reacted that way to meeting and talking to her mom. Even leaving aside what her mom said about being unable to look at her, I would think just learning you were the product of a rape would be traumatic in itself.
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