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  1. Ack, why doesn't Izzie, I don't know, ask her friends, the residents, or perhaps the oncologist (or dermatologist?) she met with to figure out what's going on with her? Why would she trust the interns? She's wasting valuable time! Not that I like her very much, and I know what happens, but this just seems so stupid to me...I know she might not want to accept that something's wrong, but she's a doctor! In a (supposedly) well-renowned hospital. She has access to all kinds of experts. OK, rant over. Also, that PP crossover was so sad and also confirmed that I have no desire to rewatch Private Practice, because those characters are really annoying together!
  2. It seemed like she just couldn't handle the thought of something happening to him, so she ran away. Not that it excuses her actions. I'm watching the episodes where she's just starting to get involved with Owen, and she seems much more compassionate and *there* for his struggles. Growth maybe?
  3. Yes, this would be a great challenge! Though I suspect it would be a "deconstructed bloomin' onion."
  4. Ack, the LVAD wire cutting--why didn't she at least wait until Burke alerted her that he was almost there...or something. Though I guess he could have told her that he's at the hospital, then gotten shot. But I feel bad for the others getting sucked into Izzie's scheme... And as a 43-year-old married woman, I keep thinking, "How can you be in love with him, Izzie, you barely know him!" (Then again, I may have thought the same thing watching it as a single woman when it first aired...)
  5. I'm still wading through season 2. I miss early Callie. And I'd forgotten quite how brutal the George-Meredith sex scene was, especially the "You're almost done, right?"
  6. So, I'm rewatching and am at the episode where Denny arrives at the hospital. I had incorrectly remembered that Izzy and Alex had actually dated more than they had at that point. When really, it's like they went on a date that ended with Izzy unhappy, then he kisses her in the bar, then he has issues in bed, then sleeps with Olivia. So it's not like they were really some couple. And maybe it's because I'm watching on Netflix rather than week to week, but it doesn't feel like Meredith and Derek had a particularly long foundation either. Or Christina and Burke before he asks her to move in with him. Maybe it's just a change in my perspective as a 43 (eek!)-year-old married parent vs. when I watched it during its original airing...
  7. I thought it was a pretty absorbing episode (unlike last week!), but wish they'd spent less time on the single couple. I got the sense maybe she was meant to be some sort of comic relief, but then the crash sort of did away with that. I liked Koracik in this. And the scene where Teddy talks him through being able to operate was really good, as was them holding hands in his office. I felt like her being with Owen after, she was probably just thinking of Tom. And apparently the stuff with her past relationship that was revealed last week was just forgotten? It felt like that never happened. As for Richard, agreed that it felt like they threw every neurological symptom into the pot. It's happening too quickly for something like Alzheimer's, I think. They can't go to brain tumor again. I wonder about something like B12 deficiency, as that can cause neurological symptoms, plus is easily curable. Or, wait, hey, maybe they'll discover a new disease!
  8. Don't give them any ideas! "Everybody Poops: A Grey's Anatomy Special Event"
  9. I would like to thank you all for watching this episode so I don't have to. Time is precious when I'm working from home with my D home (and H working from home) as well.
  10. I think this line basically sums up the episode.
  11. Season 10 had quite a few: Killerz, Patsy, and Loco Parentis all come to mind, along with the already mentioned Fools for Love. Bodies from Season 14, partly because the killer is just so incredibly creepy and clearly a psychopath.
  12. I agree with most of your points on "City Hall" (just watched it). I mean, "Nothing you could do would bring him back" could apply to any murder trial. I do think his conviction was the correct verdict. The government's secret acts were wrong though, particularly regarding the issues in this case. It maybe gets a bit more hazy if it's a suspected terrorist plot. Some good acting in this one by the guests as well, including the water inspector and father of the suspect.
  13. Same. I've started reading the comments here before deciding whether to watch episodes. This one definitely sounds like a "skip"!
  14. Blood Libel, where they try to claim there was a Jewish conspiracy to frame the defendant. Thin Ice, where the father said he had "sports rage."
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