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  1. TOL

    S16: Talk

    This article just said it better than I could
  2. TOL

    S16: Talk

    I just watched this season on Hulu. I can’t believe I went back this far to find this thread to comment, but that’s how disgusted I am with Carol/Brandy and their behavior. Caite was a simple girl no doubt, but she didn’t deserve the bitchy platter Dan/Jordan served them up on and the continual snide commentary from C/B. The unintended consequence is that as a result, their antics elevated Caite, especially at the finish line when she tried to apologize for the Uturn and they just.couldn’t.stop being awful.
  3. YES! Once Fred said it more than a few times I felt Nick would toss some sort of Sorkin-esque line at him
  4. I feel ya. Back in the day I used to watch Ally McBeal and I was over the title character by the second episode. Yet I still watched for the rest of the cast
  5. You’ve said it better that I could. It’s just so tedious.
  6. I just wanted to say that something went right with the Guidice girls because they have been raised to obviously love each other. They especially dote on Audriana. It does my heart good to see genuine affection between the sisters.
  7. I do too. I also have soft spots for Sonya on NYC and Brandi on Dallas. I root for them
  8. Especially annoying when there are girls like Kyndall or Amy from the later seasons who messed up constantly but were better than Morgan (or Loni from season 2) and still didn’t make the team. The arbitrary application of the rosters year to year is dumb
  9. I know! I think it’s the one where the girl missed the bus and was late to the stadium (I think it was one of the Jordan’s?)
  10. thanks! I could only pick out the Trevino sisters and Abigail So now I see Brooke is the pregnant one. She looks completely different to me! And Cassie... Cassie Trammell? Because if so.. wow, that hair Who was the mom who jumpEd into the circle and did the kick line holding her baby?
  11. I agree about the Jack and Rebecca flashbacks getting tiresome. This was a long slow trip around the block to get to the payoff at the end where Rebecca realizes she will lose her memories of Jack. I cried at that realization with her. Maybe because I find Milo V an annoying actor 😬 ::ducking any objects thrown at me::: Moving on. Toby has been shady throughout his weight loss journey. First hiding it from Kate, then the what I feel is an emotional affair, switching gyms as a result, and now his feelings about shutting Kate out . However, I think that’s another half-truth. I th
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