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  1. Ugh- home sick today and GMA Day is on- I lasted less than 5 minutes. Sarah sharing a story of her Christmas Tree falling down turned sexually inappropriate quite quickly! (sticking it it, screwing, bent at the top, hands sticky...) Is there an intended audience? It sure ain't me!
  2. Was Whoopi's age mentioned? I'm about ready to drop 6 years off my age too! While 1955 is recognized as the year Whoopi was born. There is conflicting information online. WHOOPI GOLDBERG, who was born in New York City in 1949
  3. Meghan cut off mid sentence to go to commercial!
  4. Michael- Escalator and Elevator are not the same thing. (Introducing the story on the speeding escalator- He called it an elevator) Looks like Diane Macedo has become a permanent part of GMA- Her overnight fans (World News Now) miss her!
  5. The commercials for Sarah and Michael on Tape are annoying enough- no interest in checking the show out!
  6. Meghan's hard held belief that she is an only child is being challenged!
  7. Recent game show appearances (Match Game, Family Feud) haven't been beneficial to Sherri's wig business. Her wigs never stay in place! and... she supposedly shared diet advice with Aretha Franklin. Sherri plays Nutritionist
  8. Lying from the start- In this first show, she said that as a young Republican in college, she watched/ admired Elizabeth H on The View. Meghan did not become a Republican until 2008 (as a gift for her Dad)
  9. Meghan has never met individuals that celebrate Hanukah, Kwanzaa, Epiphany (Three Kings Day), Russian/ Greek Orthodox Christmas and other December/ January Holidays? Sad Not a new concept to learn about and join others in celebrating holidays! Back in the 60s- My family (Roman Catholic) were members of the Jewish Community Center - When the Arts and Crafts class did a Passover project- I copied off others but learned the meaning/ traditions.
  10. Meghan's Summer Plans Time with Dad, Honeymoon, avoid politics... Apparently she thinks folks are getting their news from The View (and she is solely responsible for providing it!) The View needs to revisit their old koffee klatch model!
  11. I'm thinking that it would help Meghan to read her Dad's book. for example: Seems she missed a lot of life lessons along the way.
  12. For those posting about the quality of their network's broadcast (or pinpointing a view on the network they watched)- There was only one film crew in the chapel and we all watched the the same footage- PBS had the shortest time delay (of the stations I checked) so they were my choice for viewing! I honestly think Kate was napping during the ring exchange- her head never moved! lol (The woman sitting next to Oprah who was caught napping needed a bigger hat!)
  13. If the White House needed to apologize for something that was said about Senator McCain- why was the apology only given to Megan? (Why not Cindy or the entire family?) White House apologizes to Meghan
  14. Wait... Wasn't she the one who wouldn't listen to her doctor when encouraged to gain a few lbs in order to increase the likelihood of getting pregnant?
  15. Rosie O. has announced that Parker is engaged. His fiancee's name is Hannah.
  16. At this rate- The auditions will take all season!
  17. and filming for Season 2 will be coming up (and she needs to be gray)
  18. From the artcle For some reason the term "home cook" doesn't really fit!
  19. The movie Hairspray with Ricki Lake is from 1988- Marissa was in the Broadway version years later (around 2003) (My sibs and I can claim Creampuff Medley as our porn name)
  20. On June 12, 2008, McCain wrote on her blog that she had changed her party registration to Republican.[1] She said she did so "as a symbol of my commitment to my Dad and to represent the faith I have in his ability to be an effective leader for our country and to grow and strengthen the Republican party when he is elected President of the United States" I remember her doing this (and your post had me search for it) - you have nailed it!
  21. Difficult being the voice of others when you haven't a clear view of your own!
  22. Thinking of those wasted apples... How about PTO/ PTA providing some stainless steel apple slicers. A fun activity (motor skills) and easier to eat. I'm thinking bacon and almonds would dress up those green beans :) lol
  23. News is reporting that Whoopi supports Tiffany Trump (Whoopi stated that she will sit next to her at Fashion week shows) Nice of Whoopi to say something... Tiffany had no choice in who her Dad is. By his choice or hers (or her Mom's)- she is her own person and separate from the politics. She is not the one whose prominent photo graces the wall of the Oval Office (The large photo of Ivanka and her husband at an Inaguration Ball would lead one to believe that Ivanka is an only child) A photo of all his children (on Inaguration Day) sure would've been a more appropriate choice!
  24. As soon as I saw this headline... Candace's daughter Natasha came to mind!
  25. Lots of basic spelling and sentence structure errors! As a writer- he probably had proofreaders and editors to correct him? BUT- He currently is a teacher (and at one point *He* was teaching English!) lol As for Sherri- seems her recent Uber driver communicates well... Is he available?
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