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  1. I felt like Dean should have lived another 7 to 10 years and then died from a heart attack brought on by his atrocious (but delicious) dietary habits.
  2. I'd like to thank today's episode for reminding me of what I used to say all the time.... Fuck you Steffy !
  3. At least this explains why they gave Flo the Pebbles Flintstone hair style.
  4. Rerunning episodes that include Ron Moss
  5. "Is she dead yet ?" -Bill Spencer Thank you Dr Pelaton, with that one act you have risen to the top of my favorite characters list.
  6. Nice to see Zende's honeymoon green screen get some more work.
  7. I think the writers are doing a better job of selling 'Shauna's not so bad' than 'Flo is a saint'.
  8. Did the writers think that scene with Flo talking to the doctor made her look caring ? All I heard was "blah blah blah... why isn't she dead yet" .
  9. I get a little irritated when they say Thomas threatened Zoe, as if she was going to tell the truth otherwise.
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