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  1. dvil

    S09.E15: The Calm Before

    She was also in last week's episode, with the setup about her having a daughter.
  2. dvil

    S09.E15: The Calm Before

    Why were the heads barely moving their mouths and not moving their eyes? The Governor's collection of heads was more lively. If Alpha was wandering around the fair wearing Hilde's scalp, wouldn't people near her notice the smell?
  3. dvil

    S09.E15: The Calm Before

    I want an all song-and-dance episode that features only Alpha and Negan.
  4. dvil

    S09.E15: The Calm Before

    Gimple wasn't one of the writers who put the snow and spikes in the comic.
  5. dvil

    The Comics: Same, Yet Different

    Well, Luke bit the dust in the comics. I'm disappointed that Tammy was the only character spiked in both the comics and the TV show.
  6. dvil

    Spoilers and Speculation

    Yeah but who's gonna be her love interest? I assumed Henry was going to be Carl's replacement.
  7. dvil

    S09.E15: The Calm Before

    TWD would've been shocking if Dog's head had been on a spike. I'm underwhelmed by the ending.
  8. dvil

    S09.E14: Scars

    The change in color temperature was a dead giveaway. FTWD uses the same method to depict flashbacks.
  9. dvil

    Spoilers and Speculation

    Some of the Whisperers have husbands and wives? I guess they're not the animals they are in the comics.
  10. dvil

    Whiskey Cavalier

    All the mentions of Lauren Cohan being on The Walking Dead make me want to point out that Tyler James Williams was also a regular on TWD.
  11. dvil

    Spoilers and Speculation

    I assume it's a tease if Rosita ends up being one of the characters killed at the fair, like in the comics.
  12. dvil

    You're The Worst

    Maybe Paul can lend Vernon his old chastity cage.
  13. dvil

    S09.E11: Bounty

    You'd think that would cause enough dissent over time that Alpha would be ousted.
  14. dvil

    S02.E02: Primal Urges

    I'm surprised nobody's afraid of what cosplay The Orville will inspire. Bring on the horny porny Moclans.
  15. dvil

    S02.E02: Primal Urges

    Why wasn't the simulator sandboxed?