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  1. tiredofwork

    S09.E16: The Storm

    The absolute worse season ender in the 9 yrs this has been on the air.
  2. tiredofwork

    Married to Medicine Los Angeles

    The one blond wife with the overly large boobs who is not a doctor but wife of a doctor and took the photos of the other wife in the tub with the gummies...., Well, that wife gives me Stacey Dash vibes..
  3. tiredofwork

    S09.E12: Guardians

    I have always been "out of the box" on this one. I would be as northerly as possible, where there is cold/snow and hilly. My theory is that 1) was always less densely populated 2) there would be no reason game to eat would not be plentiful because there would be nobody hunting them and they should breed enough to keep attrition due to natural causes at a minimum. 3) because in cold/snow the walker herds would be significantly slowed and easily tracked.
  4. tiredofwork

    S09.E12: Guardians

    I can't remember how Henry became Daryl's problem anyway. Dude has done nothing but create headache for Daryl. If I were he, first place I would go after this episodes rescue is straight to wherever the fuck Carol is and drop that snotty "Bae Bae" kid (see comedian Robin Harris routine) off to her.
  5. tiredofwork

    S11.E16: Bye Wig, Hello Drama

    So as I have been witnessing this season of RHOA, it really must be true that women are only 1-2 drinks from girl on girl action or at least naturally bi-curious as it is being portrayed on this series. I mean most of them seem to be all up on each other in heat.. Shamari really should be charges with attempted sexual assault on Eva..
  6. tiredofwork

    Season 9 Live Posting Thread

    I still don't see how "barcode" lady was redeemed.. If I recall she had bought all the way into We Are Negan.
  7. tiredofwork

    S02.E09: Identity, Part II

    What cracked me up more is the deadpan face from the Krill captain like WTF??? upon seeing that Kraylon ship, especially after all that "blowhard" talk by the Krill captain.
  8. tiredofwork

    S09.E11: Bounty

    This Whisperer's storyline is just beyond stupid. All of the other clans of villains, they've come across in the past, I can from a comic book standpoint of life go with.. I mean with the Saviours, I could see that people as a matter of survival would join into a pack for numbers and resources even if the evil came with it... But this Whisperer shit of I am going to skin a walker and wear that on my face and live among them because we are "walker whisperers" is beyond any suspension of disbelief as far as I personally am concerned. Show is doomed. Too bad, it was a good run while it lasted.
  9. tiredofwork

    I Am the Night

    The series has really underwhelmed. However, I am a chronic "hate watcher" of many things so this is just one on the list, the Blessing is it is only 6 episodes. I know the finish will also most likely be underwhelming ( I have no insights, just projecting the cynicism) so I am prepared. There have been subtle nuances raised in the show on the colorism in the af/am community historically and even today. I am talking about the Fauna, "light Skinded" as we used to say, advantage.. That was raised back in Nevada when the schoolmate got jealous because the young brother she was interested in was interested only in Fauna. Then there was the cousin thing in L.A. when she came back to "auntee's" house and cuz was jealous Fauna stayed with the brother (don't know his name) at his house. Also Fauna gets to walk easily between the 2 worlds of Black/White no matter what the community is. Especially in those days that was a great advantage/privilege she had. I don't know really if I wish they explored that more or not.. It is not something I have ever been fond of amongst my Black bro's/sis's. But it just will always be there. As has been mentioned previously on on this thread I like shows/movies with 40's 50's, 60's L.A. I lived there briefly and like to see and think about the communities I know of and how they looked back then. One movie that portrays it well is Devil in a Blue Dress with Denzel Washington.
  10. tiredofwork

    S11.E15: Let's Make It Official

    So NeNe doesn't give a shit about acting like the most horrible bitch on earth, not even trying to fake her horribleness....
  11. tiredofwork

    S09.E10: Omega

    So the Rick crew, and the other allies defeated the most vicious, well trained, well armed, well organized, ruthless , countless in numbers horde known as the Saviours and they are now intimidated by some dead skin wearing freaks who it appears don't even have a pistol? Don't the good guys still have a large armory of weapons? Don't they have a freaking bullet factory? Where is the challenge to wipe these freaks out? Should be easy peasey. I know one thing, they better not be so lost in tactics that the look to Negan to defeat these freaks. He better not get that redemption arc.
  12. tiredofwork

    Season 9 Live Posting Thread

    This plot is similar to the last season of Fear when the stupid ass villainess was killing people to "make them strong"
  13. tiredofwork

    Season 9 Live Posting Thread

    Why would they cast this woman to be some super tough, alpha leader???
  14. tiredofwork

    Season 9 Live Posting Thread

    The slingshot is just stupid.
  15. tiredofwork

    I Am the Night

    OK, can anybody explain what the hell the ox or steer skeleton skull symbolism is all about and what the hell was the surreal crap of Hodel hearing a violent ox or steer in the room and peaking under the door seeing hooves was all about? See, I am not a deep thinker and abstract shit like that just frustrates me. Also, really get that Chris Pine's character is fucked up so many ways and really, really tired of having to see all of the ways each episode. Only reason I am still in is that it is only 6 episodes and I just want to see where they are going with this.