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  1. Kazzy25

    S10.E16: USA vs. the World

    I just noticed this taped and see that Japan didn’t compete, which is a shame. I know that historically they haven’t done well but it doesn’t seem right not having them there, considering that Japan is where this whole thing started.
  2. Kazzy25

    Dance Moms in the Media

    I wonder if Lillianna will become the new “Maddie” on this team. I’ll probably check out the first couple of episodes and make my decision from there. I feel like it just won’t be the same. I too find it interesting they’re back in Pittsburgh, too!
  3. Kazzy25

    Dance Moms in the Media

    Mackenzie performed on a float in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade this morning. I didn’t recognize her until the graphics flashed her name! I can’t believe how grown up she looks. All I could think about is her being so small and wanting to “stay home and eat chips.”
  4. Kazzy25

    S06.E06: Not What I Thought

    Man, first episode I posted in separate threads how much I hated Larissa and how much I loved Kalani. A few episodes in and my entire perspective changed. I actually feel bad for Larissa and cannot stand Kalani. Highlight of the show for me was Larissa doing that impression of Coltee behind the wheel of a small car, “Hi, I’m Colt!” I burst out laughing.
  5. Kazzy25

    S05.E06: Sub Standard

    Honey’s pregnant again?! Why?
  6. Kazzy25

    S03.E04: Chapter Thirty-Nine: The Midnight Club

    KJ as young Fred looked so much like Luke Perry in his 90210 days. His outfits and mannerisms were on point!
  7. Kazzy25

    S06.E03: Rough Landings

    I really dislike Larissa but I laughed at her fat shaming poor “Cookie Dookie” the cat. That was hilarious.
  8. Kazzy25

    X Factor 2017

    I don’t have TiVo but my DirecTV DVR isn’t picking them all up, either - sometimes it’ll skip them and then I have to watch it when it shows up On Demand. I wonder if it’s the same issue - maybe it’s getting that wrong date and not picking it up. I never thought to check. I’m still enjoying the show and I’m rooting for Gio, Danny, and pretty much all the girls. As much as I love Robbie I’m not a fan of his groups. United Vibe is terrible! And I cannot stand Brendan. I fast forward through all his performances. Something about his singing just bugs me.
  9. Kazzy25

    S05.E03: Workin' the 'Ween

    Yes! They need to bring back the scrawny little guy, he’s my favorite.
  10. I really like Kalani. She was so blunt in her interviews and seems pretty genuine. I’d hang out with her.
  11. Ashley kind of looks like a discount January Jones.
  12. Kazzy25

    S06.E01: The Clock Is Tickin'

    I already hate Larissa with the fire of a thousand suns. She’s awful. Poor Colt; I really hope he wakes up and winds up not marrying her. But he doesn’t seem like the brightest bulb so...
  13. Kazzy25

    S04.E03: Toxic Workplace

    I legit cracked up at Dina calling Jonah a “rejected American Girl Doll.” That was hilarious!
  14. Kazzy25

    X Factor 2017

    Yes, I definitely saw Terri Seymour there too and thought it was so weird! Simon’s was the best - I loved seeing the mini American Idol reunion. I think he has the strongest category.
  15. Jesse looks awful. That fake tan...and his chin is all red underneath. And those pants! It’s like the makeup and styling people had it out for him!