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  1. I watched WWHL last night after the episode where Peter got demoted for sexual harassment. Andy Cohen made it sound like it was nothing, then proceeds with sexual “jokes” with Malia & (was it Rob?) IMO it was very inappropriate. I expected Better of Bravo. Maybe too much expectation.
  2. A friend of a friend was a psychologist who worked for an unnamed reality show. That psychologist quit when he/she realized that they were casting the ones with psychological problems. They wanted the narcissistic personality disorders, not the well adjusted people. This was several years ago...
  3. All employers now have either contracts or formal guidelines spelling out that they can hire/fire at will, or for a morals clause. Yes, moral & Bravo seem to be contradictory. But anything they get flack from, or effects their bottom line, they can use that clause. Many employers or even schools are looking at the employee/student online history, using it to exclude people. That “joke” from 10 years ago might just bite you. Even cleaned up, computer geeks can restore.
  4. Other networks pay x amount per show. If they aren’t shown, they don’t get paid. So editing him out, he doesn’t get a check. They usually have a morals clause that allow them to fire them for cause. That picture was cause for sure.
  5. Sounds as sincere as Asston’s apology, “4 minute ...with tears in his eyes”. I don’t think just stopping drinking this month, starting therapy this week is proof of his sincerity. Clueless men, both of them. Think pretty words mean much once you’ve seen how little it matters to them. Equate laundry with sexual assault. No, I don’t think Asston was sincere, nor do I think Andy was either. Both just don’t like how they are perceived by others.
  6. I would hope that in future, Lee would add a provision that he approves crew, has the right to fire them for cause. I hope stews will also put in their contracts a safety clause. I like the idea that they be chaperoned by the Captain, alcohol limited. The Captain and Kate stressed that in the yacht industry, the clients were paying for a luxury trip. They don’t need the bs this deck crew, or a “chef” who can’t check his ego, not looking at all preferences of the guests. PURE SPECULATION: Do you think Kate was given a job/payout by Bravo for not pushing the issue re assault by Asston?
  7. First, I’d like to check like for most all of the previous posts, but my iPad will not let me. So add a heart to most all of you. My takeaway from part 2: The guys, especially Asston, only regret that their behavior has been shown to the world. They don’t think what they did was wrong. All of them have the bs apology down pat, made all the more insincere by the “but she said...” Blame the victim, they aren’t responsible for their behavior because... Most of the male crew admitted to drunken blackouts. Even those who didn’t have blackouts showed a drinking problem. They are all asshol
  8. When Ashton was on WWHL last week, he said he’d stopped drinking and was “working on” his behavior. When asked if that meant he was in therapy, he gave bs about you having to “know yourself”. Sounds like the bs he gives the Captain. But most of all bs he tells himself.After watching his behavior, I would hope no one ever hires him in a supervisory role. Even as a third deckhand. Kevin was on WWHL last night. When asked how he would feel if men treated his daughter like they did to Kate & Rhylee. He replied “first I wouldn’t raise my daughter to be a bitch...” or a version to that eff
  9. IIRC, Phyllis was trying to “compromise “ Kyle to break up his relationship with Summer, when she thought they were brother/sister.
  10. I’m having difficulty “liking” posts, but I have agreed wholeheartedly with many of you. Yes, Kate seems to be a “stuck up” “bitch” but even if she were, it is no excuse for the male crew’s behavior. Stop blaming the “victim”. Stop excusing criminal behavior. Regarding Kate’s actions with Simone: Simone is constantly seen on the phone with her mother, bitching about Kate, giving a slightly different twist to her comments. Since the crew quarters seem so cramped, does Kate hear all of Simone’s calls to mommy? Coupled with her poor service, Simone’s crying to mommy is another slap in the
  11. I was disappointed in this episode (& with WWH afterward). I was hoping they would address the issues of Smashton and the negative behaviors of the male crew. (But I don’t think the female crew are perfect, just not guilty of sexual assault...) Lee should have been shown the Smashton clips. Kate stated to that production person that she felt unsafe. But she should have left a note for the captain, telling him why she left. If asshat Smashton (or even Ashton) returns next season, I think I’ll check out of BD. I’d prefer all the male crew be blackballed from yachting. The female cr
  12. I suspect Ashton will escape any punishment for his behavior. My guess is that he’ll deflect everything to Rylee. Anyone but himself or his male crew. “Smashton” can’t remember what he did the night before. He drunkenly cannonballs destroying dj equipment. He gets violent, repeatedly talks shit about Kate, saying repeatedly to all crew that she is a “bitch” and gets away with murder. I think pot : kettle. Only Kate doesn’t sabotage him, he does that great all by himself. The blackouts say he has a alcohol/substance abuse problem. His violent behavior says he might have mommy issues. i t
  13. According to my memory, this is Billy’s second attempt on Adam’s life. Back when Sage & what’s his name went to rescue Adam & Billy from the burning car etc. Billy was guilty of kidnapping and attempted murder of Adam. He had him at gunpoint, shot him, then left him to die in a burning car. To make matters worse, he left an “innocent” man to die in that car. (Of course Sage brought Adam home to impersonate her crispy critter...) So to my very armchair “legal expertise” that means Billy was guilty of kidnapping, attempted murder, leaving the scene of a deadly crash as well as mansl
  14. Don’t forget that Victor gaslighted Sharon as well. He hired someone at Newman to sabotage her meds, he hired Mariah to gaslight Sharon etc. Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, but I don’t hear GC saying how evil Victor is. Everything is real-time...
  15. All this confirms my version: if it was “real” life, Ashley would never be pregnant, but a hysterical pregnancy more likely. Even if she was pregnant, she was showing signs of losing the baby from the beginning. But Victor just danced off, no nurses etc to monitor her. Also the history of psychological problems related to pregnancy. If Adam is so guilty then Victor is also guilty of neglect for leaving a medically and psychologically fragile wife alone, without nurses.
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