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  1. The UK show Taskmaster is my instant happy-making show. And they're doing what every British show without US distribution should do...post their episodes legitimately to YouTube. The basic premise is British comedians receiving tasks to do from the Taskmaster('s Assistant Alex Horne) to be judged later by Taskmaster Greg Davies in front of a studio audience. Players compete across a whole season so unlike other panel shows storylines develop across the episodes. What's better than one comedian doing silly things for points? Teams of comedians doing silly things for points! Stop motion movies starring potatoes? Long-distance charades? Playing squash under unknown Taskmaster rules? Team tasks are some of the highlights of each series so here's a curated binge list of all the ones available on YouTube. “Down an Octave” Series 1 Episode 4 “Little Denim Shorts” Series 1 Episode 5 “The Last Supper” Series 1 Episode 6 “A Pistachio Eclair” Series 2 Episode 3 “Welcome to Puerto Rico” Series 2 Episode 4 “There’s Strength in Arches” Series 2 Episode 5 “The Dong and the Gong” Series 3 Episode 2 “A Very Nuanced Character” Series 3 Episode 4 “The F.I.P.” Series 3 Episode 5 “Look at Me” Series 4 Episode 2 “Hollowing Out a Baguette” Series 4 Episode 3 “Meat” Series 4 Episode 5 “No Stars for Naughty Boys” Series 4 Episode 7 “The Leprechaun or the Lesbian” Series 5 Episode 2 “Residue Around the Hoof” Series 5 Episode 4 (Of course there are more, but this is the extent of the ones that are legitimately available on YouTube)
  2. It was. I have a copy nearby for reference. It was a particularly bad one you might get in your armor. Except one particularly offensive word which was bleeped, like tonight.
  3. Or, crazy thought, cut back on regulars on future seasons so they can bring in more diverse casting. It's 2019 and there is zero excuse for any episode to be Aisha + four dudes. British panel shows are finally getting this and doing a better job casting but I gave up halfway through this past Whose Line season due to the lack of gender diversity.
  4. Not British here, but exactly that. Or Catherine Tate's Lauren.
  5. With a whole bunch of 'Ru Paul's Drag Race' now on Hulu, Kevin O'Keeffe has a rundown of the fifteen must-watch 'Untucked' episodes.
  6. Yep. In earlier seasons they were more explicit about saying "we asked you to bring a ______ look" on camera.
  7. I love how delighted Renee is on the show. Her reaction to the shirt was priceless.
  8. Here's a post from the site on 9-1-1 using the Titanic water tanks in Mexico to film the water scenes.
  9. October 14th on Hulu. Ferda. I saw episode one at the ATX Television Festival. It has me looking forward to seeing them all.
  10. The Foley work on this show always gets to me. I don't know if I would or wouldn't want to see a behind the scenes video of that. squish
  11. Returned on BBC One September 27, BBC America October 4.
  12. Narrator: "Ray's mom has reservations about Caro, because... she's seen the show."
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