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  1. It was a pre-prison show. Martha definitely softened her attitude since then Not knowing Sly and the Family Stone was terrible.
  2. That little gem deserved more attention! You mean to say the house was 212 degrees??
  3. Love to watch this show...the "fabulous" cars from the 80s (including a Yugo at times!) are a hoot. Take it from someone in the industry: they were all terrible.
  4. I didn't feel very sorry for her, they were both horrible amateur dog breeders, daughter couldn't be arsed to take the puppies in for shots (which of course would have cut into the profit margin) Dreadful people all around.
  5. I'd disagree as to the amount of the profit (his time and effort was worth something) but I think he came out way ahead.
  6. I had the same idea. He was extremely motivating IMO. I was highly motivated to kick him in the gonads.
  7. awesome! if it's anything like the Bob's Live show I went to a few years ago, it's going to be hilarious!
  8. I am so with you on this! I'm baffled by this commercial and by the entirety of Kroger advertising these days. Oh boy fresh food!! What a differentiator in the grocery store segment!
  9. To whatever network has the rights to the DIck Van Dyke Show: PLEASE air all the Alan Brady episodes!!
  10. Still sad when I see the name Borders. Went to their very first tiny store in Ann Arbor back in the 70s
  11. Happy to see that Ben won, but would have been happy with Meggie too. All three seemed genuinely thrilled to be there and friendly to each other. So I get to hate Comcast all over again, since they moved TCM off our service tier and paired it with some upcharged sports package (sure, that's logical). I miss that channel.
  12. damn. I missed that part of the show, went to the store. I totally would have gotten SRS as I'm in the automotive field! I like Ben and Meggie. Therefore Will FTW (I don't hate him, so it's not the end of the world.)
  13. I first thought Ohio, since that's the Cradle of Presidents but apparently they didn't have enough that got libaries. Ended up in TX just in time.
  14. Definitely not a pejorative, we own it! https://overseasbrats.com/
  15. I visualized the European map, the positioning of the Adriatic and Baltic did the trick. Like Clanstarling, I was a military brat who lived in West Germany during the Cold War, so once I had the geography sorted, it was easy peasy.
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