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  1. Cosign. "Hey bro, can you keep it down a bit? I had a deer in my sights and you spooked it. Thanks!"
  2. Boy howdy, you are not wrong about that. Too bad "How does this show stay on the air?" is not a J! category :)
  3. Well, I disagree profoundly with their rankings. Aaron Rodgers in second place?? I don't think so, Al
  4. Typo, sorry. Should have been ROTP
  5. The Proust question was one of those where it's ALWAYS gonna be RITP. Always. Did the man write anything else? I'm sure he did but not well known enough to be a Jeopardy answer
  6. I'm not really on the Verlinda train...the bobbing was driving me nuts
  7. It wasn't that she didn't look like an Aerosmith fan...I'm pretty sure I'm older than her and grew up on the Stones, Zeppelin, Cream, etc., all hard core rock. We still think of ourselves as cutting edge rebels, but one look in the mirror and you have to remember reality :) But SAHM from Alabama does not tick the Aerosmith box for me. A stereotype for sure, but I'd imagine that the edgiest music she'd listen to would be Christian rock.
  8. Anthony definitely did that man thing, which my husband does a LOT. Confidently state something so you think he's absolutely right because he knows what he's talking about. No chance that he's wrong! Except, well...
  9. there's a guy who frequently posts on Jalopnik, Tom McParland, who will do all the work for you (for a fee, of course, because that's his business) He's not the only one who does stuff like that, but he seems very much like someone I'd want to do business with Here's his latest https://jalopnik.com/here-are-some-tips-to-navigate-what-might-be-the-worst-1846991534
  10. Generally, the host would ask the contestant to say it again if there were confusion. Long i vs. short i should not make a difference in the correctness of an answer unless it changed the meaning And YAYY Jennifer from Dowagiac!
  11. LOL, I kept saying NIghthawks? No, that's not it. But it was I have this shirt
  12. This Michigander pronounces it without the leading H. I noticed it too, maybe she's channeling Martha Stewart :) But yay Jennifer! I'm rooting for her due to our fondness for Dowagiac, having spent some time at a cottage nearby. Not a touristy town but close to some major recreational areas and the SW Michigan wine trail
  13. She's also popped up on Young Sheldon. Lorre definitely has his stable of players.
  14. I am always there for Nilsson! But I could see it being a perfect "this is how I feel" song after a breakup. But it would be pretty consistent with the Chuck Lorre oeuvre I think she's turned into a hormone-addled teenager. Drama all the time is pretty consistent with that.
  15. I love Tammy, so I'm watching the last two seasons for her.
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