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  1. Sherri Shepherd was kind of wasted in this. Hopefully the show settles down
  2. it was a Russian dog that had never been in his kitchen 🙂
  3. Yeah, him being an east sider would make sense 🙂 . It'd be neat if "his" house was on the lake.
  4. MSNBC will take a big hit in the ratings IMO with a boring Biden presidency. Not sure what they can do about it, and I'm sorry for their loss, but my GOD I am looking forward to a normal boring POTUS
  5. Actually it reminded me of a MASH episode, where Hawkeye needs new boots. It may be before your time 🙂 High Ted Danson was funny as hell
  6. agree, dshgr. Very Tina Fey. Which is a good thing. I'm in for a while at least. Hope we'll see more Rachel Dratch
  7. Count me in with the crowd rooting for a mature person! I had the Hair album too. Went to a local production recently of Hair (no nudity) and frankly it wasn't all that hot as a play, but so much of the music is still great. I am dreading tonight. I fully expect to cry.
  8. Yup. I have known plenty of people who thought they were so smart by working under the table. Then they try to buy a house (with little declared income) or get SS (ditto) and those chickens come home to roost
  9. I wasn't totally swept away, but given its pedigree I'll keep watching. Bob's Burgers people can do no wrong by me
  10. Scarborough kind of redeemed himself this morning One of the reporters last night mentioned how she had no NBC or MSNBC identifiers on her...a very wise decision in light of Murder The Media
  11. No JJ for us yesterday because, well, you know, sedition and all that.
  12. Yesterday was far beyond politics Detroit's station is running yesterday's J! at 7 today instead of WOF, then today's episode at the regular 7:30 time. They've been promoting this week hard on their news shows so I guess they had to do something.
  13. If you have a Costco near you, they carry TIllamook cheddar loaves. I used to bring them home every time we visited the PNW and now I can have one any time I want! And the price can't be beat
  14. It's actually free right now so the drivers don't have to have passengers near them. A Detroit bus driver died of COVID early on. The more troublesome thing about Detroit public transit is that it's not convenient. It runs erratically, and the city of Detroit is geographically very big so it's difficult to accommodate everyone. Plus the city has a separate system than the suburbs so it can be wonky. I wonder if the show assumes Bob actually lives in Detroit
  15. Thought the FJ clue was awkwardly worded I couldn't believe Dave muffed on anthropology. That probably kept him awake the night after his game. I know I'd be reliving it for weeks.
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