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  1. One in Michigan too, not far from Dowagiac. As in Jennifer the wine lady last season from Dowagiac
  2. Laughed like hell at Bob trying to guide Teddy backing up the trailer. We have a camper trailer and I could so relate! My husband does the opposite of what I say to do, and there's always an argument when we are trying to get the trailer into the spot.
  3. Sorry if this one's been mentioned already--when the senior residence kicked out Ray's parents on Everybody Loves Raymond, and Ray looks at them and says "it was YOU!" is one of my hell yeah moments.
  4. Kill the turkey! I love Dawn of the Peck too.
  5. I'm just gobsmacked that the pastor apparently had little knowledge of other religions. And she was soooo slow
  6. Of course, Gene could tell you all about that feeling!
  7. Matt was not at all sharp today, he looked like he had checked out early. Makes Ken's streak all that more impressive
  8. So if Matt has a shot at Ken's record, I believe it would happen while Ken's hosting
  9. I like seeing Millie again and I'm glad they use her in a limited way.
  10. That was me. I could see her and hear her but the name was not available from the brain file FJ was odd...it wasn't even called Hoover Dam until 1947; it was Boulder Dam initially. So when it was dedicated, it's not like Hoover would have been invited due to the name.
  11. Should have started yesterday.
  12. I got stuck on the German aspect of FJ and couldn't come up with any early 19th century famous Germans. John Jacob Astor is not a Germanic-sounding name Didn't the other guy say something about being a Proud American when he picked the American Rivers category? Agreed that David Faber did a fine job. Maybe Joe Buck will call in sick next week :) And here's a poll from the Seattle Times asking who do you want as permanent host. IMO not enough Buzzy https://www.seattletimes.com/entertainment/tv/poll-who-do-you-want-to-be-the-permanent-jeopardy-host/
  13. and in the hallterview, defendant kept insisting that she owed the plaintiff nothing. Based on...I already spent the money??
  14. Well...I would bet not $100K but at least $100 that the producers encouraged them to harp on that. It's their schtick.
  15. God, that was irritating. What did she have against that landlord? That looked like legit damage.
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