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  1. damn. I missed that part of the show, went to the store. I totally would have gotten SRS as I'm in the automotive field! I like Ben and Meggie. Therefore Will FTW (I don't hate him, so it's not the end of the world.)
  2. I first thought Ohio, since that's the Cradle of Presidents but apparently they didn't have enough that got libaries. Ended up in TX just in time.
  3. Definitely not a pejorative, we own it! https://overseasbrats.com/
  4. I visualized the European map, the positioning of the Adriatic and Baltic did the trick. Like Clanstarling, I was a military brat who lived in West Germany during the Cold War, so once I had the geography sorted, it was easy peasy.
  5. Awesome! i was rooting for her. I was very glad she won! I really liked her headband, I've been trying to wear similar due to COVID hair, but my face is not compatible with hats or headbands 😞
  6. So, ummm, why do you keep buying Altimas? It's probably not the car's fault, I'm going to take a wild guess and say they aren't exactly current on their maintenance, but if an engine blew on a relatively new car I owned, I would not be inclined to acquire another one.
  7. kind of a shame the Shumer show was so poorly rated. Not that I'm a big fan, but that FN will just double down on doing the same old. At least it's a different concept.
  8. Takes two...dude could either keep it in his pants or use some birth control. If your idea of a suitable sexual partner is a one night stand, then you should be very careful to have a pocketful of Trojans.
  9. I'm inclined to grab that part of the chain that is so awkwardly and obviously showing and give it a GOOD twist, and yank. Just till he howls. Freaking Pharisee.
  10. Loved the tournament the first time around, and love it the second time...it's a delight to watch these guys play--fast, bold, and smart as hell
  11. I said something similar about the restaurant in Bob's Burgers, but actually if they did focus on carryout or delivery, they could be doing relatively well, especially if you only have family working. My kid works at a pizza place and it's doing very well these days.
  12. I had to Google this to understand the reference!
  13. well, Alex kind of encouraged her too...
  14. Frankly, I didn't think the Ariane Grande answer held a candle to Chaka Khan when it comes to boneheadedness.
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