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  1. lallalla

    S06.02: You Got Zuko’d

    I really wanted to punch Laney in this episode, I hated how much of a raging c- she came off as to Beverly. Adam aged a lot, this season isn't working for me on many levels.
  2. lallalla

    Small Talk: Big Store Stop

    I love America Ferrera but they are making her look like Francine, from the PBS cartoon 'Arthur', and now that I've seen it, I can't unsee it (I love both charters, referring to roles Ferrara has played, and the cartoon character's roles; Ferrera seems like such an awesome woman!!!) Viva Francine!
  3. Yaaas! He for sure, is NOT. bang-on
  4. lallalla

    S03.01 Mom Guilt

    I love Katy Mixon and think she is beautiful, I didn't realize she was pregnant but thought she looked far larger this episode from S01E1 I loooooved her interview with Steve Harvey, you keep doing you, Katie!!!
  5. lallalla

    Kevin Can Wait

    Chale/Kevin Cartwright's accent is for real on this show? I had to IMBD him to see if he was really British, his accent/voice is grating in this show, I can't believe it's real, I thought it was supposed to be some play on his annoying character as a whole, goodness, someone cut his vocal chords. I just started watching the series on CBS All Access and love Kevin James for the reasons most of you have stated. The show is mediocre at best, probably only because I already love Kevin. My problems are what all of you have listed, for example, finding it hard to believe that mom/eldest daughter here work, they look too close in age and though Kevin doesn't look old at all (nor do I think he's old), she just doesn't seem believable as his wife of 20 years.
  6. lallalla

    S03.E09: Nothing but Nepotism

    Yes, I was one saying last season I didn't see how it added to the story, so if they tossed it away, I'm fine with that. I did love his talk with her at the end. :-) <3
  7. lallalla

    S03.E09: Nothing but Nepotism

    Is Bow even pregnant???!!! What?! Dre is very often over the top, this episode was on the less so episodes, in my opinion, the season opener was an example of his over-the-topness.
  8. lallalla

    Season 4 Discussion

    This 'Tell All' is painful. By the time 15 mins had gone by, it already felt like an hour had passed. Last year's 'Tell All' was glorious'.
  9. lallalla

    Season 4 Discussion

    I can't believe this.
  10. lallalla

    Season 4 Discussion

    Narkiya said "I don't want to get ahead of myself." I think what she means is, "I don't want to get further ahead of myself", because honey, that train has already left the station.
  11. lallalla

    Season 4 Discussion

    Who made Patrick the sayer of anything? He is too high on the horse he doesn't have. Someone take back his imaginary keys, take that wind right out of his non-existent sails, he annoys me, I am now irrationally angry! Let's all be "thankful" he came around!
  12. lallalla

    Danielle and Mohamed: The Original Mess

    So does the Indian guy have money, have any interest in coming to the USA? Is he going to be the next one she tries to bring over once this mess with Mo finally exhales its last breath and falls over?
  13. lallalla

    Danielle and Mohamed: The Original Mess

    Thank you. So who she is dating or with? No one? All of them? No one knows? And again, was Gabe just for that episode? Thank you for your help, I appreciate it. :-) So she did turn up another man when she went on her trip....
  14. lallalla

    Danielle and Mohamed: The Original Mess

    OMG, too much to keep straight!
  15. lallalla

    Danielle and Mohamed: The Original Mess

    I still don't know who this is, or I'm forgetting. Has he been introduced on the show or in the threads? Why do I feel dumb for not knowing this after reading your comment? I used to follow all of the drama closely and ready all the in's and out's, read about Danielle's past, followed her online drama, as well as Mo's, but I stopped that nearly a year ago, so I am "out of the loop", pardon my ignorance. :-( Again, who is Bobby, please? Your statement is delivered as if it's common knowledge, have I missed something that well-known? I'll go sit it in my "wasn't paying attention, shouldn't ask what should be known because they're common characters" corner, with my head held down. :-( If Bobby is so important, was Gabe shown because he refuses to be on camera? Was Gabe even a possibility? Is he even still a possibility? I'm almost afraid to ask now. :/ :-(