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  1. mrsh

    S05.E17: Chapter Ninety-Eight

    I completely agree with everything you wrote. The first 4 seasons were so good and I guess I just hoped they would go out with a bang and have an amazing 5th season as well. Oh well, it is what it is but the actors are all amazing and I'm glad this show has introduced them to us. I'll remember the first 4 seasons fondly and most likely rewatch them in the future.
  2. mrsh

    S04.E05: Dirty Dancing

    Miss Michael Jackson
  3. mrsh

    S05.E03: Chapter Eighty-Four

    I'm so happy Michael has his memories back. I yelled and started sobbing once the snow cane doelwn and all his memories flashed. Brett Dier is amazing at conveying his feelings with just his eyes. I can't see this not being a Jane/Michael endgame and I pray the writers won'tdl disappoint. I know the traditional telenovela ending would be Jane/Rafael, but that's predictable and writers have changed the ending gor American television, ie Ugly Betty. The love story between Jane/Michael is epic and meant to be, in a way that Jane/Rafael just isn't.
  4. mrsh

    S05.E01: Chapter Eighty-Two

    I really enjoyed the episode. I stopped watching the show after Michael "died" because I was so devastated and couldn't imagine the show without him. Then when I heard he was back I watched all the episodes I missed and caught up. I'm glad we established that it's really Michael and not one of Rose's magical masks. I feel bad for Rafael because he has grown a lot and really been there for Jane but I cringe at then being endgame. For me, that would be the safe ending for the show. Jane and Rafael living happily ever after with Mateo, their biological son. Through the show Jane has felt she should give Rafael a chance because of Mateo and the thing is she never chose to get pregnant by Rafael. It was a circumstance that was forced on her because of the accidental insemination. Jane had plans to be with Michael and marry him and have a family. She was dragged into the Sin Rostro drama because she happened to be inseminated with Rafael's child. She always chose Michael in the end and for me, I would like to see Michael regain his memory and for them to end up together and have their child be the narrator. there were some hints thrown in by the narrator this episode that give me hope.
  5. mrsh

    Jenelle: Birther Of 3, Mother To None

    I agree with you on Kaiser needing privacy and I'm also doubtful of Nathan's motives. At the same time, it seems to me that Child Services is asleep at the job here. Those bruises are not from a slip n slide, they are switch marks. David is violent and there is video of him and Jenelle threatening Kaiser on video, and poor Kaiser's terrified reaction. I fear for Kaiser because he's Nathan's twin and I can see David picturing getting even with Nathan through little Kai.Now, Nathan is not a model citizen either, so give custody to Doris. Jenelle can still see Kaiser, but not with UBT present. If Child Services isn't doing anything to keep Kaiser safe, I can see Nathan deciding to publish the photos in order to push them into taking some action. As dumb as Nathan is himself, I think even he can see the writing on the wall that his son os at risk for being either seriously injured or killed at the hands of David. Also have to say that I'm very disappointed in Babs. She is kissing Jenelle's ass at the expense of Kaiser's safety. I get that's her daughter, but she's also a sociopath and she's made her own bad choices, the only important ones are the Jace, Kai and Endtable who have no choice in being born to such a shit "mother". I can see David killing Kaiser and Jenelle helping cover it up, all while crying about how David is such a good man.
  6. mrsh

    S08.E32: Reunion: Behind the Screams

    they're all hoodrats. As a Latina, I will say that being a hoodrat isn't about color, its about actions. Kail, Jenelle, Amber and yes Briana are all hoodrats
  7. mrsh

    S08.E28: Forgot About Dre 2018.07.09

    I agree with you on the father daughter dance. I just don't get why people are looking at it as a creepy sexual thing and I don't get the attitude that because some girls don't have active fathers in their lives then the dances shouldn't be allowed. I do not have a father in my life and if my school had done this, I wouldn't have gone, which would have sucked. However, I dont see that as a reason to stop everyone else from having that nice memory. I love in Southern California and my kids school has a father daughte and mother son dance every year. My girls look forward to it and love the buildup to it. We shop for their dresses. shoes and accessories. My husband orders corsages and they go out to dinner after the dance and some dads even rent limos. I dont see what is creepy about that, but YMMV
  8. So I just started the episode and am only about 6 minutes in, but Briana is really an idiot. She started the whole mess with Bone ( Quail?? idk, Kail'l friends all have idiotic names). Bone wasn't really hostile that I could see, she was asking what happened and Briana decided she wanted to start talking crap because she had her baby to hide behind. Bone actually ignored her until Briana kept pushing and then of course Brittany aka Brianas pit bull cones running to wipe her sister's ass. Brittany is pathetic, you cant bitch about someone disrespecting your sister when your sister is the biggest ratchet ho around and the one who is starting all the drama. I kind of wish Bone had beat the crap out of Brittany, Shes a loud mouth but I'm sure if she were to really get hit, she would fold like a cheap suit. Poor Chelsea looked horrified at what was going on. Also. In the preview I saw Jenelle looks like Satan with her little horn braid hairstyle. I hate her and Lurch, I will comment more once I finish this episode
  9. mrsh

    Season 2 Talk

    I agree with you so much. Watching Tyler get assaulted by that group of assholes left me feeling sick to my stomach. Honestly, U was annoyed all season long by the core group ignoring Tyler and making him seem like a monster. He was definitely wrong for spying on Hannah and taking the photo of her and Courtney but all of then were jerks to her in one way or another and were no better than Tyler. The whole season it hurt me to see him being rejected and abused. Like, did these kids (and adults) learn nothing from what happened with Hannah??? Watching him use his newfound coping skills when confronted with the jocks in the washroom only to be brutally assaulted had me sobbing. I dont know if I will watch season 3, I get its realistic that the jocks and especially Bryce with his money and privilege would walk free but it got too depressing for me.
  10. mrsh

    S08.E20: Drama’s for Nerds Part 1

    I have to agree with you. Most of the time Javi seems like a decent guy, but of course the famewhore within comes out and he decides to be sneaky about seeing Brianna and the Coven. If it had been only Lincoln with him, I might have let it slide, only because Fail was also bringing her random hookups into their house and around the boys and if it was ok for her to do it, then she has no right to complain when Javi does it too. The issue is that Javi also had Isaac, who is not his child. Jo seemed like he wasnt aware of Javi and Brianna's plans to spend the vacation together and that's not okay. Javi should treat any time with Isaac as precious because really he has no right to see him at all, its only happening because Jo is a real adult who wants his son to be happy. Regarding the balloon popping incident. I also was expecting it to be more dramatic, but also Lurch was drunk and he pulled that knife out so nonchalantly and lurched at the poor balloons as a cameraman? and other staff were standing right near the balloons. He easily could have accidentally stabbed a staff member in his drunken state instead of a balloon and then ot wouod have been a bigger deal. Aside from that, he is a clearly unstable man carrying a knife to filming, and is around Barb, a woman he hates. It's a recipe for disaster, and I dont blame any cast member for being afraid to be around him.
  11. mrsh

    Kailyn: Kail Smash!

    On the first tweet, I read it quickly and was seriously confused about why Chris would be denying beating his Bowel Movement. Then I realized he meant Baby Mama in regards to Kanal, but also realized that it fits since Kanal os a giant turd either way. I need more sleep
  12. mrsh

    S02.E05: Seeds

    Wow, looks to me that Serena Joy has suspicions about Nick and his relationship with June. In episode 4, she noticed the long glance June gave Nick when she saw him in the house, so makes sense that she would think something is up. Are they going to assign Nick a wife? I dont think Nick is selling out June at all, but he notices her personality change and knows something is wrong.
  13. mrsh

    S09.E06: Meeting Mariah's Girlfriend

    I have to agree with this. Wasnt Caleb helping out his brother's widow for awhile as well? Maybe he was in school and left because it got to be too much. I dobt follow these people too closely, and there is a lot to criticize them for, but I dont think this is one of those things. Not everyone has the chance to attend college right our of high school. My husband went started college last year, at 33 years old and with 4 kids and a wife at home. Sure he should have gone earlier, but life doesnt always go the way it should and due to a lot of reasons he couldn't. I thought it was sweet that Janelle was so concerned with Maddie and Caleb being comfortable in the house, usually she hardly shows any emotions.
  14. mrsh

    Kailyn: Kail Smash!

    it means she's going to bed now (insert cry laugh emojis)
  15. mrsh

    S07.E05: HIGH HOPES

    Yes, Great Kazu you are my soul sister because you always mirror my feelings lol. Back to the show, even though it makes it slightly better that Larry didn't call Maci the C word. It still shows his immaturity that he called Taylor a cocksucker. Taylor has his flaws, but he is there for Bentley as a father figure when Larry's son has failed. Ryan is the only person responsible for his bad decisions, and lets be real. Ryan has never really stepped up as a father, so he can take several seats with his speeches about how much he wants Bentley. Also, I don't fault Maci for trusting Jen and Larry, they are enablers and I have no doubt they would fold if Ryan insisted he wanted to take Bentley somewhere.