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  1. I do not life that they have done with Miles and Cara's relationship. All these complications aren't necessary. But it seems that the writers have been screwing with they're relationship from the jump. As soon as they kissed in that restaurant last season they had a major conflict with in two episodes. It's like they're grasping at reasons for drama with them and that's unfortunate because in a show like this I thought we would get to see the two main characters in love and in a relationship and helping people together but silly me.
  2. Miles is a bad guy all of a sudden? Oh please
  3. Haley is another one I hate. It's a toss up for who's number 2 on my hate list between her and Ruzek. But personally I think it's a real depiction of how a lot of these cops is moving out there.
  4. Voight is a piece of trash. He knows they were wrong in what happened to Angela's husband and he feels no way about it. He's a sociopath with a badge. I wish it was him that Angela shot but I guess i'll settle for Halstead.
  5. Nice send off for Ziva as she got to say her goodbye's to literally everybody. Jack and Gibbs just don't seem right, like I have said in the past she has way better chemistry with Vance.
  6. I know there are other races but being black is a different kind of experience and it's sad that that still has to be explained. But yes Owen seems kinda pointless to me so far but we'll see going forward. Still don't want him with Nancy though.
  7. When I and anybody looks at that dude they will see a white dude because he's light enough to pass. The point is he's not black.
  8. Please get Hoffman out of this horrible triangle. He seems like a pretty well adjusted adult. Grey and Dex deserve each other and I don't mean that in a good way.
  9. No to both both Nick/George and Nancy/Owen. In my opinion they need to work on Nick/Nancy. Nick and George are great as buddies and we barely know Owen at all so he shouldn't be shipped with anybody. But the CW is nothing if it's not consistent because every time the lead white female is paired with a black male they always have a white dude waiting in the wings. Dynasty, Supergirl, 90210, Life Sentence etc.
  10. I would love to see Jennifer shut Mia down. I don't like Mia at all.
  11. I don't know what your experience is. I'm just telling you about mine. When I do the nod it's usually to another brotha.
  12. Sistas do it too but in my experience it's more specific to brothas.
  13. Yup the black man head nod. It's an acknowledgement, I see you bruh.
  14. I love Miles, he might be the most heroic character on tv. It's a shame that he has to sacrifice and suffer for it. Cara can kick rocks as far as i'm concerned because she's too much work and has too many issues. And is it me or does it feel like the stakes are higher with the friend suggestions this season?
  15. They need to do something different with Rafael or just kill him off because i'm tired of him pining over Hope or playing second fiddle to Landon's lame ass. That and being tortured seems to be the only reason for his existence.
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