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  1. Adam as a friend suggestion? I feel like I can almost guarantee it and I definitely don't write for the show lol. That might be how Miles finds out about him and Cara. Boy would that be messy.
  2. One of the writers said it's 3 episodes left. So episodes 19,20, and 21.
  3. The writers have made me almost despise Cara and what's worst is I don't think they are aware of how horrible she looks.
  4. This all really goes back to that episode where they met the guy that the account friended before Miles and he was spewing some crap about how Miles is a prophet who has to walk alone. That was season 2 ep 8, and the very next episode after that was the stuff with Cara's stepdad and then everything really snowballed with Ali's cancer. Miles and everybody is of the assumption that the god account wants Miles to sacrifice love and be the prophet.
  5. Adam is so unnecessary, they could have just had Cara focus on her career or something. She does not need another love interest. Plus it makes her look cruel getting with another guy while Miles's sister is basically dying.
  6. I want to see where Simon and Zoey go form here. I'm glad they kissed because that line needed to be crossed and maybe now the can be more strait forward about their feelings. Max is good friend material but I can't see Zoey with him romantically.
  7. Damn so poor Miles, his sister might be dying, the god account is jerking him around, and the girl he loves is committing herself to someone else. So for all the good he's done I guess Miles just gets to be hurt and lonely. So much for being a hero.
  8. Well as a civilian and a black one at that, cops like Voight are what nightmares are made of.
  9. If Goodwin should have been fired a million years ago then Voight's ass should have been in jail a million years ago. And Voight is not gonna fix Haley because he's her inspiration and she's gonna continue to follow in his footsteps. And yes while I like Goodwin but I definitely have my problems with her as well. She should lay the hammer down a lot more especially on Natalie and Will. But I would still take her over Voight if we talking leadership if not for anything else the kind of person she is.
  10. Oh okay I get it now.
  11. Yes he has an admirable quality but he's white man with a badge and a gangster all at the same time. He's a gangster with a built in unfair advantage that gets away with everything. As a black man I hate his guts lol.
  12. And why is Upton the one that's get to do a network crossover? I mean she can't be that damn popular. I refuse to believe that lol.
  13. Voight is a piece of trash with a badge and if there is any justice him a most of his team with the exception of maybe Atwater should end up in jail. You can insult Goodwin and Boden all you want but at the end of the day they got their people's backs and they aren't actively a negative influence on their subordinates. And Goodwin ins't the first authority figure to give the people under her a long leash, isn't that what Voight is doing with Haley right now?
  14. Good to see Culhane getting his hero on. Another black male character that has been underused and misused at different points.
  15. That they keep sticking him in these undercover drug dealer plots is insulting and disrespectful.hey go to that well a little too often, so damn tone deaf.
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