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  1. I am going to miss Garland, he was was a good chief and he was someone that saint Olivia seemed to respect. I don't care abut Kat and I'm not interested in this Rollins and Carisi thing, I don't like the new guy and I hope he's not sticking around.
  2. Well Haley wanted to be Voight Jr so now she's as close as she eve wanted to be.
  3. And think of the affect this will have on Burgess and Sam. As far as Sam knows the man who killed her son got away, and as far as Burgess knows the man who nearly killed her got away.
  4. I like the new doctors Dylan and Stevie especially Dylan. They're already an upgrade over Natalie and April.
  5. Voight and Haley are both pieces of trash. Voight is a flat out criminal.
  6. Yeah I've been annoyed with Gibbs for a while now.
  7. I already like Knight more than I ever liked Bishop.
  8. Loved at the end how Gibbs told McGee he was proud of him. Gibbs has watched McGee turn into a man.
  9. I guess it's back to Whiteness. God forbid there were back to back Black bachelor's after like 20 strait White ones.
  10. I think something is gonna happen to David as a result of this random Black man thing. I just no there is going to be a consequence. And then him and Kristen are going have a serious problem. As Black man myself I would have a hard time just being around her let alone working with her.
  11. I don't know yet but it's always a possibility. I actually think Grover is being set up as Sarah's true love and this other guy is a pit stop.
  12. Tweet issue aside they set that whole end up like that for a reason. If that wasn't a Bachelor audition I don't know what is.
  13. So Grover's not ready to be with Sarah so the first thing she does is go and jump on another guy? Yeah I don't like Sarah.
  14. If so then I say good, I think they hit the mark. As a man I can tell you that guys like that kind of kissing.
  15. I like that at the end of the day Andrew got to reject her and leave with his dignity in tact. I felt what he said about wanting his future wife to choose him. I hope he's the next Bachelor.
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