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  1. Your making an assumption about Matt James with nothing to substantiate the assumption. I don't see how you can or why you would refute that what he was doing. As for Claire after she let her personality peak out i'm not as interested in her season.
  2. Women coming after that brotha lol.
  3. No she didn't hit the nail Matt was using his platform for good. He was raising money for people impacted by the coronavirus. I feel Claire gave a glimpse of her personality when she attacked Matt and it's not a good look.
  4. In this case Matt is a black man and considering the circumstances and the history of the Bachelor franchise when it comes to racism, I have no problem with a white woman taking a back seat to a black man.
  5. After how Claire went after Matt she kinda turned me off. I'm not mad abut her season being postponed.
  6. Yeah Elena ticked me off with that line about Lexie finding a better fit. I know exactly what she meant my that.
  7. No i'm glad Mia let Lexie have it. That was needed.
  8. Totally agree about Mia and Elena. Mia is flawed but I can see her humanity, Elena just seems to be a strait up bitch. I think the only character I liked 100 percent is Brian. I liked seeing him gradually wake up when it comes to Lexie.
  9. Of course they kill off Reade.
  10. When it comes to this love triangle it's just another situation of the black guy getting the short end of the stick. They made Zoey and Simon messy out of the gate while trying to portray Max's love as pure. I don't know why they made it a triangle , based on how it was set up it was unnecessary to begin with. Another poster said Simon doesn't stand a chance but lets be real he never did.
  11. Black feminist need to watch this episode. When it's really time to ride your on your own and your "white sisters" gonna put their interest before yours or just ignore your interest altogether. And I thought Uzo was great this episode, especially when expressing her heartbreak that she wasn't getting the support she thought she would.
  12. As a black man I definitely agree with you about black actors and actresses who aren't as famous as they should be. It was great to see a young black male character like Miles who was high in moral character and heroic as the lead and not a supporting or secondary character. People don't understand how rare that is. Brandon Michael Hall was perfect for Miles.
  13. Even though we know they ended up together i'm still a little salty that there wasn't a reconciliation scene between Miles and Cara. So much wasted time.
  14. Great to see Fin back in action for real. He's the best character on this show and is extremely underutilized, like Atwater on Chicago PD. When they are highlighted it shows why they're the best.
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