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  1. CoyoteBlue

    Masterchef (US)

    When Subha side-hugged Dorian upstairs and said "Positive attitude".... I seriously thought "Damn, she's gonna shank him." And he would deserve it.
  2. CoyoteBlue

    S12. E05. The Art Stands Alone

    Maybe it's Asian Indian symbolism and her brain went Indians -> no, we call them Native Americans now!
  3. CoyoteBlue

    Are You The One?

    Jonathan and Basit thinking they could be a match was adorable. Maybe Basit's long game did pay off. (Ok, just saw the beam ceremony. Never mind.) Seriously, Kai and Jenna's just-out-of-a-romance-movie "I hate you! *tonsil hockey!*" moment was practically scripted. Even the misting rain felt artificial for effect. (Jenna, get some therapy. Stop chasing the drama if you ever want to be happy.) Amber, honey, run from that hypocrite Nour. You don't need that crap in your life.
  4. CoyoteBlue

    S12. E05. The Art Stands Alone

    She looked like she had vitiligo. And for a Native American face, Ash managed to make the nose so insanely button-nosed, the poor lady-face should have oinked.
  5. CoyoteBlue

    Masterchef (US)

    There are high school kids sleeping through Home Ec right now that are more capable of cooking than these people. "Asian dude! You can make the Asian sauce, right?" because A. all Asians cook Asian food and B. all Asians and Asian culture is one giant common pool. So yeah, you're gonna get a pot full of watery, mashed-up Thai chilis being poked at and moved from pot to pot like they're playing musical chairs and one befuddled Asian dude. Between that and calling Subha "Subaru"... Good going, Noah. Honest to Christ, it's like they lost all common sense. They couldn't even make sure their food was seasoned and not raw. And lastly, WTF was with the decision by the Red Team to take the skin off the chicken? Did I miss the explanation? It's like these people were intentionally trying to throw this challenge. Subha just got in everyone's way and stuffed food in his gob the whole time.
  6. CoyoteBlue

    S01Ep22: Luna

    He... did not do a good job of managing that crisis. I assumed that was because he was barely hanging on as it was.
  7. CoyoteBlue

    S38.E11 Fasten Your Seatbelts

    You can just taaaaaste the bitterness. Mmmmmm....
  8. CoyoteBlue

    S04.E18: Tell Me The Truth

    Yeah, but Rhodes has the shitload of money. Mom had medical bills to pay. You'd think they could pass the girl's issue off as a heavy period gone bad? How much would non-medical people know? I had no period for 5 years and then a 6-month-long period so severe that made me wonder if I would run out of blood eventually. Say her uterine lining didn't seem to completely shed during her last period and it was becoming septic and had to be cleaned out. A freak thing, but no big deal.
  9. CoyoteBlue

    Archer : In The Media

    Saw my first Archer 1999 commercial - Season 10 is coming in May.
  10. CoyoteBlue


    "Oh, god. You gotta love my mother. She puts Clara in her place every time, and that is just my favorite." *takes drink* I love Mom AND Olivia. And all the bridesmaids who ditched Clara's bachelorette parties, plural.
  11. CoyoteBlue

    S07.E17: Move a Wall

    I... do not get what the deal with Cindy was in the end? (Other than the Classic Herrmann "Doesn't Everyone Love My Dumbass "Career" Ideas" Syndrome she's rocking.🙄) Even if she was using the firehouse as a blank canvas to decorate just for the photo shoot, it was f'ing HIDEOUS and INAPPROPRIATE. And then why did she interview everyone for something she never meant to keep? It was terrible, woman! Your husband broke it to you as gently as possible. And why she thought Herrmann either had the authority or capability to actually arrange anything is beyond me. She should have been talking to the Chief herself to negotiate the use of the space and get approval for a photo shoot long before the day of.
  12. CoyoteBlue

    Temptation Island (2019)

    Eh, I don't think much of Evan, but that bonfire totally gave me the impression that he would have left her ages ago, but she'd start wailing and crying and not letting them just break up. Ending a bad relationship is not "throwing our life way" or "blindsiding" you - it's admitting things aren't working and moving on. It finally took Evan getting 'struck by lightning' for him to walk away and not let her guilt him back into a bad relationship.
  13. CoyoteBlue


    Jesus, Donna, shut up. You're just making things worse and that nasty comment to Jenny about her choices and her daughter was just stone-cold-bitch. Run, Bill, run! If you stop smoking, you can bring your pibble and come live with me. I was a little surprised they didn't make a deal with her ahead of time : Find a shop space, and she can keep as much crap as fits in the shop. Rent would have to be less than $500/day, right? Then she has to promise Bill that nothing comes back in the house, that she has to run it like a business. Let the Junk Guys either toss it or move it to the shop. Then at least maybe she'd be willing to get rid of stuff if she saw a "way out" to pretend like she's wheeling and dealing. Was there a hoarder on one of the shows where they did this or was it some show where they help a family have an enormous garage sale and throw everything else out? Bill should keep a spreadsheet of how much she's "earning" each day and how much she's spending in time, gas money, and fines. "Congrats, honey, you're only $100 in the hole for today!"
  14. CoyoteBlue


    My favorite bit was when they asked the granddaughter about the crap on the floor, the granddaughter casually says "Oh, yeah, it's her shit." and the girl behind her immediately looks at her gloved, dirty hand and kinda goes eeeeeew and holds it out like "where the hell is the disinfectant? what did I get myself into?"
  15. CoyoteBlue

    S05.E10: Roadkill

    Yeah, I cringe-fast-forwarded through most of the cat plot and whatever Alexis and Ted got up to. I loved David's final "murderer" whisper-hissed at Alexis as he and Stevie departed.