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  1. WTF, Tahiry fricking CHUCKS two apples straight into his face, and no one does SHIT. Then she tries to put that bullshit back on him and he loses it briefly and well, I still have no idea what he actually was doing, but he was laying hands so no bueno. If they remotely gave a real crap about domestic violence, they should have kicked Tahiry out already.
  2. Yeah, I guess I just got the impression at that moment that
  3. It was extremely weak since
  4. `I read this and had to click through because my first thought was "Corey Chalmers?! Did a hoarder finally make him crack?" 🤣
  5. Spam is YUMMY. Slice it thin-ish and pan fry it? It's like a fluffy ham steak. Dice it small, make lardons out of it, use it in little tacos? Or make a BLT bite like whatsherface made with blue cheese, but a crostini with a thin slice of fried spam, lettuce and tomato marinated in balsamic? Mwa! *chef's kiss*
  6. Someone needs to get Sarah on some anti-anxiety meds. She's pretty much pathological at this point. She needs some therapy to deal with that and probably she still needs to deal with seeing her mom eekl over as a child.
  7. I was at one of Chris's book signings and while he was signing it, I told him that I loved the way he told stories, either writing or acting; even back when he was on Glee "and the last few seasons were a total shit show", he did his damndest to spin gold out of the shit they gave him for storylines. He started laughing his ass off and agreed that it was a total shit show.
  8. Oh, man, I wish there was a Clothed and Opinionated episode for this! Seth thinking he's hallucinating barbeque - cut to Bulent crunching his way through a roasted turtle. I would love to know how many days he survived without Suzanne. He ended up pretty much how I expected him to - crying weakly; or at least trying to but not having enough moisture to succeed. Dear god, I laughed so hard at him begging Bulent for water and then asking like he's being magnanamous offering the bow and arrows. Dude, he's gonna pluck those off your dead body and never look back. Keep pretending you're even participating in this thing. And then riding off into the sunset calling it "redemption!" like he wasn't just riding on Suzanne's coattails the entire time.
  9. "bought in a convenience store on Highway 94" I think that phrase actuallly hurt my brain. Firstly, there is no such thing as stores on 94. It's a f-ing INTERSTATE. "just off of", sure. Not on. And secondly, it's 94 or the Edens. Maybe I-94. Get out of here with "Highway 94".
  10. Mary is just eating this shit up. Maybe that where Brittani get her sociopath side from. Mary just keeps sipping her drunk and looking away and at no time does she defend her relationship. No "Look, he made a mistake, but he admitted it and we're trying to move part it, but your bullshit isn't helping. Let us worry about our marriage." HE KNOWS WHAT HE DID, BRITTANI. Stop talking like he doesn't. He admitted it, he's trying to move the relationship past that, STFU with the judginess. Frank, just run. Nothing you are getting from Mary can be worth it. And I'm just done with Sunhe and Angelica. The time to throw a passive-agressive hissy fit over the divorce and the ex's stuff was 1.5 years ago, not now. Now he's addressing everything. Accept it or don't.
  11. "Watch this, Padma. You can actually pinpoint the second when his heart rips in half!"
  12. Brittani's mom needs to let her grow up and stand on her own. No cop is going to get respect when they know her mommy washes her every day. And she needs some damn friends her own age. She's not freakishly large any more. That dead-eyed stare, though. Brittani is completely affectless. They're going to find Frank in pieces along a 20-mile stretch of interstate someday soon. (Wait, there are two siblings? Did Brittani make them disappear or did they get lives and move out?) And Mary just lets her get away with her smart-ass mouth with Frank. I think she likes setting Brittani on him so she can pretend she's not actually punishing him herself. Mary, either forgive him one fucking naked lap dance or break up with him. (I can't tell if they were claiming he boned the stripper or he just got the lap dance. Either way, shit or get off the pot, honey.) Sunghe: "And then you would find someone like me and that would be paradise" No... you mean "someone who agrees with me". Someone LIKE you would be a controlling, passive-aggressive bitch who would constantly interfere with all her other relationships. Angelica, so glad you seem to have grown a spine and are standing up for yourself against Mom a little. But you should have stayed the fuck out of Jason AND VIVIANA's divorce. That's none of your business; that's not Sunghe's business. Oh, god, Jason's a 'purse-dog and pedicures' guy? Disgusting moist slurping aside, Alana and Marcia just seems like a case of infantilization that the daughter doesn't want to give up yet. She's only 21, she's been through a lot in her life between her condition and starting life in a Russian orphanage (which can usually end in an attachment disorder, not an overabundance of attatchment), and she does live on her own and is going to college? And Marcia realizes that Alana needs to become independent, unlike some of these psycho moms. Kathy seriously drives five houses? Jesus, bitch, try walking instead of driving backwards an entire block on a residential street. These two need to get jobs or something; do something useful with themselves instead of living life from holiday to holiday to give their lives purpose. They also THRIVE on ambushing in public to put people who weren't socialized by wolves on the spot to placate them.
  13. This is the first time I've watched XL and I think I might be watching it more for "Clothed and Opinionated" than anything else. They're hilarious, especially Jake and Lacey.
  14. WHY DID I WATCH THE MARATHON?! Also, if I have to see the commercial for the next season where the one mom slobbers and slurps all over her daughter one more time, I might vomit.
  15. I adore the man, but he cannot highlight an ingredient intentionally or hit a challenge to save his life. After a dozen "Delicious! But WTF does this have to do with the task?" you'd think he'd learn. Please learn before it takes you out, Bryan!
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