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  1. KeeperOfTheIce

    The Act

    I remember in one of my psych classes in nursing school (please don’t quote me - not an expert 🙂 ) that the high pitched child voice can be a sign of trauma/abuse - it’s like your body is stunted and forever in that state - which makes total sense in this case - all the abuse/manipulation that happened started at a young age.
  2. KeeperOfTheIce

    The Snowdens

    What’s the point of doing the cleanse if you don’t have a problem with yeast infections? Majority of normal healthy women do not have a problem with yeast issues and Vanessa appears to be a normal healthy woman. Ashley just does not really want the lifestyle they are promoting and is just grasping at straws to delay “D day” . when the Dimitri asked Ashley in the bathroom about the intimacy timeline - you could totally see it in Ashley’s face that she doesn’t want it.
  3. KeeperOfTheIce

    The Snowdens

    😂- Ashley is going to keep coming up with Requirements to prevent/delay sex between Vanessa and Demitri as long as possible.
  4. KeeperOfTheIce

    S02.E05: Thou Shalt Not Sext

    The McGees - just disgusting. She wants a sister wife - someone to confide in, a close relationship with someone that is like a sister because she doesn’t have a sister, blah blah blah... Girl get yourself a “best friend” - someone who will not be causing you so much grief and heartache by sleeping with your husband!
  5. KeeperOfTheIce

    Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club

    I don’t know what Lindsey Lohan is trying to prove but this show makes her so unlikeable. She doesn’t need to be worrying about these ambassadors making her look bad, she is doing a pretty damn good job herself. She is a horrible “boss”. Kailah’s delivery wasn’t the best but at least she attempted to express out loud what everyone is surely thinking.
  6. KeeperOfTheIce

    The Many Sides of Jane

    I know our brains are incredible but I don’t get DID - to me it seems so far fetched that it seems fake. I agree with another poster - I wish the show was more of a documentary- don’t care for the special effects - maybe that’s the reason it seems fake to me. I wish they would get into more details of the whys??? Janes doctor is creepy to me - his voice and the intense looks during therapy - eeck!
  7. KeeperOfTheIce

    Temptation Island (2019)

    I don’t get this show. Why would you go thru so much potential heartache to hopefully pull you closer together? It seems like this would just be another thing to add to a long list of the relationship troubles they are already having. People just break up and move on!
  8. KeeperOfTheIce

    S02.E03: Coming Out Plural

    The Windors 🙄 the whole parading thru town is ridiculous. Who do they think they are fooling ? They live in a small, Mormon town, the whole town probably knows who they are and the lifestyle they live. Geez - why can’t people just live their lives without all the handwringing and worry about what others think? Just do you, be happy and proceed thru life. Nobody in that town cares that you are in a plural relationship. Besides that you are on freakin national TV!
  9. KeeperOfTheIce

    The Many Sides of Jane

    She probably is “disabled” and gets a disability check every month along with Medicaid. Once someone is disabled there are programs out there where a caretaker can be paid by the state to help the disabled person. My aunt is paid by the state to help take care of her disabled granddaughter. She certainly is not living above her means by the looks of her apartment.
  10. KeeperOfTheIce

    S02.E02: Failure to Launch 2019.01.27

    The thing I don’t understand is all the talk about being arrested for proclaiming they are poligamists. What’s the difference between them and someone who has an affair/mistress/side piece on the side?? The so called 2nd, 3rd etc marriage is not even legal nor recognized by the state - so how are they going to get into trouble? I get the issue when underage girls are involved or when there is fraud with public assistance etc etc but all of these people are adults of legal age just basically sleeping in a different bed every night. Not something I’d put up with but eh to each their own 🤷🏼‍♀️
  11. KeeperOfTheIce

    S10.E02: Sister Wives Secrets

    Oh Kody and these people with weird rules of modesty! Ysabel looked great, the dress was age appropriate, event appropriate. She was not showing too much leg - good grief in the park scene she was wearing shorts that showed more skin than that dress!
  12. KeeperOfTheIce

    Lifetime Original Movies

    You need to watch the documentary on this - Mommy Dead and Dearest - pretty good.
  13. KeeperOfTheIce

    Siesta Key

    Home sick a couple days and watched this for the first time. Don’t know anything about them besides what I read here. Arent these people supposed to be mid 20’s? They sure do act like they are still in high school. Chloe: for being a cute girl she sure does have an ugly personality. What a shit stirrer! I sure hope this entire show is “scripted “ because who would want to deal with her professionally asa real estate agent after seeing this? What is her end game in causing all the drama? Does she have a secret crush on that Alex guy? Cara: she seems so above the drama, why is she even bothering with this show and these people? Juliette: jealousy is not pretty. You need to get over your hang ups about your boyfirends ex’s or you guys will never have a successful relationship. I don’t get girls like her - hates all the girls that have slept with her boyfriend yet keeps the boyfriend around without question?? Alex: uggg Ogre Shrek looking guy - awful. What do these people find so attractive about him - I guess it’s the money. Pauly: I think that’s his name - Alex’s friend??? What a clinger! Telling that Jared kid he needed to bow down to Alex, and that he needed Alex more than Alex needed him - good grief. Jared: why are you even in this show. You are way better than these people - much more mature and have seen and done thangs with your military career. I sure hope you don’t “bow down”. This show and people are just awful.
  14. KeeperOfTheIce

    Surviving R. Kelly

    It is so disgusting! How has he managed to go through a couple of trials and walk away from these charges? So crazy how our justice system works. I have a relative who was 20 get into trouble with his 16y/o girlfriend - the girls parents went after him - he ended up spending 8 months in jail and now is required to register as a sex offender with the local police. It just seems like there is so much evidence that can be used against R.Kelly to put him away for good. I guess since he was acquitted the first time nothing can happen unless new info/new victim come to light. I do have a lot of questions- where were the parents/responsible guardian of all these girls? Where was the parents/guardian of Ailliaya? Did not one of them find it weird that a 30+ y/o man was interested in their kid? I guess everyone had stars in their head and was hoping for that big entertainment break that he could possibly give them. my heart breaks for all these women. I hope they are able to find some peace, resolution and/or justice with coming forward - they are so brave.
  15. KeeperOfTheIce


    Maybe I am missing something ??? besides the girl who slept with the others girls potential boyfriend- why do these girls just hate on each other? Why was the Miley Cyrus lookalike talking bad about The new girl? Was it just because she was new to the group ? I don’t understand. I guess I must be getting old because I would tire to quickly of all this high school BS.