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  1. There was a quick shot of a grasshopper in a bamboo cage and the very beginning of the show. I gave an “I’m 8 years old again” squeal when I saw that.
  2. Lately, Sunny has been speaking after Meghan and can dispute/correct everything she has said. This is MUCH better than giving Meghan the final word.
  3. Meghan looked so miserable during the outro and I don’t understand why she just doesn’t quit and do something she would enjoy more.
  4. I thought Marlena’s claim that she and John were under the weather was odd, at least her delivery was odd. The actor who plays Charlie was interviewed on Dishin’ Days and it sounds like he and “Allie” worked together a lot, preparing for the rape scenes. He really takes his role seriously with all its implications. Check YT for the video.
  5. I was so happy to see Linda Dano back on my tv screen, having been a huge Another World fan! I think, if given time, she can be a great Madame.
  6. In regards to Rafe and Charlie not being seen today and a whole new set of storylines, I read that because of C-19, this is how stories are being filmed. They are keeping groups together to limit exposure among many people so we’ll see these stories for awhile and then go back to Charlie, Claire, et al.
  7. So Charlie is as obsessed with Claire as Ava is with Patch. Must be in the genes. I could swear that baby girl Grant was named Juliette, not Julia. Did I mishear?
  8. YES! Thank you, now I can sleep tonight, lol. Didn’t she play Carrie at one point? The heavy, flat eyebrows are the same.
  9. New Claire looks like the old, New Cari, with the blonde hair and heavy, darker eyebrows. Sorry, I don’t remember that actress’ name.
  10. Did anyone count how many times Mel told people she’s a licensed nurse practitioner and midwife? After the first 3x I was over it.
  11. A few days ago Claire said that she wrote that melody so it’s unique to her phone. How long will it take for someone to remember this point?
  12. I’m usually not a fan of Sal Stowers but thought she did ok with her emotional scene today BUT could Garen have been more blah??? Was he making a grocery list in his head while this was being taped? Oy...
  13. I think Meghan just cemented her place on the panel with her, “have to leave the earth” comment. Whoopi will never want her to leave, after that ass kissing remark.
  14. Why can’t guests talk to Meghan about her dad during commercial breaks or after the taping is finished? I don’t understand why it has to happen on camera.
  15. Thank you, GHscorpios, I stand corrected. I’m not a Simpson’s watcher and I only know that clip from a local radio talk show that uses it for a specific segment.
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