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  1. Anyone else besides me not unpack on a 1 week vacation ? ( unless it’s a dress that I need to hang .) I leave my stuff in the suitcase the whole time .
  2. Amelia and Bennett look like characters on a 1970’s scripted tv show . That pajama dress 🤦‍♀️. I’d already be divorced .
  3. I’ve heard it before that having biological children is “ unethical “, but that just sounds ridiculous to me . I think it’s great if someone prefers to adopt and there are plenty of people who feel that way, but wanting biological children of your own is perfectly fine too . Some people do both .
  4. He seems totally indifferent to life . His lack of a personality outshines her terrible personality .
  5. Never thought I’d hear a straight guy say that the thing they want in a woman is nice hair and shoes . Most Guys never notice hair . I can come home with 5 inches chopped and my husband says it looks exactly the same . And the person having nice shoes ? He seemed so serious about it lol . I’d feel more badly for Christina If she wasn’t such a bitch . Miles is the only one I wouldn’t divorce instantly based on personality .
  6. Anyone know which couples end up staying together in the end ? I never like to wait out out because there are so many damn episodes in a season.
  7. I can see Amani and miles as a better match than Miles and Karen . They both just seem more genuine than the ones they were paired with .
  8. What is wrong with Henry’s girl friends ? Are they trying out for their own reality tv show ? Henry is as boring as they get , but Christina is a pill . I agree with the poster that said they feel bad for both of them . Henry is a snooze fest and Christina seems like the type that doesn’t listen Or care about anything you say , she just talks right over you . There’s not gonna be anything between those two , except pillows to separate them .
  9. Stephanie seems like such a fun person to hang out with . I don’t picture her to be dramatic or gossipy , just an upbeat , positive person.
  10. I mean I think Danielle looks skeletal and bad without makeup , but I don’t see anything about that on this board . Bobby looks the same to me as he did , but I agree he seems moodier .
  11. Brett was saying the right words that Olivia is beautiful and His type , but his facial expressions showed otherwise . Also , let’s not forget that Luke said Kate was beautiful too upon their first meet , but we quickly saw that wasn’t the truth . It’s all in the facial expressions . Amelias hair reminded me of carries on sex and the city when she got married with the bird on her head .
  12. I get the sense he’s gonna cheat on her eventually . He just gives off major player vibes .
  13. I sense Karen’s gonna be one of the brides to never have sex with her husband . She said she moves slowly with intimacy . I guarantee she’d move much faster if she was attracted to the guy . I hope she isn’t like that because I’m a little sick of the “ he’s not my type “ “ I’m not attracted to him “ storyline. When you sign up for married at first sight , you are choosing to marry someone who you may not be attracted to . Why go on the show if you can’t look past that ?
  14. Hahahah . so funny , I was thinking what a punchable face he has too .
  15. On unfiltered , woody was wearing a ring and Brett wasn’t .. and woodys shirt said something like “happy and married .” Wouldn’t both of them have to wear their rings until the seasons over .. or both not wear it ? Bretts face is hard to look at and his personality makes it worse . Pastor Cal - “just because woodys a player doesn’t mean he’s not ready for marriage .” 😂These experts don’t even know how to hide the ridiculousness of casting tv characters rather than good , genuine people anymore .
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