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  1. Absolutely ! I guarantee once she thought about all she can gain with the show ( hosting gigs , etc ), her mind quickly changed .
  2. I honestly don’t know how he wanted to be with her after the way she acted . That alone would have turned me off from the person . You are going on a show to get married and know damn well that you might not be attracted to the person , yet complain the entire time that you’re not attracted to them . Jamie has a very annoying way of speaking . And I’m very unsure why she is the spokesperson for this franchise . There’s been other , more tolerable people who are still married from this show . Why not give them a try ?
  3. Is this the first season where all the girls were attracted to the guys right off the bat ? They all seemed genuinely happy .. whereas the guys all say the girls are beautiful but their faces look pained while saying it ( minus Derek )
  4. I think mindy is a very sweet , bubbly person . She’d probably make a great friend . she was just a little TOO happy and obsessive with Zack and I’m thinking .. why don’t you wait until you get to know him before you jump up and down thanking God for your match . There’s optimistic and then there’s Mindy.
  5. Damn , I was hoping Sophia bush would be on more than one episode . I was actually surprised when she had a husband . Thought she’d be another one to be under the Pearson spell . im utterly sick of The million variations the show does of jack being insecure about being with Rebecca . We get it . He’s poor , she’s not . Can we move on ? I did drop a tear at the end of the episode when Rebecca remembered jacks words to her . My grandma has Alzheimer’s and now that her short term memory is gone , her long term memory is coming back more and more .
  6. I can already see the cast of next seasons paradise With this crew . I can especially picture the producers giving Kelsey champagne On her way in . I’m confused because maybe i missed a part . Peter seemed to whisper to Hannah that he was going back to the girls and hugged her goodbye , but was that it? did they show the infamous part from the previews where peter leaned into Hannah and said “ hannnnnah , do you want to stay in the house ?” I think I missed something .
  7. I thought the sex button was the most useless invention I’ve seen on this show , and I’ve seen useless ones . It reminded me of a black mirror episode . So Barbara thinks the girl can only succeed if she’s homeless ? A little ridiculous . She wasn’t the first one on the show who’s had a place to go home to or someone supporting them .
  8. But what really made no sense was that Brandon saw a picture of Tracy in his drawer ( when him and Kelly were back together ) .. and got sentimental about her .. and then ran into her in Hawaii 😂. and then Kelly was jealous , thinking Brandon still wanted Tracy . Um , he never did . Hence he dumped her for you .
  9. I thought Bobby was the biggest catch this shows ever had . He treated the wife .. Danielle ? Like a queen , was very genuine and he was adorable . Can’t figure out why he needed this show but it worked out for him
  10. I’m so curious .. did Luke ever come out of the closet ? I don’t say that as a joke .. I don’t think he was gay just because he wasn’t attracted to Kate . His reactions to her and things he said made me truly believe it . Now that’s a girl who was truly wronged by the show . I think anyone who comes on this show and can’t get past someone’s looks , is an asshole . In real life , you have the right to turn someone down if you aren’t attracted to them .. but if you’re agreeing to marry a complete stranger , you should be extremely open to looks of any kind because it’s not right to the other person .. and also , why would you , yourself want to go through having to marry / live with someone you’re repulsed by for at least 8 weeks ?
  11. Austin reminds me looks wise of Kim K’s friend Jonathan . Except less plastic surgery . I really didn’t like Brandon . His personality would have turned me off right away . I was expecting him to be very excited when Taylor walked down the aisle .. because let’s face it . It could have been someone who looked very different . But he was just stoic and showed no umph. He has that player personality where nothing affects him and everything is said with swag rather than just being real . none of the guys seemed overly interested in the girls , but this might be a first where all the girls seemed very interested in the guys .
  12. Phil’s turned into quite the diva . Why do we need the backstage footage of his producer saying 3,2,1 etc ? And them doing his “ hair “ and makeup . Wtf .
  13. Yes! Was thinking that too .
  14. Hannah Ann looks like a darker version of Hannah G from Colton seasons to me . Aren’t they friends too ? I’m already not a fan of Hannah Ann . She has a phoniness to her and seems like she loves the camera just a little too much . Madison seems like a nicer person , so I’m rooting for her over Hannah Ann . It’s weird because I find Madison stunning yet not so pretty at the same time . Like she has great features , but something about her face is eh As someone else said , she resembles raven .
  15. The “ sex story “ group date thing was none other than a way for producers to get the windmill thing in again since that’s the storyline of the season . Honestly , do most people have sex stories ? Maybe I’m just boring I suppose lol . I like the windmill better than the Virgin storyline , then again you could have both and have Peter work for virgin airlines 😉 .. is that even still around ? Lol
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