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  1. I think deep down , Katie knows Derek is too good for her ( hence all her insecurity ), which is why she is always bitching at him . also , the guy she dated before the experiment didn’t tell her he loved her until he lost her , and apparently she was running after him for a long time .. so she probably has a fear that Derek will do the same thing . She’s prob used to guys not falling in love with her ( who could blame them .) . She is so scared to have fun at the sake of it being corny or not realistic .
  2. Taylor’s voice is annoying , but I will give her that Brandon does not seem like a peach to be married to . He has bad anger problems and resting bitch face at all times . I think Taylor is into Derek ( from what previews show and her mannerisms on the pre -show .) wouldn’t be surprised if they date after this whole mess .
  3. The funny thing is that during the honeymoon , I thought he actually was going to fall in love with her and I think he possibly would have if their relationship would have stayed fun yet able to still have serious conversations like they did on the honeymoon . They started out with a nice balance of that , but the second they got home it seemed like all she did was bitch at him for every little thing . Who gets mad at someone for having dreams ? That’s just bizarre . katie plays it off like she’s this cool , calm and Collected girl who is just oh so mature .. but she’s so far from that .
  4. Does anyone else want to shake Mindy because she doesn’t seem mad at her “friend “ Lindsay at all ? While she’s going on about Zach who , let’s face it , was never gonna be into her or say yes on decision day .. I kept thinking about how much I wanted Mindy to tell her friend off , yet she didn’t say a bad word about her . The fact that she was talking to him at all behind my back would have made me end the friendship .
  5. Bentley seems like such a sweet kid . I feel so bad for him that he probably has a nice life with Maci and family , but he has no other choice but to see Ryan . You can see on his face that he resents him already , but is too respectful to talk back to him . Why does literally everyone in Ambers life kiss her ass ? What she did was disgraceful and somehow they think the boyfriend is the sociopath ( which he probably is , but you ain’t far off , Amb ) . No one , including the hosts at the reunion ever tell her that she’s responsible for her behavior .
  6. Randall is a good guy, but do you expect the writers to just have him be perfect and not have any flaws ? None of the characters on this show or any show are perfect . This isn’t a racial thing . It’s a tv drama thing .
  7. If they really wanted to do a twist , they should have had Madison pregnant with one kid , and in the final scenes at the end when Kevin’s son walked in the room , they should have had his other child walk in so we’d have to guess if he had another child with Madison or if it was with someone else . i think nickys text was about being one year sober , not about becoming a dad . I think Cassidy maybe marries Nicky . I do think Kevin will end up with sophie unless next season they build up madison and Kevin’s relationship and create a love story for them a la Joey and Pacey . It’s the Pearson’s - she’ll get picked for the trial .
  8. Why do I feel like Nicky will be married to Cassidy
  9. And what was that clacker? I guess I wasn’t paying enough attention lol
  10. Anyone know if Katie and Derek stayed together ? They’re the only couple that could go either way at the end of the show .. as for long term , I know they won’t make it .
  11. I couldn’t understand why Katie was so obsessive over Derek having dreams ( and reasonable ones at that .) My goodness , he’s not saying he Has a dream of killing someone . He wants to write a Christmas song and go backpacking Lol . But then I realized it has nothing to do with him having dreams . It’s the fact that she thinks that him doing married at first sight was just another adventure on his bucket list and that once he did that , he’ll drop her for his next adventure . I think she has deep seeded insecurities even though she tries her hardest to come off as cool , calm and collected. She’s always picking on him for something . She says he’s too much of a nerd , hes too corny , he’s not realistic enough for her , he’s not this he’s not that . Shut up Katie . Even her mom knows she’s always throwing away a good thing . I think they’ll stay together at the end of the 8 weeks but then divorce because she’s such a Debbie downer .. and then I hope he achieves every dream he has just to show her that they’re not unrealistic .
  12. I bet Zach wishes coronavirus was around during the time of filming so he could have had yet another excuse as to why he can’t live with Mindy .
  13. Katie during her vows : I promise to encourage you in all your hopes and dreams . Derek a couple weeks later : I want to backpack through the Andes . katie : that’s ridiculous and unrealistic .
  14. Yes. I noticed that every season if there is no drama between a couple, the mild drama comes down to one of them not saying I love you.. and it's just so obviously production driven.
  15. Derek :I WANT to fall in love with my wife . that sentence tells you all you need to know about what’s wrong with the show .
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