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  1. Maci was looking rough . Both Taylor and Cheyenne are way out of Cory’s league , yet he thinks he is a God of some sort and that he is the prize . When Cheyenne said to him , “wow you actually said I love you “ and he said he finally said it as if it’s abnormal to have said “ I love you “ to your pregnant girlfriend .. I just couldn’t get over what a loser he is . He’s not attractive and has a very annoying personality . Not sure what either could possibly see in him .
  2. And why was he the poorest lawyer to ever exist
  3. My main question with that storyline is , if they’ve been apart 3 years and got married before that , how old were they when they got married ? I think I remember Matt being the same age as the others, which would’ve put him at 23? when he met them .. he said they were college sweethearts so the timing is a little weird .. unless he’s older than the rest of the gang .
  4. One of my pet peeves in shows or movies is when someone wants to investigate something about someone , so they wait Exactly one second after the worker leaves the office to log onto their computer , and they instantly find what they need . No password , no hardships.. just finds What they need right away .
  5. I disagree that elenas argument is that The couple that adopted baby M should only be the parents because Bebe made a choice to abandon the baby . Elenas argument ( and I agree with it ) is that they should be her parents because they took her in when she was abandoned and raised her for the first year of her life . All that child knows is them as parents , and it would be horrible for the couple who adopted the baby and the baby herself if she was taken away from all that she knows , and the people who have raised her. It was not Bebe’s fault that she couldn’t provide for the baby and was struggling as we saw ... and watching it made me really sad for Bebe ... But she is wrong to try to rip that child away from all that she knows .. and for the people who stepped in when she couldn’t be a parent And for those that are saying that the judge only gave them custody because they have money and can provide better for mirabelle, does that mean that you can’t have money AND be a good parent ? It just sounds ridiculous to make that assumption . From what we saw , the parents did not just simply provide a nice house for mirabelle to live in , they also showed her love .
  6. Yes !! Just said that to my husband during this episode . They look so much alike in some scenes .
  7. My feeling is that the same thing happened to Mia . They showed her pregnant in the flashbacks a few times , but my guess is it’s not a with pearl . I don’t think pearl is her biological daughter . Something probably happened to her bio child and She probably kidnapped pearl and this is the cycle she’s in .
  8. She is the definition of insanity - repeating the same thing over and over with the same result . Omg just go on a date . Stop taking things from 0-100 in 2 minutes . Can she be kicked off the show already ? Jenelle and Farrah rightly got kicked off , but she should be next in line for domestic violence .
  9. I found it funny how it took so long for amber to think of another word for comfy .. um , how about what it’s short for aka comfortable 🙄
  10. Kourtney : I decided to take time off from filming because I just want to do things I’m excited about . me : eye roll , shut up . this girl takes spoiled to a whole new level . She’s making millions to do legitimately nothing while a majority of the world is not making millions and working their asses off daily .
  11. Is Katie kidding me ? She justified going on a date with Zach by saying “ it was before the show aired so I didn’t see what he was like !?” Yet her and Mindy got matching tattoos because the girls are such good friends ? Lol . can you just imagine if Derek and one of the other girls had gone out on a date . Katie would have blown a gasket . She really is a terrible person and deserves the bottom of the barrel . I like Mindy , but Come on . Shanny sees that Lindsay is a piece of 💩, and she isn’t even the one who was betrayed by her . Why would you want that as a friend ? And while you’re at it , dump Katie as a Friend too . ah what I would do to see Mindy and Derek end up dating .
  12. Natasha looks just like Corinne from one of the bachelor seasons .
  13. Isn’t Jamie only 21? Her non stop “ I’ve been cheated on in every relationship I’ve ever had “ is annoying . What were you in 2 relationships tops ? Enough . and I would have said 5 words to Natasha if I were Trevor ... it’s none of your business .. and just left the room .
  14. I didn’t like Gina because It seemed like her entire storyline was that she hated everyone for legitimately no reason ( except Kelly , who she had a reason to dislike .. as does everyone )... yet the one person who was Actually horrible to her ( Dylan ), she was obsessed with and did everything for him . And every episode was another fight about how she knew he didn’t love her or want to be with her , yet she took him back and it just kept going on repeat every single episode . At least Val was a more multi faceted villain and had more stuff going on than just pining over the same loser every day . She also stole from people and manipulated Everyone and everything lol
  15. People can say what they want about Taylor . I’m sure she is a phony and loves the spotlight . But no one deserves the wrath of Brandon . That guy is such a tool and is so obnoxious . That smirk , his passive aggressive way of speaking , he’s always defiant like a 3 year old . I’m embarrassed for him . He is the reason you do not get married at first sight .
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