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  1. I honestly don’t think Alfonso would turn down any job . He seems really thirsty for the limelight .
  2. Unpopular opinion , but I didn’t think Kenny acted badly in this episode . He was respectful And didn’t say a bad word about Armando’s family . Yes , maybe he expected too much acceptance right away , but it was just a very awkward situation . Everyone was respectful but no one was speaking at all even to each other . Kenny just looked like he felt uncomfortable which I can’t blame him for .
  3. I couldn’t figure out if Ari kept saying baby or bibi but it sounded a lot like baby , which is extremely weird to use that in conversation as someone’s name . Maybe she’ll think twice before getting knocked up again . Who am I kidding ? I’m sure she’ll be pregnant again by next year if they last that long . None of these people ever learn .
  4. Henry said his phone has been blowing up all day for his birthday and they show footage of him on the phone in front of her .. so the fact that I’m sure he’s saying thank you ! When every person calls should maybe set off an alarm ?
  5. I’m not team Brett or Olivia . They’re both equally terrible in different ways .
  6. Henry gave the longest roundabout explanation ever when he could have just said ,” she accused me of being gay .” Christina’s desire for flowers and non stop mentioning it reminds me of AJ’s non stop talk about eating dinner alone . Olivia and Brett needed to call it quits . They hate each other and both knew there was no shot in hell either would say yes on decision day . Bennett and Amelia make relationships look so easy. They are both so easy going and go with the flow . I aspire to be like them , just less “ look at me I’m so weird .”
  7. I don’t understand how Michael puts up with Angela . And she threatens divorce all the time but let’s be honest , she’d never divorce him she just loves the drama of saying it . Meanwhile , she talks about guys all the time and jokes about it but if Michael even looks in a woman’s direction by accident , it’s the end of the world . do you guys think he’s actually into her or in it for the green card ? If he is in it to come to America , he’s a pretty good actor and is putting himself through a lot to get here .
  8. Larissa is doing porn ? i’m shocked 🙄 she is very Farrah Abrahamesque.
  9. Why is no one at the reunion calling Asuelu’s mom out after she said she doesn’t care about the grandkids , she just wants money . Man , I thought I had it bad with my in laws . That family and Libby’s family makes me appreciate the hell out of them . Also , Jen’s house looked really nice . That extreme Botox , not so much .
  10. I always took petite to mean small in height and weight . Like I wouldn’t call a short woman who is on the heavier side “ petite .” Just doesn’t seem to fit the word . But I guess it’s more relative to height than weight .
  11. I don’t think liking diamonds or not is really an issue . Nobody HATES diamonds , but some ( including myself ) prefer getting other things as gifts instead . I’d much rather something sentimental or tickets to something / an experience rather than jewelry . I just a) don’t care to wear much jewelry and b) enjoy experiences more than materialistic items .. but that’s just me . I totally understand why people like getting jewelry as a gift but just doesn’t appeal to me .
  12. Brett and Olivia were supposedly “ off camera “ during the affectionate scene , yet they were ON camera ? My mind is blown lol. Also , Vivianna is wearing the same dress in all the talking heads since episode 1. So really she just had to work one day out of all the filming .
  13. Yeah . When your body has a bad physical reaction To another person , probably not a match made in heaven .
  14. Anyone else sick of the fact that every season , the show drags one couples “ I love you “ out even though we know it’s BS and for the show . Every season , there’s a very stable , happy couple and one of the people in the relationship says I love you , but the other one just “ doesn’t feel it yet “ or “ needs time “ when it’s clear they do in fact love the person but they don’t realize until decision day that they’re actually in love with the person .. this season it’s Amani and Woody . Its like on the bachelor. The Bach/ette is so confused about their feelings until magically they wake up the Morning on the final day and realize who they love . We know woody and Amani are going to stay together just like we knew Ashley and Anthony and Bobby and Danielle were too . No need to try to confuse us .
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