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  1. They definitely cared for each other as best friends , and I felt like Rachel was in love with Ross throughout the whole series But I always felt like Ross got over Rachel at a point . There was even a time when Rachel was pregnant and Ross was talking to Joey and Joey asked him honestly , if Rachel was the girl he wanted And pictured his life with and Ross said no but he wishes she was because it would make things easier ... and he seemed like he genuinely wished that he could still be in love with her But he just wasn’t .
  2. I am glad Jo didn't want to switch his holiday. It's not like she goes on vacations once every few years. She goes on a weekly basis. It's not his problem that she has 3 different baby daddies and has to coordinate with all of them. She always needs things to go her way and if they don't , she automatically jumps to the most immature responses. You'll gladly go to jail than risk not going to Hawaii for a month? She's just ridiculous.
  3. Personally , I didn’t like Rachel having a baby and it annoyed me that her and Ross didn’t get back together after that. It just felt so contrived to keep them apart but then 2 years later have them magically realize how in love they are and end up together . If having the baby together didn’t make Them want to be together then that should’ve been it
  4. Kail saying she’ll go to jail for a month rather than give up the Hawaiian vacation reminded me of Jenelle willing to Go to jail rather than missing the Kesha concert . #priorities im surprised they let it air that mtv foots the bill for all their trips . What lives these girls live
  5. Cassidy needs some makeup . She has that permanent frown that’s glued to her face and she’s not too appealing . I also hate when new characters on shows are so nasty to the main character /future love interest but then the predictability sets in and they warm up to them . It’s just so cliche . so now every time Kate’s baby cries , it’s because he’s blind and not because he’s a newborn baby who’s main job it is to cry ? I understand how hard it must be for her , but she needs to take into account that babies cry and it’s not always related to him being blind
  6. I don’t know whether to pity Corey or laugh at him . He is so brainwashed and Evelyn can do anything to him and he doesn’t get mad . She always has an evil smirk on her face and is so mean to him . I feel bad for him because his self esteem must be on the floor in order to let someone treat him like this .. but someone needs to slap the nice out of him . She reminds me of Leida from last season . He needs to travel all the way to Ecuador to find a manipulative shrew ? There’s plenty to go around in his own country .
  7. He was on the show way too long. I wouldn't have minded him as much for 1 season like they tend to cast every other guest member for. Once Dylan came back, that should have been a wrap. I thought his and Donna's relationship was torturous to sit through, although I think he finally brought out the bitchy Donna instead of the constantly happy go lucky Donna. Maybe that came with losing her viriginity
  8. It drives me nuts when Tom and Erin say that we are on a serious time crunch and so they have to hurry up with things, yet they pack so much fluff into the show , and give the person who goes home 1 second of air time to say what they want to say. Why not just cut some stuff down and have a proper interview instead of the music playing and them saying, ok sorry to cut you off but we have to go. Also, I feel that the camera work is really bad. They hardly show us the dances, instead they film them from what seems like 10 miles away and you can hardly see anything.
  9. The non elimination must feel like such a waste of time for the dancers . It’s a competition That drags on a week longer because there’s no one going home . They don’t want everyone to be safe . I must be blind because I think karamo is good and am not seeing what everyone else is seeing with him .
  10. Jaclyn88


    He looked sooo nervous . Mark was out of line , but that guy was an asshole . Kevin will come out with his “ you’re dead to me “ one liners but he actually sits and listens to the entrepreneurs full presentation without interrupting . Mark never really seems to listen , he just judges straight out of the gate
  11. I don’t care who you are or how “ celebrity “ you are . Having 4 baby showers is so obnoxious . Personally I think having more than 1 is , but 4?? Ridiculous also , I’m sick of everyone on the show talking about how hard working Kim is and that they don’t know how she does so much all the time . - she has various nannies and appears to hardly ever see her kids ... which is why she keeps having a boat load of them . - she has FUN jobs where she makes millions and maids , chefs etc .. not a 9-6 Job where she then has to go home , cook ,clean , take care of kids repeat . yes I’m bitter and jealous .. but these people need to stop going on about how amazing Kim is because she does so much
  12. Agreed . I think it was clear that the cast hated Shannon , the writers hated her and anyone involved in the show hated her . They made all of her friends go against her time after time ( 2 examples are The Roy Randolph situation and the dog laboratory story line ).. they also made her look desperate with Dylan many times even though it was clear he was more into hanging out with her and her family over Kelly any day of the week . But yet not one of them ever had sympathy for her for her best friend dating her long time boyfriend . There was never a moment where any of them said , “ wow that’s messed up .” Everyone was just always against Brenda even though at one point she was the shows moral center along with Brandon . I think my dislike for Kelly besides her being a judgmental , resting bitch face shrew and my overall like for Val was that none of her friends or anyone for that matter besides Val EVER put her in her place and told her she was wrong for anything . Everyone gave her a pass at all times .
  13. I don’t know if my eyes are going but I think kourtney and Sophia look very similar , Sophia just has lighter features . I wouldn’t he surprised if they have threesomes . I watched Jojo since she was on dance Moms and I always found her annoying but I get why kids like her . But I am wondering , when she’s 25, is she still gonna be wearing those gigantic bows ? I mean , that is her brand but eventually it’s gonna look ridiculous
  14. I thought the writing for that wasn't that good. To start with, Richard saw Monica several times before that episode.. and he never once changed his mind about wanting to marry her or have kids. It's been several years at this point. And now he changes his mind? that just is too plot driven. Secondly, she did seem too torned for someone who has been with someone for years vs. a relationship she was in for a couple of months a few years ago. I also just felt like the proposal was cheesy rather than romantic and they deserved a good one.
  15. I'm not sure what the whole spectacle is with Chelsea moving. It's 45 minutes away. not 3 hours. I live an hour and a half away from both my parents and my in laws and they are doing just fine. My problem with ALL of these girls is that all they do is get pregnant, go on vacations and buy new houses. I contribute to this shit show, but how does Dr. Drew still attribute this show to the decrease in teen pregnancies? He is such a quack. If i'm a teenager watching this, this show definitely is NOT keeping me away from getting pregnant. It would just give me false hope that this is what life is really like if you do get pregnant.
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