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  1. I wasn’t bored, but not much happened in terms of the couples learning more about each other or growing closer. Other than Jamie and Liz having their weekly argument and reminding us how toxic they are together. Iris didn’t say anything like that in the full episode. But if she feels that way, then she and Keith need to talk about it.
  2. I read This article about harmful dog saliva, and it made me think about Elizabeth’s dog drinking out of human dishes.
  3. I wonder if he manscapes. Did they talk about that?
  4. This. I've been fooled these 8 weeks. I thought Iris and Keith were close and growing closer--at the wedding, they both said they were attracted to each other, and they're almost always talking and joking. And Iris is always touching Keith. She puts her hand on his leg, they sit on the couch with their legs over one another, and Iris loves to play in Keith's hair. I thought they were moving toward real intimacy. But Iris doesn't even want to talk to Keith about sex. It's like she can't even admit to herself or other people that she has sexual thoughts. And that seems weird to me. Does sh
  5. I think someone upthread listed their mid-season predictions, but for the life of me, I cannot find that post. Here are mine: Matt and Amber: They win the award for Saran Wrap attempting to cling to an oiled-up Teflon skillet. Sadly, I predict divorce. I hope Amber recovers afterwards. And gets the therapy she needs. And I hope Matt's detailing business takes off. Or he gets another basketball contract. Or he becomes lovers with his handsome salt-and-pepper haired friend, either though neither is gay, but they learn to love one another and live happily ever after. Deonna and
  6. Gurkel

    Internet Pet Peeves

    Most TV programs have Facebook discussion groups. The comments are generally civil. But comments are short--there isn't the level of in-depth conversation that there is on this Primetimer.
  7. Is this the first time they've talked about whether Matt wants kids? I can't remember his response to her bringing up their future son "Matt Gwynee V." If Matt weren't already so distant and emotionally closed off with Amber, I don't think his "5-8 years" statement would've been as big of a deal. Because they would've had an open conversation about that feeling like a long time, and Matt reassuring her that chances are, she will still be very fertile at 32-35. But Amber already feels like Matt might not want her. So this is another nail in her coffin of insecurity. And then he basi
  8. Possibly, but it's just the thought of your dogs tongue touching poop, dead animals, urine, random bones, and anything else on the ground then touching your face or your dishes. Actually, if your dog just licked another dog's poop, and his tongue touches your tongue, you good get the E. coli from the other dog's poop get a bad infection.
  9. I totally get your matchmaking sentiment. As I stated in my post, I would love the process of completing the questionnaires and going through the interviews with the experts. And I didn't mind Iris's picky preferences as much I got tired of her saying husband. "Okay, Husband, you don't have to use drawer liners, Husband. But I'm going to use liners in my drawers, Husband." I wonder if she's going to call him husband when they finally have sex. "Do it to me, Husband. You're an animal, Husband. Ride me, big Husband."
  10. I wish I could get a truly honest answer from these cast members about why they're doing this show. The answers they give on camera: trouble finding love, history of bad relationships, I don't trust myself to choose, etc. explain why they might try online dating or even use a professional matchmaking service. But to go on reality TV and agree to an arranged marriage? That's something else entirely. If anyone on this forum can see themselves going on this show, will you explain why you would? No judgement. I'm really curious. I know I don't have the personality for reality TV--I'm i
  11. I'd never considered that, but you're right. He totally does. I've also heard Aster say in an interview that this is a break up movie. How is condemning your boyfriend to death a break-up? Well, I guess she did literally break up with him, but it was more like conspiracy to commit murder. And I hate to keep harping on this, but Dani was not supposed to be there! She guilted Christian into inviting her. Maybe the other guys would've met their fates anyway, I'm pretty sure Pelle invited them to the festival just to be sacrificed. And will the families of Christian, Mark, and
  12. I'd forgotten about that part! He was almost as smart as our Chidi, but he was kind of a dick in the movie, so...
  13. True. And it's not like she's home twiddling her thumbs with nothing to do.
  14. This will be like the married version of Big Brother. I wonder how they will spin it, though: camaraderie, support, blah, blah, blah. You don't have to live in the same apartment building to have that.
  15. I can't figure out why Matt came on this show. Maybe, like other past male contestants, he thought he was going to get matched with an Instagram model or a Beyonce look-alike. I still think Matt is cute, but IMHO he's a few light bulbs short of being bright. Also, if he expressed himself well, he would communicate better with Amber instead of hitting her with a passive-aggressive back door exit plan like the potential basketball contract. He also wouldn't lie down in bed casually asking her what's wrong when he knew he'd just chastised her off-camera for offering to be a supportive wife
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