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  1. I remember this moment so clearly because even though I'm generally kind of oblivious, it was obvious even to me that she was into Ben. I think she was married to Scott Foley at the time and he was in the thick of Bennifer 1.0.
  2. Along the same lines, I know it's not uncommon for rights to books to be snapped up without anything coming from it, but I hope that doesn't happen to the recent Firekeeper's Daughter by Angeline Boulley. It's a Michigan-set thriller about a young Native woman who gets caught up in a criminal investigation. It was optioned by the Obamas' production company for a Netflix series. I haven't read it yet (the waiting list at my library is 100+ long!), but have heard really good things.
  3. Longmire and Yellowstone. ETA: And, controversially, Jacqueline on Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt played by Jane Krakowski.
  4. I had high hopes for this but found it disappointing. I've seen a lot of love for Kano, but I didn't even like him that much and think he just benefited from being less bland/wooden than everyone around him. The bright spots for me were Joe Taslim, Hiroyuki Sanada, and their fight scenes. I also liked Kabal and the unexpected (to me, anyway) use of Kung Lao's hat. ETA: Spoiler tags in case mentioning that an actor is going to appear in sequels counts.
  5. I didn't think Hugh Grant and Sandra Bullock had romantic chemistry, but they're both so charming that I still enjoyed watching. The surprise Donald Trump cameo is...weird. I remember hearing that he insisted on being included in a movie if one of his properties was used as a location or something. I don't think I've seen anyone mention The Map of Tiny Perfect Things on Amazon. It probably got overshadowed by Palm Springs since it's also a time loop romantic comedy but with teens. It's not as good but it's sweet and I really liked the leads.
  6. I've watched the first 3 episodes of season 2 and while my favorite segment is still season 1's The House of the Head, I've mostly liked them so far. Episode 1's PBS meets the Evil Dead is the best of the bunch, helped by a cameo from Ted Raimi, a Deadite teddy bear, and its fun take on Bob Ross and other PBS types. It was also fun to see Keith David and Hellraiser's Ashley Laurence pop up in episode 2 even though it was in a lesser entry.
  7. I just finished watching this and really enjoyed it. It's undeniably ridiculous, but I was in the mood for a popcorn movie and this fit the bill. And at 80+ minutes, it doesn't overstay its welcome. Also for such a bonkers movie, this has a weirdly generic title. I had to look it up a few times to remember what it was.
  8. Jim Caviezel drops in on right-wing conspiracy theorists to spout a lil' conspiracy theory of his own I hadn't heard of the "adrenochroming of children" conspiracy theory before and wasn't able to access the linked Wired article that expands on its old and ugly history, but I couldn't help being reminded of the Children of Earth season of Torchwood. WTF
  9. Brett Goldstein's natural voice surprised me, similar to Stephanie Beatriz's (Rosa on Brooklyn Nine-Nine).
  10. IIRC this goes back to a conversation Amy and Jonah had in the first episode when he talks about finding beauty everywhere/in everything or something which she kind of rolls her eyes at and says that's hard for her to do when all her days are basically the same and she marks time by the seasonal decorations like the glow-in-the dark stars that she has to change out. He surprises her at the end of the episode by secretly sticking a bunch of the stars on the ceiling. I think there were a few other callbacks, like when Amy notices but decides not to bother stopping a kid pooping in one of th
  11. Nico Santos did a great job of conveying his barely concealed disgust through the mask when trying to suck up to Carol. The reporter's response to Jonah's impassioned speech ("Emotions are running high here, preventing people from staying on topic") also cracked me up. And the customer flipping an aisle's directional arrow sticker around--ha but also ugh.
  12. I struggled with Capitaine Marleau, which is a shame because I like the premise but the execution didn't work for me. I enjoyed The Paris Murders (aka Profilage) on Amazon Prime, though. As a police procedural, it doesn't really break the mold, but the plots are interesting enough, the cast is likable, and the setting is a nice change from the US & UK crime dramas I usually watch.
  13. It's too bad the video doesn't seem to be online because Jamie Dornan's solo in Barb and Star go to Vista Del Mar is a real standout moment, and I say that as someone who wasn't a fan of his. You can get an idea of its fun, goofy vibe in this clip from a different song in the movie:
  14. I've really enjoyed Parker Young and Adhir Kalyan in some of their previous roles. It's too bad they weren't able to find a better project.
  15. I just started reading The Phantom Tollbooth: I haven't related to a character so much since Martha Wells's Murderbot.
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