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  1. I wonder if that comes from this seeming like a good opportunity to rehab her image after getting fired from her radio show.
  2. black-ish to Host Girlfriends Reunion I drifted away from this show towards the end, but I loved the early seasons. Toni and Todd were cute together and I was so bummed when they broke up.
  3. Candice is exactly who I thought of! They both seem to purse their lips a lot.
  4. The premise reminds me of the short-lived TV show Miracles with Skeet Ulrich, which was pretty good if I remember right. Anyway, given the cast and the Kings' track record, I'm looking forward to watching this.
  5. Manon (s9), John (s3), and Kim-Joy (s9) answer questions about their Bake Off experience. I appreciated that John was honest (tho without getting specific) when asked if everyone in the tent got along, and his silence when asked about Paul was interesting.
  6. krankydoodle


    I haven't been able to get MeTV reliably, so I was excited to see that Columbo episodes (the first 7 seasons anyway) are free to watch on IMDB TV. Now I just need them to add Murder, She Wrote.
  7. Disappointed to learn that there won't be any new episodes until next year. I was hoping for another Halloween special at least. Oh, well. I'm always impressed by the variety and quality of the episodes, so it's worth the wait.
  8. I didn't expect learning details about infighting on the Desperate Housewives set to be one of the side effects of the college admissions scandal, but I'm grateful for it.
  9. Filmrise and the Roku Channel have all but the latest season available to watch for free--with ads, of course. I miss DS Nelson, but I did get a kick out of seeing Gwilym Lee pop up as Brian May in Bohemian Rhapsody.
  10. I'm watching season 7 now. I'm generally not a fan of the Flambeau episodes, but pairing him with Lady Felicia helped a lot. I hope they pop up again together next season.
  11. I just started watching Rig 45, which came out last year but I had never heard of before. It's the kind of plot set up I enjoy: A company investigator is sent to look into an apparent accident on an oil rig manned by a skeleton crew, then they all get trapped when a storm hits. There are a few British actors, but most of the cast seems to be Scandinavian and the dialogue is mainly in English.
  12. I just saw Long Shot and found it pretty delightful. It's too bad it didn't do better at the box office. Charlize Theron was especially great. I generally don't enjoy scenes with actors pretending to be drunk or high, but Theron nailed it. She and Seth Rogen had nice chemistry together and I bought them as a couple. I also thought it was eerily prescient that the movie's ex-actor president is shown watching a scene from his old tv show where he played the president and is talking about using nuclear weapons against tsunamis. He was against the idea, though.
  13. I just caught this on DVD and even though I had heard it wasn't great, I still found it shockingly bad. del Toro's movies did just about everything better. The special effects here looked terrible, the characters weren't interesting, the story wasn't very coherent, and, worst of all, it was boring. I love David Harbour, but his Hellboy was unappealing. And the relationship between him and Ian McShane as his adoptive father wasn't convincing. I enjoyed Neil Marshall's Dog Soldiers and The Descent, so expected this to at least be watchable. I don't understand how it went so wrong.
  14. I liked The Ringer's take on Chappelle's new special: Dave Chappelle’s Provocations Have Turned Predictable
  15. I was happy to see that Touching Evil has become available on Tubi. I clicked on the first episode just to refresh my memory about it, and ended up rewatching the whole thing in one sitting. My memory is that the later episodes aren't as good, but the first season at least is really compelling.
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