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  1. I've heard good things about Scribd and they offer a 30-day free trial (you can get 60 days if you can find special offer links). I've been tempted to try, but I have so many books at home that have been sitting around unread for years and now seems like the time to finally get to them. I might sign up anyway, though, just because I've started to enjoy audiobooks so much. Having said all that, I really miss my library, too 😔
  2. If you haven't already, it might be worth trying Asian grocery stores in your area. I went to my local Indian grocery store yesterday and they had plenty of bags of rice and flour (whole wheat at least).
  3. I just finished reading the 50th book in the Murder, She Wrote series, A Time for Murder. I spotted it in the library last month and picked it up on a whim. The story is split between Jessica's first investigation when Frank was still alive and they were raising Grady together and a present-day murder. Reading about Jessica in 2020 with her first case set in 1995 was weird. Anyway, the character in the book isn't entirely consistent with the TV version, but it was kind of fun to see her first encounters w/Seth and Amos, and bonus cameos from Harry McGraw and Eve Simpson. There are some nods to Jessica seeming to attract crime and Cabot Cove being America's murder capital, but I was surprised they didn't spend more time on her relationship with Frank. The ending was bonkers, but it was a very fast and entertaining enough read if anyone needs a MSW fix and can get past the issues I mentioned.
  4. Let us know what you think of it!
  5. I haven't seen that one yet. It's an older show, but have you watched A Touch of Frost? David Jason is an appealing lead and the show ran for years, so there's a good number of episodes.
  6. The new season is coming to BritBox on March 17 🙌
  7. I'm disappointed that BritBox hasn't announced when we'll be getting season 5 in the US, but happy to hear that the quality of the show is still high.
  8. I started watching the episode again to try to answer your question, but I could only stand Boyd for about 20 minutes before I had to give up. Sorry.
  9. I enjoyed this season overall, but I really hope that's the last time we see Vera running off on her own to confront a suspect.
  10. I'm trying to keep my expectations in check, but I'm just so excited for this!
  11. Richard Armitage covers a multitude of sins. I'd probably be a lot more down on the show if someone else was in the lead role. As it is, it's the equivalent of an airplane read for me. Despite its problems, I enjoyed it well enough while I was watching but will likely forget about it in a few weeks.
  12. I'm disappointed we didn't get to see Chris's confrontation with Killane about her mother. If Katz wanted to kill anyone, I would've thought Olivia's mother would be his preferred target because everything started with her. Since he already knew that he had been found out and that Olivia didn't need medical treatment, there wasn't any point in him going after Chris anymore. But whatever, I guess he was pretty far gone by then. He tortured and killed Heidi in cold blood when he could've talked his way around it instead, so I didn't feel sorry for him. Now that I've seen the whole thing, Corrine's reaction when Adam confronted her about the fake pregnancy feels off. When she jumped to asking if he was going to beat the answer out of her, I thought maybe we'd find out he used to be an angry drunk or something. Maybe I need to watch that scene again. And we never did find out why Suzanne Hope's husband reacted so violently when Adam asked about Corrine. Anyway, I was glad that Adam got away with it even though I agree with jabRI that I'm not sure how they managed it. It was nice to end on a happyish note with Anthony Head at the game, and Jo back with her husband.
  13. Between dosing Mike with PCP and stealing Dante's clothes, I don't know why either Mike or Thomas is still hanging out with Daisy. Didn't the demolition start before Killane's home was emptied? I thought I remembered seeing the wrecking ball go through the wall where he had his investigations mapped out. The fight between Katz and Jo was well-choreographed, but I'm not sure I buy that she'd visit him at home. They didn't seem all that close. Good twist with Killane and his daughter, but wasn't he under guard? How did she get into his room? And why didn't Adam tell Jo that he had seen her at the hospital?
  14. Did the police really need the sirens going when they were taking Martin away? It's too bad we probably won't see much more of Stephen Rea. I'm glad Kimberley finally came clean about the blackmail. I kind of hope that Ethical App guy's wife is faking her pregnancy too. Disappointing that her DC actually bought Katz's insinuations about Jo, especially when Katz was being so jumpy.
  15. The Stranger has an impressive apartment and an adorable cat. Jo's husband seems lovely, but it probably wasn't the best time to ask her about their relationship. That demolition order went through crazy fast. They didn't even give Martin time to pack anything up! And I would've expected a former policeman to do better at disposing of a body, or at least moving it once the plans for a new development became a serious threat.
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