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    Book News

    Penguin Random House To Buy Simon & Schuster Hmm. Also, I didn't realize that Rupert Murdoch owns Harper so ugh to that too.
  2. Search Party returns in January with Busy Phillips, Ann Dowd, an R.L. Stine cameo, and more fun guests I've fallen way behind on this show, but the new season sounds like a lot of fun so I'll have to try to catch up.
  3. I watched at least some of the first episode a while ago and thought it was well made but didn't seem to offer much new. To be fair, I was watching a lot of mystery shows at the time so might've just been burned out on the genre. My PBS subscription expired before I was able to give it another chance. I have the latest (last? 😔) Agatha Raisin book on hold from my library to help tide me over. I was hoping for more Queens of Mystery, but I think season 2 has been delayed by the pandemic.
  4. I like Laura, too. I wonder if the fact that we see her fumbling or struggling more than the other bakers (dropping her cornucopia, spilling the mirror glaze, and crying during the technical) is contributing to some viewers feeling she should've gone instead of Hermine. I wish we had found out what Hermine's original idea for her showstopper was and why she had to abandon it, or why she seemed to be completely winging it at one point. Even though she didn't have time to practice it, I was surprised when it seemed like she was just guessing at the amounts for some ingredients. I also wanted to know what Dave did differently to finally succeed with his caramel since they made a point of showing him fail at making it twice.
  5. Noel won back some of my affection by asking Hermine to say apricot. And Matt had a really nice moment when he offered Laura support during that painfully complicated technical. I thought it was a little odd that Peter had to ask Paul to try the third type of cube cake he made in the showstopper. It seemed like a set up for Paul's fake-out, but I'm probably just paranoid and hypercritical from sleep deprivation. I still enjoyed it and was happy for Peter. I'll miss Hermine, but I'm still looking forward to next week despite my issues with the show this season.
  6. I'm really looking forward to seeing Robert Englund and Tom Wlaschiha. Of the other actors listed, I only recognize Jamie Campbell Bower though I've never really gotten his appeal, but all the character descriptions sound interesting. ETA: That seems like a lot of people to add to an already sizable ensemble.
  7. This is a bummer: As Gina Carano and Star Wars Fans Clash, Hero Worship Turns to Scorn
  8. Isaiah Washington commented on Katherine Heigl in the wake of Krista Vernoff's Vanity Fair interview: https://www.pajiba.com/tv_reviews/are-we-still-talking-about-katherine-heigl-on-greys-anatomy-yes-we-are.php I looked at some of his other tweets and wow do I wish I hadn't.
  9. I could well be wrong, but my memory is that Laura said even though she knew the correct pronunciation, she says genoise a different way because that's how it's pronounced where she's from while Hermine followed that by saying something to the effect that she didn't have a great opinion of people who didn't make the effort. I like all the remaining bakers, including Dave. My issue isn't with them but with how the editing tried to make them look, to me anyway. The editing isn't doing Noel and Matt any favors either since presumably they're meant to come off as amusing rather than annoying.
  10. I just finished Sh*t, Actually: The Definitive, 100% Objective Guide to Modern Cinema by Lindy West and really enjoyed it. It helped that I've seen almost all the movies discussed and I liked that it mostly sticks to talking about one movie per chapter. In contrast, I love Shea Serrano but I haven't seen a lot of the movies he covers in Movies (And Other Things) and I found the format hard to get into. There are some takes in the book that we've all probably heard before (Troy in Reality Bites is awful, Natalie in Love Actually is not fat despite other characters going on about it, etc), but it's a fun, fast read that I'd recommend if you're in the mood for some funny pop culture commentary. This is the first book I've read that references the pandemic, which felt strange but didn't affect my enjoyment.
  11. The AV Club has a fun interview with Julia Stiles about her various projects: That would've sent me up the wall so it's interesting that she found it helpful.
  12. I didn't like some of the editing choices that tried to suggest friction between bakers: Hermine being asked about the pronunciation of genoise right after Laura talks about it, Laura only responding with "Yes" when Dave asked if he was the only one who hadn't moved on to the next step when she's usually supportive and chatty, and no one responding to Laura's "Help, help" after one of her near-disasters. In fact, I think the camera cut to Dave calmly snacking just after that last bit. I might be getting some of the details wrong, but it felt like the editing was really reaching to try and gin up drama maybe because, as some other people have said, the remaining bakers make for relatively low-key onscreen personalities. This season started off well but has become pretty disappointing.
  13. David Cronenberg to star in new season of Shudder's Slasher anthology Has any show hopped around as much as this one has, at least in such a short period of time? It started on Chiller on 2016, moved to Netflix in 2017, and is now going to be on Shudder. I know it's an anthology show so it's really just the name, the killer-on-the-loose premise, and presumably some of the same people behind the scenes, but still. I tried the previous seasons and didn't like them much, but I'm cautiously optimistic about the new one because of Cronenberg and the plot setup ("a wealthy but dysfunctional family gathering for a reunion on a secluded island. Their old wounds and competitive rivalries flare up when the family realizes a masked killer is on the island, intent on cruelly picking them off one by one"), which reminds me of Harper's Island.
  14. This might not be news to anyone else, but I was surprised to find out that David Duchovny has a music career and his third album is going to be coming out soon. I listened to one of his songs and I can't say I feel compelled to try more, but good for him I guess.
  15. I've been a fan of Noel's since watching The Mighty Boosh and have enjoyed him here, but even I have to admit he's been more intrusive lately. I cringed last week when he grabbed Dave's arms while he was trying to pipe frosting. As for Matt, I thought he showed promise during the first few episodes, but it's been downhill since then.
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