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  1. Thanks so much @Brookside, that was a great read. I will say that I wouldn't call my bad dreams "recurring" but I do seem to remember at least one time when I changed the ending just as I was about to wake up. Right now I think the biggest issue is feeling that I might not fall asleep at all for some reason, though fortunately I always do in the end. Sometimes I just try to think about "neutral" subjects, things I want to do the next day or something.
  2. Thanks for that @StatisticalOutlier. I will say that the bad dream with the crashing noise woke me right up, though I thought about it and felt that I must have been dreaming (or it was actually my neighbor); still, I've noticed that really bad dreams tend to wake me up so maybe that's me realizing they have served whatever function they have.
  3. I loved The Odd Couple. One of my favorite episodes was The Subway Show where Felix tries to prove to Oscar that New York is still a great town. Recently I was thinking that Tony as Felix would have been the perfect character to get everyone to social distance and wear their masks! Sometimes I quote his line to myself: "New York has made me tough!"
  4. This isn't strictly Covid related I guess, except for the fact that it's happened during the pandemic, but I have lived in New York City for a long time and I cannot ever remember two tropical storms going through the city in one summer's time (Fay and Isaias). I am in midtown Manhattan so I didn't lose power or anything like that, but it's concerning. I can relate to those of you who are having issues with falling asleep. I have to try to distract myself sometimes to fall asleep. I also was having a bad dream the other week and woke up thinking I heard a large object crashing down. Unless my upstairs neighbor was knocking into his furniture in the middle of the night, I must have dreamed it...
  5. roseha

    Tennis Thread

    Actually I'm pretty sure the person claimed to be a USO ball person. However, it's the internet...still I wonder what the protocol is.
  6. roseha

    Tennis Thread

    I was just thinking about this last night. I believe that the Asian Swing has already been canceled by the local governments, so that technically leaves a few indoor events like Basel and the Paris indoors, but at least one journalist I read felt that indoor events just can't happen until there is a vaccine. By the way I rarely go on the reddit tennis sub anymore, but someone posted there claiming to be a US Open lines person or ball person and made the point that they would not be in a bubble and would be taking public transport.
  7. I am so very sorry for your losses, @shapeshifter and @Enigma X. I can't imagine how hard it must be to go through a family loss in this manner at this time. My sympathies and prayers and may they rest in peace. Best wishes for a fast recovery for your brother in law @Enigma X and I am glad your other relatives are all right.
  8. roseha


    Yes. I think Tim was amazing. I can only imagine how he must have worked to get well enough to make the movie, and yet his acting was wonderful. He totally had me believing every scene and I was getting teary eyed at the end. I happened to see an article where he expressed concern about the change in his voice, but I thought his voice and vocal delivery were fine. I agree that it was much better than the first movie - in fact I honestly hardly remember anything about the first movie at this point, except the ending. I'm glad they were able to work in all the regulars, though there was a little too much Woody for me - I tend to see him as a better in small doses character. I like that Dule is playing Gus a little more grown up now, and he and James/Shawn retain that great chemistry. I also was amused by Juliet keeping a secret from Shawn for a change. I did figure out most of the plot pretty early, but this show is always more about the characters than the mysteries. I feel bad for all of you who can't get the service properly. I have a new-ish Sony Bravia TV and I was able to download Peacock on the Android platform and it played fine. I am glad I got the special $29 a year rate since I don't know what else I'll be watching on this service in the near future.
  9. I am just in shock. Grant was always my favorite Mythbuster. It wasn't even close. So very sad. I can't get my head around it. Rest in peace Grant.
  10. roseha


    I can usually cast videos from the Chrome browser to my Sony Android TV (when my guest network feels like cooperating) so hopefully that will be one way I can catch this movie. I have to say though, what is NBC *thinking*? They had all this time to prepare this service and they have made it so difficult.
  11. Just to jump in on the hair topic, I know I haven't had a cut since last fall, and I haven't seen my hair this long since...college? It's been literally decades anyway. I have always had a *lot* of hair, and when it gets long and frizzy it will end up in my face without use of a barette, so that's what I'm employing right now. I can deal with it, I rarely see anyone except my family over video chat (and my doctor over video last week) so at this point I just need to brush it out and look sort of presentable. I did go out and take some photographs the last two days. My art club has a theme coming up about sunrise/sunset so I went out around 8 pm last night and there was a great sunset view in midtown around 8:20. Several other people were photographing there as well. I hope I got something. I also took some infrared film with another camera today. However there were tremendous thunderstorms today and they are predicting them for most of the week. So I'm glad I went out a couple of times while I could. So I feel a little more active, but I am still not going anywhere much. I do wish it would cool down but it seems the rest of the country (or most of it) is even hotter than New York.
  12. Thanks @theatremouse. It just seemed a little odd because as far as I know my blood pressure has always been good. She did ask if I'd been tested for Covid, but I told her I hadn't been tested for anything.
  13. By the way, my endocrinologist and I had our appointment over the MyChart app on Tuesday, and it went fine - it had to be our shortest visit since one time years back when we cut it short because we both had colds. She's a very thorough doctor but we mainly concentrated on my osteoporosis (she did ask what my blood pressure is - I didn't know you can take it at home?). Anyway, it was about as painless as a visit can get. I don't envy all of you having to go out for all these reasons. I'd be really nervous still.
  14. I thought of Mel right away too! For all that Carl Reiner accomplished, the story of their continuing friendship at each other's homes in recent years was so touching and sweet. Rest in peace Mr. Reiner and thanks for everything
  15. I've noticed that my apartment building now has prominent notices up about wearing masks in the lobby and not crowding the elevator (which is hard frankly - I don't think 2 people can be in there and maintain 6 feet of space). I also happened to see a sheet at the front desk which was a health symptom questionnaire for employees and visitors. This seems to be a new thing, I don't know if it comes from the city (or state) or whether my building's board thought of it, but I am glad they are being cautious.
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