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  1. Sparkling cider you say? Sure, I believe you. But it's in a champagne glass. Baby steps. You're almost there.
  2. So to be clear, everyone was, like, super excited? Or did I get that wrong?
  3. Omg Jill is still going on about banana bread. Good thing she went back down overseas for a while to reintroduce the danger Americans to this exotic fruit. In bread form.
  4. Or maybe TLC is just toying with us...
  5. The cameras made sure to focus in on Jana spending lots of time on her cellphone. Who could she be texting? Oh the drama.
  6. Josh and Aleksandra went from being the most boring to one of the more interesting couples, assuming more details of their, um, situation are revealed.
  7. I loved the total look of shock on Jinger's face when Jessa admitted to immediately noticing what Jeremy was wearing the first time she laid eyes on him. It was as though Jessa was inadvertently sharing an intimate personal memory and even Babe and Bin were taken aback.
  8. Can we assume he's sleeping on the sofa tonight?
  9. I agree that Austin and Laura had chemistry. She was very flirty with him. Maybe she has too much personality so he chose Joy instead?
  10. Lolol at the guy admonishing Austen, "Don't stiffen up." Gold!
  11. Just in case Derick isn't completely clear how she really feels.
  12. Looks like Bec made Jinger tie back her hair before letting loose in the kitchen. Hopefully she'll remember that for future reference...No long scraggly hairs on the barbie!
  13. Could it be that Bec has the hots for Jeremy? She was all giggly until he started cuddling Jinger. Jinger's outfits were cute. Normal-like.
  14. Joy: it doesn't get any easier LETTING another sister out of the house. That just about sums it up right there, doesn't it?
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