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  1. I buy my hummus. It comes in a big container from Costco. I eat it with baby carrots, pre-washed and out of a bag. Jill's clearly making more of an effort than I am.
  2. I was so happy last week when Hulu gave the the heads up about Designing Women now streaming. I was too young to have watched the first season or two when it was originally airing but I know I started watching it "live" at some point in season three or four. I'm sure most of it just went over my head but I do remember watching and even following some of the tabloid stuff about Delta Burke leaving the show. And then when I was in high school this played all the time on, I believe, Lifetime and I would record and watch every episode in a big block on the weekends (my original binge watching!)
  3. No a "Federal" Lawyer is not a thing. An attorney may be more versed in Federal law and procedure but I don't know what Jenelle is even talking about and I've been a paralegal for almost 20 years.
  4. Oh, of course. I just think the boys will pay at least a modicum of lip service to using condoms while some of the girls on the franchise will be so desperate for any kind of positive attention they'll be looking for trap babies with their one tru wuv and will totally feed some idiot a line about being a barren 15yo.
  5. Yeah, I'm pretty sure that's why MTV hangs on to this dying franchise. First one of these girls to go through the whole dating and getting knocked up process on camera is getting her own series and her own money.
  6. I've been watching a lot of Tastemade recently which is a channel I didn't even know existed until last month. It's like FN/CC but geared toward the 20s crowd. I doubt any of the hosts are over 30. There are a few travel shows but they seem to be food centered too. There are two shows they seem to show over and over again - Make this Tonight and Struggle Meals. Make this Tonight will have a theme and then have one to a dozen hosts making various dishes on that theme. There are no actual recipes; the channel seems to be more improvisational style cooking. And the dishes themselves
  7. I was at Crime Con a couple of weeks ago and got these stickers at the Dateline panel. Andrea Canning and Lester Holt couldn’t make it but Keith, Josh, and Dennis were there along with one of the show’s producers. They talked about about how they choose and develop stories, what it’s like to interview killers versus victims families, and just the show in general. Good panel overall but the stickers really made appreciate the behind the scenes staff that help make the show -and stuff like this - happen.
  8. I noticed Baby Andy was left with William. I think William (not Bill, not Will, not Billy - as someone who has an easy abbreviated name but HATES that eliding and prefers a less common one or, just, my actual name, so I like that he’s William) and Eddie are the only ones who are really given Baby Andy. I wonder how much of that is from the creators life - the Eddie brother and William brother were the caretaker kids - or how much is just from the set - the actors who play Eddie and William are good with toddlers so the writers just do it that way.
  9. I think Markie Post’s character (Helen?) is probably dressed as the more “modern” woman while Peggy is still the throw back. Money, time, and just general personalities probably all contribute to this. As a Peggy myself I’d prefer to look slightly out dated rather than too on trend. Also I love Mike’s plaid zip up jacket.
  10. lefawn

    S4.E15: Salary

    My husband manages a medium box national (maybe only semi-national) chain pharmacy store and his base salary is 87K with bonuses usually in the 20-40K range based on profits, shrinkage, and whatever random metrics Corporate has decided to focus on at the moment. So Amy’s salary seems a little low but I agree it’s probably because she skipped over, like, five steps. My husband started this career path at 23 as a college graduate with a business degree. He spent a few years as a floor lead (like I imagine Amy was), then became an assistant manager (like Dina), all while getting and maintaining
  11. Re: Sayid’s notebook. I know legal immigrants who have taken to carrying around copies of all their papers so if (when) they get hasseled they’ll have everything ready and can, hopefully, just walk/ drive away. My former roommate includes a picture of him with my mom and her pastor at her church’s Interfaith Fellowship luncheon. A sorta “ yeah, I’m Muslim but I love Christians and hang out with them all the time!” The idea is to humanize him and seem less “scary”. So the pictures weren’t that much of a stretch to me either. It was a funny bit but absolutely horrifying if you
  12. I’ve been rewatching some of the episodes since I’ve heard news of the cancellation and notice that Peggy always wears the same basic dress. Different necklines, different sleeves, slight different pleating but the main form is the same with a shirt top, fitted waist, and a slightly flared skirt. We know she sews so I imagine she’s been working off the same Simplicity pattern for decades. Her look may be slightly outdated (or, not - I think it’s pretty timeless. I wear dresses like that to work now although with flats instead of heals.) but it complements her body and, at this point, she c
  13. I loved the scenes with Ruby and Stan (and later just Ruby) in the attorney’s office. It reminded me so much of the scene with Ruby with her daughter at the fancy doctor they went to last season after their first job and she was asked if cucumber infused water was okay. Money, even obviously crooked money, can buy a lot of privilege. And (faux) respect.
  14. When they mentioned Dan Blocker (Hoss from Bonanza) was going to be at the banquet I got super excited and assumed his son, Dirk Blocker (Hitchcock on Brooklyn 99), was going to show up in a scene at the event and that would be the big final pay off of the episode. Since I watch both shows on Hulu, I forgot/didn’t realize the shows were on two different networks. If this show was on NBC, that cameo would have happened! I’m glad Frank learned that sometimes it’s fine just having fun doing something you’re good at. He got a win! And shrimp! $46 more a week is huge! Peg’s speech abo
  15. The theremin (the weird instrument) plays the theme of the original Star Trek series too. Moms, especially moms with multiple kids, often have to be hard asses. It's difficult enough to keep one of those little buggers alive but EIGHT! At that point you're General Patton.
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