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  1. Agree on the squealing, I actually thought she was perfect for Trenton, she came across as obnoxious, but how much of that was coached by the HK crew? And for my cynical thoughts, I'm wondering if Trenton approached HK's staff or they approached him, but I can't help but think they knew about the proposal and it was prearranged. It is such great publicity for Gordon Ramsay, "watch Hell's Kitchen, you never know what may happen". *confession, I had already tuned out before the proposal aired and I'm not sure when they showed it but my suspicions were raised when I saw the story this
  2. While they were airing the "I won't throw anyone under the bus segment" it was obvious that that was exactly what would happen. Also obvious most of the night that Sam was going to make his exit. It wouldn't surprise me if they taped or at least edited the segments out of order. Throw Sam under the bus, then tape segment saying that wouldn't happen. But however it happened the right chef departed. And frankly, his steak basting technique made me wonder what he was doing when the cameras were off. I thought Brynn looked out of it much of the evening and she was lucky guys were consi
  3. My .02: I see constant reference to the fact that the actress who plays Delilah is based in the US and has a family. Those are the excuses reasons cited for her missing so many episodes. Is every other member of the cast based in Canada and/or doesn't have children? Just wondering. Would most fathers get a sense of what Gary was planning and quietly go along with it? No attempt to discourage Gary or talk some sense into him? Stopping at his dad's clearly made this premeditated and that was the best plan he could come up with? As others have said, this is in the height of t
  4. THANK YOU! I was just coming here to post similar thoughts. Is this in fashion now? I thought it looked ridiculous
  5. So much to appreciate in this episode. I don't remember ever thinking that Lecy Goranson was a particularly strong actress but I certainly think that now. For me the two best actors in the original sitcom were Laurie Metcalf (at least until they sabotaged her character and she started chewing the scenery) and of course John Goodman. John Goodman and Lecy Goranson made this season with last night's episode. Kudos to both and to the show writers for constructing such a strong scene. Did Dan express sentiments that I didn't think he held in the original series? Yes. But it doesn't matt
  6. They can talk all they want about Dan selling the house but in this series the house is so familiar to the audience it has become another character. I don't see it happening.
  7. Just a random observation, I thought Ryan looked happier last night than he had in a long long time. I never liked Paula Abdul, didn't enjoy her last night either. I was ok with the results although I would have saved any of the others before Madison. I don't think I have a favorite at this point and I definitely preferred when they only eliminated one contestant per week.
  8. I think he looks a lot healthier than he used to. Whether that's due to a growth spurt or stage make-up I don't know but I am happy to see this.
  9. as good an explanation as any I could come up with
  10. wow....I thought Luke was the best one singing "All You Need is Love". Usually Lionel impresses me the most.
  11. haven't seen the episode yet, but am I to understand that Maggie was refusing alcohol due to being pregnant with a child she was aborting? I suppose it pays to keep options open to the last minute but this didn't make sense to me
  12. Um...don't we already have a psychic on this show?
  13. Nemo's father was performing for the camera -- perhaps being egged on by the show itself. The experiment with the parents was awful beyond words and I am hoping they do not continue this in future seasons. I'd rather have two twists rather than any parents. Bella's face was frightening, ugly, disturbing, horrifying. Awful in every respect. I actually liked Nemo's better (but agree it was time for him to go).
  14. I would prefer not seeing the parents ever again. Why are they on screen, especially to the extent they were in last night's show? The show is about baking, the bakers and to a somewhat lesser degree Val and Duff. The drama comes from the bakers, not a mother repeatedly advising her off-screen son to check the oven (although she was right, the cakes were too dry). Or the mom who just couldnt understand why her child was preparing strawberries in one way while there was another way that was better and the contestant had experience in this preparation (obviously I can't identify the baker o
  15. You mean there was a time that you could stand him? You must be a saint.
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