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  1. snarkylady

    Commercials That Annoy, Irritate or Outright Enrage

    Close-ups, so ,many close-ups of sweating. Disgusting commercials, I change the channel when they come on.
  2. snarkylady

    Kids Baking Championship

    I came here to post the same sentiment. I love coffee, but also don't think it goes equally well with the donut flavors they were using. All of the twists are unfair, some more so than others. When will contestants learn to follow the instructions? They were given an example of what their donut should look like....so make it look like that. Don't volunteer for elimination! Would have been interesting if more of the bakers had used bundt pans but as it stood the two up for elimination were the only ones who did. Tarek's donut was the sloppiest thing ever, he should have been in the bottom two and he knew it. Brady plays to the camera and Sophie isn't far behind him in that respect.
  3. snarkylady

    Match Game

    Best episode they've ever had. Worked on every level (except the flat-line sound). Panelists were very comfortable with each other and had mutual respect. Mayim and Joel seemed to be in conversation a few times and she also chatted with Kal. Donald and Sarah have known each other for years. The only "odd man out" was Bebe but they encouraged and supported her and she seemed to be enjoying herself while coming up with the best answer of the night. My answers were similar to the ones mentioned above but for this episode I think the game took second place to the panelists. The contestants seemed to have a good time as well. Need this panel back at least once a season, preferably twice.
  4. snarkylady

    Kids Baking Championship

    I didn't care for last night's episode due to the twist. The pairings were bad enough....force someone to work with another person who may not be on the same level....but plans were made and in the process of execution when the rug was pulled out from under them. As it was they already had to make their cupcakes and a platter (forgot what they called it) to display them on). So each pair consulted and came up with their design and who was doing what and then they had to change course and work with a different person. And for what reason? Nothing that I could think of. I don't think I have a favorite but the two who have gone home thus far were probably the right ones to go. A little bit of Tarek goes a long way and I think Brady is going to wear thin.
  5. snarkylady

    The $100,000 Pyramid

    I was also reminded of John Ritter.
  6. snarkylady

    Worst Bakers in America

    So bad that it's hilarious. But based one just one episode I already prefer it to Worst Cooks.
  7. snarkylady

    The $100,000 Pyramid

    Felt like I was watching a train wreck....couldn't look away....figured she would be better in the second game with a different partner but no. She tried the face saving "I'm much better playing at home", no consolation for the people paired up with her.
  8. snarkylady

    Match Game

    Sarah Chalke was better than I expected.
  9. snarkylady

    Worst Cooks In America

    This is what gets me as well. Nancy was lucky she wasn't permanently maimed or crippled for life. What concerns me here is that Tonya is now a Food Network champion and as such may be brought back for future appearances. I don't think we've seen the last of her.
  10. snarkylady

    S17.E19: Season Finale (2019.05.19)

    Best comment of the season.
  11. I wonder if they shot two different endings, one to use if they were renewed and one if they weren't. I can't imagine last night's show being the end of the series.
  12. snarkylady

    S12.E19: The Inspiration Deprivation

    Thanks....I worked at a college where they didn't have such a position. Usually a dean is ancademic and HR is administrative. Since this is a sitcom what they did is just fine.
  13. snarkylady

    The Speculation with Spoilers Saturation

    I know there's been speculation that Amy is pregnant....she's acting out of character etc. But last night's episode had Mrs Davis offering her booze of some sort (which to be fair we did not see Amy drink) so she either isn't pregnant yet, doesn't know she's pregnant, or the pregnancy speculation is incorrect.
  14. snarkylady

    S12.E19: The Inspiration Deprivation

    Somehow I thought that Mrs Davis had been moved (promoted?) from HR, perhaps to a dean or some other academic position. No?
  15. snarkylady

    S17.08: Showcase / Final Judgment (2019.03.31)

    Since the first time we saw Jeremiah I've thought that Idol would do everything they could to have his parents show up to support him at a live performance (assuming, of course, that he makes it that far). At this point I would be shocked if we didn't see them.