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  1. As soon as I saw it was a team challenge I knew Ben would wind up on the losing team. They'd already gotten as much as possible out of him, any more would have been terribly unfair to the remaining contestants and cruel to the viewers. Now we can enjoy the rest of the season.
  2. Where do I start? Frankly I think that knowing they have been renewed they aren't making much of an effort. They've made Meemaw downright unlikeable. They've added way too much Reba (and as an aside, which character has fewer lines now that Reba is getting so many? I'm ok with it being Mary, but not Missy). It wasn't cute that Sheldon failed to understand what was going on in "his" room. This is a show about a child genius growing up and sex is part of that but let Missy, Georgie and Meemaw handle that aspect of life and he can catch up much later. I'm beginning to love George
  3. I find them adorable when they say "When I was little....."
  4. You have to wonder what they didn't show us with Ben. My concern for him -- I'm trying to remind myself that he is only eight years old -- is that this performance will affect how other kids treat him once the final show airs. I'm sure he got a lot of attention at school for his participation in the show, what happens when everyone sees how he acted? I'm sure they won't be surprised but now he's brought his act to the national stage. For his sake I hope he does not see the comments we are making but I hope his parents do. They need a wake-up call. And in case anyone thinks I'm cri
  5. Oh my. If I close my eyes I can still see some of those cakes! Horrifying. I didn't get a good sense of the kids who were competing but it's always like this in the beginning. Like nearly everyone else commenting I feel this group of kids is too young. Valerie and Duff are doing their best to turn a blind eye on the horror unfolding before them but they don't seem to have enough qualified bakers for this. Some of the praise was ludicrous. I'm truly hoping there were opening jitters and a lack of time to get comfortable. I enjoy this show and am wondering if I'll be able to w
  6. I loved Dule Hill sneaking an “I’ve heard it both ways” reference into his awards presentation banter.
  7. A little Meemaw goes a long way but she is needed to offset Mary. My solution is a little less Meemaw and a lot less Mary. And no Dale. The extra lines should go to Missy.
  8. I usually don’t pay much attention to Lance Barber’s acting but I thought this episode gave him more to work with and he did a good job. Zoe Perry, on the other hand…. I agree the coloring was odd, maybe they were trying to distract us from how much older Missy and Georgie looked.
  9. Agree on the squealing, I actually thought she was perfect for Trenton, she came across as obnoxious, but how much of that was coached by the HK crew? And for my cynical thoughts, I'm wondering if Trenton approached HK's staff or they approached him, but I can't help but think they knew about the proposal and it was prearranged. It is such great publicity for Gordon Ramsay, "watch Hell's Kitchen, you never know what may happen". *confession, I had already tuned out before the proposal aired and I'm not sure when they showed it but my suspicions were raised when I saw the story this
  10. While they were airing the "I won't throw anyone under the bus segment" it was obvious that that was exactly what would happen. Also obvious most of the night that Sam was going to make his exit. It wouldn't surprise me if they taped or at least edited the segments out of order. Throw Sam under the bus, then tape segment saying that wouldn't happen. But however it happened the right chef departed. And frankly, his steak basting technique made me wonder what he was doing when the cameras were off. I thought Brynn looked out of it much of the evening and she was lucky guys were consi
  11. My .02: I see constant reference to the fact that the actress who plays Delilah is based in the US and has a family. Those are the excuses reasons cited for her missing so many episodes. Is every other member of the cast based in Canada and/or doesn't have children? Just wondering. Would most fathers get a sense of what Gary was planning and quietly go along with it? No attempt to discourage Gary or talk some sense into him? Stopping at his dad's clearly made this premeditated and that was the best plan he could come up with? As others have said, this is in the height of t
  12. THANK YOU! I was just coming here to post similar thoughts. Is this in fashion now? I thought it looked ridiculous
  13. So much to appreciate in this episode. I don't remember ever thinking that Lecy Goranson was a particularly strong actress but I certainly think that now. For me the two best actors in the original sitcom were Laurie Metcalf (at least until they sabotaged her character and she started chewing the scenery) and of course John Goodman. John Goodman and Lecy Goranson made this season with last night's episode. Kudos to both and to the show writers for constructing such a strong scene. Did Dan express sentiments that I didn't think he held in the original series? Yes. But it doesn't matt
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