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  1. Joey Fatone -- am I the only one who dislikes him? I've been watching GSN from time to time checking out the new quiz shows. Well, new to me. On Common Knowledge Fatone comes across as a game show host wannabe. From the way he enters the stage, to the sometimes clashing tie/handkerchief, to the way he reads the questions and answers. It's all wrong and to me it's cringeworthy.
  2. Really bad episode, I don't think I liked much of anything. Ben is a good addition to the show, so that's a plus. Jackie needs to be completely changed, such a shame for a talented actress. Darlene, the less said the better. It's like they made the worst decisions for Dan and Becky and stuck with them. I'm already not watching live....may not watch at all next year although I do have such a fondness for the Conner family (Roseanne included). And I like Louise too.
  3. Kudos all around, wonderful, poignant, funny episode. In particular, Iain Armitage, when he was presenting his case to go to college and gesturing towards his white board I swear I saw the adult Jim Parsons in Fun with Flags.
  4. Gotta ask.....was I the only one waiting for a reference to a proper English trifle with potatoes, peas and beef?
  5. Was this the first time there was such extended footage of a previous contestant? Perhaps it was to promote Reggie? I wasn't sure, but it was a nice feature.
  6. Why on earth would Sophie believe what her grandfather said when he didn't even know who he was talking to? He has memory issues, maybe what he said about Jon was accurate, but maybe it wasn't.
  7. I am so disappointed in this show -- not sure at this point if I will continue to watch. I am a huge James Roday fan, but not a Gary fan in the slightest.
  8. I'm adding myself to the list of people not particularly enjoying this season. Perhaps I'm just bored with the concept. I would like to see one challenge as a "surprise us". Contestants have to make a dessert that represents them -- their style, or taste, or heritage or geographic location. There are no restrictions other than time and there are no "twists". No shouts of "25 minutes bakers!!!!!!" And while I'm at it, no fake tears (last night's tears when the ear cookies fell on the floor and when the boy was eliminated were fake, fake, fake).
  9. Came here to post the exact same things! I've never liked the imposter episodes. I think this year's were some of the worst as far as resembling the assigned food. Glad it's over for this year. Naima patting herself on her back during the eliminations -- not cool. Somewhere during the baking she announced that she looks good. Preening for the camera. I do think she's cute and talented, has a style of her own and is well put together. AndI think the other kids like her. Maybe I should cut her some slack. Saleem.....definitely needs to go. Doesn't seem to have the talent the others do. I'm not sure why he's there. One of the boys, and yeah, it would help if I knew their names, has reached an annoying level himself. I'll have to pay closer attention next week to see who it is.
  10. Yes! The awful high school swim suits, looked horrible when dry, even worse when wet. We were required to pass a number of swimming and endurance tests in order to graduate. These included treading water, diving in head first and swimming underwater. I was fortunate, I enjoyed swimming, but I had a friend who had to repeat swimming instruction over and over again because she was afraid to dive. Meanwhile, to make this a Young Sheldon post -- does anyone know how many episodes Craig T Nelson will appear? Has he been made a member of the cast now? Mary is getting very close to being an annoying character, both gullible and lying. I thought George was the wiser parent this week. The cup was the best part of the episode with Welcome to the Dark Side a close second.
  11. Did they clarify why Jon left money to Barbara Morgan?
  12. Perhaps Delilah will ask them to go -- to comfort Danny. And you don't have to personally know a child to find his death heartbreaking.
  13. Still trying to make sense of this episode, especially regarding the dog(s) and I am relieved that they did not have a scenario where an animal was injured. Nash had done some strong hinting that Colin fans would be in for a rough time so I was concerned there. Everything was ok until Maggie got "Colin" out of her car and Gary appeared. Gary had already said goodbye, it was emotional and painful and it should have stopped there. Returning "Wesley", who proved he knew his name at the park, was the correct albeit painful thing to do. I did notice that the dog, in this case supposed to be Colin, did not recognize the neighborhood, the house or the woman. No way that would have happened. And the dog didn't seem to know Gary either, Gary should have realized something was wrong although I suppose we can chalk that up to his being so distraught. Maybe the dog was just a bad actor? So here we are. Gary did not switch the dogs, Maggie did. Once he found out Gary seems to believe that the "old" woman wouldn't know, That's on him. At this point once Gary thinks it over he should take Colin back and swap him for the rescue dog admitting there was a mix-up with two similar dogs. He should ask for visiting rights with Colin/Wesley and he should adopt the rescue animal.
  14. I would be so relieved if it turns out that Colin isn't the one to die. I didn't watch last night, was waiting to see what people said about the episode before I did. As someone said in a thread a few weeks ago having Barbara Morgan and her husband die so Rome and Regina "adopt" PJ somewhat resolves the child issue for R & R. And apparently I'm happier to contemplate the deaths of two humans over the death of one dog. Not sure what I'd be thinking if this were real life but I suspect I'd still favor the dog or at least this specific dog over those specific people.
  15. One who is terrified his parents are going to permanently split up.
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