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  1. Would you ever doubt that it would be the he two R’s? Because that is why everyone watches, for the villains, right? SMH
  2. I tried watching Grimm, I got most of the first season but it didn’t interest me enough to keep going. Guess I’m glad given the situation mentioned above.
  3. None of those are even remotely like OUAT. 😂 I mean Vampire Diaries? Really?
  4. Supernatural filmed its last scene this week. Some of my family and friends are as into it as I was to OUAT or even more so. I was sad to see they aren’t auctioning off the set pieces or props but putting them back into the WB warehouses for use on other shows. I am very happy (And blessed) I was able to get some tangible pieces(rubber hook, some plastic coins and Storybrooke coffee stickers) of the show that pulled me back into fandom at a difficult time in my life. I feel bad my aunt and friends won’t be able to do the same. I do hope they part out a few things for fans. But if they aren’t parting out the whole production it makes it less likely for lower income fans to be able to get a piece.
  5. My understanding is that the Frozen portion of season 4A was very closely overseen by someone at Disney. It was rumored mostly, but it fits with the way the characters were used and not twisted at all in typical OUAT fashion.
  6. While we are discussing our disappointments, I recently posted on tumblr how watching Lucifer makes me sad about OUAT. As much as I’ve been enjoying Lucifer and seeing Deckerstar get together, I feel an odd sadness and lost opportunity that we never saw Captain Swan’s first time. I mean we don’t even know for certain what season it was in, much less what episode. 😟 Most main characters when they meet their true love the first time is a big thing and is at least inferred. Idek what this show was on about ignoring it the way they did. I can’t think of any other show that skipped the main ship getting together. I tend to think season 4 after the “I’m a survivor” kiss they went back to Hook’s room. That seems the best choice for placement. Idk, it’s just kind of sad.
  7. I do hope they add some extras from the dvds or those specials that would air occasionally at the end of hiatus.
  8. Hilarious @Camera One. You could co sign that SQ.
  9. I yielded to temptation and bought a prop. A rubber stunt Hook. Too much money but I knew I’d regret not getting it from the auction house. Once they are in private collections it’s harder to get them. Trying to figure the best way to display it. In a shadow box with a picture of Hook behind it? Then fasten the certificate of authenticity to the back? What picture? I’m thinking a screen shot from the crocodile when he’s leaving for Neverland, the first time he wears the hook. thoughts?
  10. Colin and Bobbie would be super fun. They could play off being mortal Enemies.
  11. I don’t recall any storyline impacted by Jmo’s influence on the writers, but I have read that the relationship between Regina and Henry was definitely Influenced by Lana, she insisted on a better relationship in season two, she claimed they were being anti adoption.
  12. Yeah, I remember that, they were saying he was fired because he harassed a hairdresser on set.
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