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  1. I enjoyed the majority of season 3 excluding a few in 3b but ending after season 3 wouldn’t have been a bad plan.
  2. daxx

    The Cast in Other Lands/Roles

    I’m interested but it’ll be super expensive to get it streaming since I don’t have cable. Hulu + live is $25 a month and I think that’s the cheapest streamer it’s on.
  3. daxx

    The Cast in Other Lands/Roles

    Interesting person he’s portraying. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gordon_Cooper
  4. daxx

    S04.E08: Super Bad Boyfriend

    I really love this line. It perfectly describes my relationship with my ex for totally different reasons. (He wanted me to “grow up” and leave fandom things)
  5. I think I may have to end my rewatch. I think I’m going to start over. The season 5 finale and thinking about starting season 6 is sucking the joy out of my fan fic reading. I know from previous experience that starting over always clears my palate when it comes to this show. I just need to stop after season 3 😂. The more I think about it the more I feel rewatching season 6 will just completely kill any desire to read any CS fic. I might join up again when you get to season 7.
  6. daxx

    Tonight At Lux: Fanfiction, Fan made videos and Art

    This is an interesting alternative take on post season 3 finale. https://archiveofourown.org/works/17631620/chapters/41572682
  7. daxx

    S05.E21: Last Rites

    If they were offing him this season they should have offed him in the first half of the season, he had no purpose all season. I hate the way Regina treated Emma when Hook showed back up as if the whole thing was Emma’s fault. If Robin dying would have been Regina’s fault it would have been more dramatic and an actual consequence for her.
  8. daxx

    S05.E20: Firebird

    This flashback undermined all the coolness of our introduction to Emma in the pilot. Timeline means Emma was a thief still a few years before the pilot. I actually need to actively forget this flashback to continue to enjoy Emma Swan.
  9. daxx

    S05.E19: Sisters

    Honestly I despise this episode and Cora getting her happy ending.
  10. They really did write ouat as if they were writing for morons.
  11. daxx

    S05.E17: Her Handsome Hero

    When Emma says she’ll sleep for weeks once they defeat Hades I just knew they were going to have Emma under a sleeping curse in season 6. Alas they tend to drop all the Chekhov’s guns.
  12. daxx

    OUAT Series Rewatch!

    So far behind on the rewatch, I guess season 5 is where I really started to fall out of love with the show since I don’t think I’ve completed a rewatch of it without stopping and going back to season 3.
  13. I’ve been spending some time perusing the Lucifer forum. Mainly in season 4 the most recent season on Netflix. I see nothing but high praise in the episode threads. It’s actually fascinating that the show has the same show runners but just moving to Netflix from network made a world of difference in the show. It floundered in season 3 and lost itself a bit. The 10 episode arc opposed to a 22 episode season is part of it I’m sure. It makes me wonder how much meddling networks actually do in shows.
  14. I’m watching Lucifer. Just finished season 4. I’m very impressed with the writing. one thing Ouat did incredibly poorly,...
  15. I’m binge watching Lucifer and getting the urge to discuss it online. Which I haven’t had with any show since Once. I want to get caught up first, so a couple more weeks I think. So far, up to near the end of season 3 I’m enjoying it and not seeing a lot of issues. But binge watching is dramatically different from watching live. Far less time to think about each episode and no chance at all to speculate or have expectations to be fulfilled or to be disappointed.