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  1. It’s even worse when you look at the actions shown rather than told. Regina’s evil was fully shown where much of Voldemort’s was offscreen.
  2. I couldn’t make it through the first episode for this reason. It just bugged me too much.
  3. They played it as a joke, weren’t at all serious in this particular what if scenario. It’s too bad they didn’t actually delve into what it would have looked like if the curse wasn’t cast instead of how many jokes they can throw at it.
  4. I gave up the rewatch after season 5, I just couldn’t watch 6 again. I went back to the beginning again. I think from now on I’ll just plan to end my watch with season 5 to preserve what I still like about this show in my mind. I really truly intended to do the whole rewatch but after getting so far behind I finally accepted that’s as far as I was getting.
  5. Since most of the mains have moved on in their careers I would safely assume we’d get Regina, they could fashion a story around wish Regina and her adventures after she left the wish EF. I assume she got passage with Smee after WHook gave him use of his ship. Where did she go and how did she learn to live without magic. Not something I’d watch but they could do something with it and introduce completely new characters. Some of the minor characters could come back as their wish version. That would make how many different Regina’s? 😂
  6. This is kind of depressing when you look at it this way. Emma gained a true love but lost her whole childhood, which is painfully sad and can never be made up for. A permanent scar that will never fully heal. Every time I think about it I get an urge to foster a teenager, but I’m not currently in the position to do so as a divorced mom with two teenagers of my own I’m still working on. 😂
  7. Sums up my thoughts completely. Just moms of daughters will see this one I’m thinking.
  8. Tessa Thompson, she’s pretty darn good on Westworld and I think she’s got a good look for that role.
  9. They never saw that what they were doing had a real world equivalent. I don’t understand how they never connected the dots.
  10. Watching Heart of the Truest Believer. Such a great Pan introduction, it’s a shame he ended up being Rumple’s dad, there were so many more interesting directions they could have gone with his backstory or even make him an immortal part of the island. Why does every villain have to be related to one of the mains. I wish they had used more aspects of the Neverland from the books than they did. Neverland should have been far more interesting.
  11. So, I didn’t buy the map. I did want something though. It’s been such a part of my fandom life . I picked up 5 plastic gold coins from Tallahassee, the giants hoard. $50 shipped, so ridiculous but the cheapest thing. I can frame it with a picture of Hook smelling a coin. 😂
  12. I don’t need a map from ouat that’s being auctioned off right? Pretty sure I don’t need to spend an extra 2 bills and change. But I wants it!
  13. Yeah, the lack of self awareness in those two would absolutely preclude them fessing up to any mistake. They do self identify as master storytellers.
  14. This is exactly when I stopped believing Regina would ever be properly redeemed. I stopped caring about any storyline that included her.
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