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  1. I haven't. I may try it next weekend because I keep seeing writers using it as an example of what not to do and comparing it to the original, so I'm curious, even though it doesn't sound like something I'll really enjoy. They seem to have truly made her into some kind of warrior, and that may be truer to the actual legend, but I like that in the animated one she wasn't any kind of expert soldier. It makes more sense that she wouldn't be an expert fighter, since she had zero background in it. She only managed to stay in the army by being clever. She got some training, but she never actually use
  2. I can confirm that D+ is starting to look for more adult programming (twentysomething and up) under the Disney umbrella instead of just the Marvel and Star Wars areas, so it's possible that Godmothered was meant for a teen and younger audience, since this is a shift (actually, the term used was "multi-quadrant," so aiming at 20somethings, but with appeal to teens and to older adults). It'll be interesting to see what they come up with. Hmm, I wonder if Epic might end up there if ABC doesn't want it, or was it just that the show wasn't working and wasn't going to work, regardless of where it wa
  3. I watched it last night, out of curiosity, and I would have to say that it wouldn't have existed in its current incarnation before the streaming service. The script was pure Family Channel/Freeform, circa 2010 or so. That was the channel that seemed aimed at older teens and adults, largely with the idea of mothers and teen daughters watching together. So, "cleaner" adult content that was aspirational for "when I grow up" for teens. It was pretty much their classic Christmas movie (before they gave up on that and let Hallmark take over the Christmas movie thing). We had the fantasy element
  4. Disney has this weird split personality. They're capable of extremely high-quality, groundbreaking productions, both on TV and in film. Some of the Disney+ originals have been brilliant. But even going back to before streaming, they've made a lot of utter crap, either direct to video or for the Disney Channel. There's an undercurrent of cynicism, like they're aware that there's an audience out there with very low standards who'll eat up anything Disney, and that kids, especially, will be fine with the worst, cheesiest nonsense. I used to catch the end of some of their tween-aimed sitcoms befor
  5. I love the live-action Cinderella a lot. It's my go-to "comfort food" movie, guaranteed to make me feel better. I think what I like about it is that it wasn't really a live-action remake of the Disney cartoon. It was a movie based on the same fairy tale as the cartoon, making use of some of the Disney iconography. I feel like the characters and their motivations were different, and the focus of the movie was different. The backstory's a lot more important in the live-action, with that being an actual part of the movie rather than a quick recap prologue. But I think they were able to make that
  6. It's interesting that when she moves to the Disenchanted Forest for good, and we see her there over the span of years, she keeps the shorter hair and wears the "hero" attire that looks nothing like the Evil Queen. She doesn't grow her hair out and put it up in that beehive type style, doesn't wear all black with feathers and beads and wacky headdresses. So why does she stick with that look just because the curse put her back in the Enchanted Forest during the Missing Year? If she liked the shorter hair enough that she kept it during years in a fairy tale world, why didn't she cut her hair as s
  7. There was so much they could have addressed about how the people were adapting to being in the Enchanted Forest again after having lived in 20th/21st century America, but I don't think any of that even came up at all, other than the dwarfs saying something about being handsome again upon their return. Regina was sad because she was separated from Henry, Neal wanted to get to Henry, and the Charmings may have missed Emma. But otherwise, it seemed like they all just fell into their old roles without any adjustment. Part of the problem was that they dumped the "we are both" thing after one episod
  8. I think the main point behind it all was the "there's no place like home" thing and Emma feeling like she belonged with all the fairy tale stuff, and I suppose that needed to happen fairly early in the series. Then again, I don't feel like there was truly a chance to establish any kind of life in Storybrooke before she was sent away. She spent 2A in the Enchanted Forest with Snow, then 2B doesn't seem to have lasted very long (in-world) and she was in New York finding Neal during a chunk of that. Then they were off to Neverland. Maybe they needed a sort of "normal" arc set in Storybrooke but s
  9. That seems really inexpensive for buying a diner, let alone one that comes with a degree of fame. I wonder if that's just the cost of the business and you still also have to pay rent to the property owner. Because if that's the whole cost of the building and the business, it's worth less than my house. A group of fans could pool their resources and get that easily.
  10. That was where I was going with that "Send/Receive" thought I had -- she has to be totally open in order to send so that others hear her heart song, and if she hasn't told them about her power, then she's not being totally open with them. As long as she hasn't confessed this thing that's pretty central to her being right now, she won't be able to send her heart song to them and they won't be able to hear it. But I wonder if someone who does know and can hear (like Max and Mo) might be able to hear her singing to other people. That happens with her, where she gets to eavesdrop on other people's
  11. I wonder if it's not actually a case of Max getting Zoey's powers, but rather her power shifting from strictly "receive" to also "send." Her problem had been her inability to read people and pick up on things, and her power made her better at that. Now the next issue to work on is her ability to open up and share herself. The whole opening number was all the people in Zoey's life telling her to "sing, sing a song, sing out loud, sing out strong," like they were asking her to open up. And then she did. I doubt they'll have her flip entirely to "send" mode without the "receive" on an ongoin
  12. He never remarried even though she died fairly young, and they were known to have had a very good relationship (they met as children), so I think a lot of the marital strife is pure TV drama.
  13. I'm keeping the heart curse, but they needed a better reason for WHook to have given up on Alice and become a drunk, given that this is the guy who devoted a century to revenge. His main character trait is that he's an obsessive who just doesn't give up. He wouldn't have wandered off and left Alice just because he couldn't hug her. It would have taken something more. That's a good point. He seems to have a fairly active film career, but he's been a regular on other shows (that didn't last). But thinking more about it, I'm not sure we'd want Pan around for the whole season because Pan b
  14. Calling for genocide might have been a bit extreme even for his time. It was an interesting juxtaposition for him to be so horribly racist while also being such a progressive feminist. I wish we could have seen more of the Emerald City. That was something I found interesting in the Baum documentary, that he based the Emerald City on the "White City" from the World's Fair, and the point being that it was all surface, like how the Emerald City was only really emerald because of the glasses. That seems like something they could have worked with on Once. They could even have pulled a twist
  15. I had a mental rabbit hole that led to an idea that might work in our alternative season 7 based on the Wishverse scenario ... There must be a Wish Neverland if WHook is still alive and WBae was around during Emma's lifetime to father WHenry, but is WPan still alive in the present? In the Prime universe, Pan needed Henry because he had the heart of the Truest Believer. But WHenry doesn't strike me as a Truest Believer, and since he grew up in the Enchanted Forest, there isn't anything to believe. He knows it all exists. Magic is part of his everyday life. But if Wish Neverland is st
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