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    OUAT Series Rewatch!

    So far behind on the rewatch, I guess season 5 is where I really started to fall out of love with the show since I don’t think I’ve completed a rewatch of it without stopping and going back to season 3.
  2. I’ve been spending some time perusing the Lucifer forum. Mainly in season 4 the most recent season on Netflix. I see nothing but high praise in the episode threads. It’s actually fascinating that the show has the same show runners but just moving to Netflix from network made a world of difference in the show. It floundered in season 3 and lost itself a bit. The 10 episode arc opposed to a 22 episode season is part of it I’m sure. It makes me wonder how much meddling networks actually do in shows.
  3. I’m watching Lucifer. Just finished season 4. I’m very impressed with the writing. one thing Ouat did incredibly poorly,...
  4. I’m binge watching Lucifer and getting the urge to discuss it online. Which I haven’t had with any show since Once. I want to get caught up first, so a couple more weeks I think. So far, up to near the end of season 3 I’m enjoying it and not seeing a lot of issues. But binge watching is dramatically different from watching live. Far less time to think about each episode and no chance at all to speculate or have expectations to be fulfilled or to be disappointed.
  5. Honestly the only Disney animated movie I’d like to see live action is Treasure Planet. Mostly because I’d like to see an update of Treasure Island I suppose.
  6. daxx

    S05.E11: Swan Song

    Good footnote for the entire series frankly.
  7. daxx

    S05.E11: Swan Song

    And even if she had sent him how would she know exactly what went down? That whole scene was full of stupid from the carriage ride when they were at her castle 5 minutes ago talking about taking Claud to Wonderland. The TLK between Brennan and his nurse of all things when we know sleeping curses don’t work that way. Um did they already forget the burning room? It would have worked much better if it was made clear this was a vision that Regina created to test Hook, then she’d have a valid way of knowing exactly what happened and what was said.
  8. Looked it up, Damon Lindelof. It’s a shame he wasn’t officially attached to the show and continued with it. I guess once they were renewed they just stopped seeking out his advice, since they were now master storytellers, ya know. https://www.tvguide.com/news/damon-lindelof-once-upon-a-time-abc-1036165/
  9. Then at some point in season 2 it started to become the Regina show. The lasagna scene was the first look at what they really wanted us to dwell on, Regina’s pain. I know there was a producer in season 1 that was guiding them I think that is the loss we feel between seasons.
  10. daxx

    S05.E10: Broken Heart

    I hate how Snowing treated Emma, I hate how Regina treated Emma. Hook really was just throwing truth bombs at her. He always supported her and she did ignore his DNR blatantly. The sword fight on the ship was stupid, no way Rumple could ever disarm Hook even when he’s drunk on power. Can’t the writers think of a better name than Operation Cobra part 2, I mean really? Operation Pirate Rescue, anything.
  11. daxx

    S05.E09: The Bear King

    I wanted to watch the next one so even though I’ve watched every other episode. I skipped this one. Perhaps I’ll watch tomorrow if m really bored.
  12. daxx

    S05.E08: Birth

    This was a good episode in itself but as everyone else has said it doesn’t fit with the rest of the season. Colin’s amazing. I didn’t really care for Jen’s DO voice the whole season so it throws off the performance for me.
  13. daxx

    S05.E04: The Broken Kingdom

    If the dark one vault was something more than just a way to resurrect the dark one why did we never see more of it. This vault door is different than the one Neal used the key on to resurrect Rumple. Does the dark one vault have exits in different realms?
  14. daxx

    S05.E03: Siege Perilous

    All I have to say about this episode is that Regina is a complete hypocrite and Snowing are the absolute worst.
  15. daxx

    OUAT Series Rewatch!

    So far behind on the rewatch, I guess season 5 is where I really started to fall out of love with the show since I don’t think I’ve completed a rewatch of it without stopping and going back to season 3.
  16. Colin shaved his beard, sideburns and his hair is cut super close on the sides. Wondering if it’s for a role. He looks way different, I don’t like it. 😂
  17. daxx

    S05.E03: Siege Perilous

    Jane made a comment about how the writers room for Once upon a time in wonderland was loud and boisterous with everyone throwing out ideas, but the main writers room is very calm and quiet. It almost sounds like the writers didn’t feel comfortable giving feedback or pushback to A&E. I’ve been in a lot of corporate staff meetings and quiet is a bad sign and is a sign that the head of the meeting isn’t open to suggestions.
  18. daxx

    S05.E02: The Price

    Literally the only people that care at all about Emma in the Storybrooke portions are Hook and Henry, no one else even tries.
  19. daxx

    S05.E01: Dark Swan

    The writers also made it all about Regina by having her bring Emma’s baby blanket instead of Snow, she should have brought it, or Hook since he was the last to see her box of things.
  20. daxx

    S05.E02: The Price

    So much irritates me about this episode. I hate Regina using the dagger on Emma repeatedly and her obvious joy at being able to control her. I hate the guilt trip Regina uses to get Emma to use dark magic to save Robin. I hate the whole Regina is the savior nonsense. Mostly I hate the entire scene before the ball where Regina pretends to not know how to dance for attention because there is no way someone raised as she was by Cora wouldn’t have had hundreds of hours of dance lessons. I think this is where I truly started to hate the way Regina was written.
  21. daxx

    S05.E01: Dark Swan

    I hate the fact they put in an Emma flashback to little Emma and it was so useless and pointless.
  22. Let’s answer some of these from mrydinwilt on tumblr. What was the worst flashback(s)? Which storyline do you pretend never happened? Which twist melted your brain? How would you fix your least favorite character arc or storyline? At what point did you completely give up trying to understand the timeline? What bad writing made you want to punch through your screen? Does magic actually come with a price? Why or why not? What are your feelings about the show’s concept of “true love” and/or TLK? Which character arc was more like a line? Which character arc made you rip the most hair from your head? Which character do you wish they had stopped “developing”? Which character deserved more development? Which character deserved better period. Secondary or guest character they didn’t use enough? Most unnecessary secondary or guest character? Worst casting decision? If you could recast someone who would it be and why? What plot hole do you desperately want filled? What plothole do more people need to recognize? How would you fix the plothole? What “plot hole” is not a plot hole at all and will the fandom shut up about it already? Which Chekhov gun(s) do you wish had been fired (even just to put the storyline out of its misery)? What character or plot arc should have been revisited? Which family dynamic puts the “fun” in dysfunctional? Which family dynamic was way worse than problematic? Most problematic event on the show? Which character needs the most therapy (crickets with cursed degrees don’t count)? Which character should have the longest prison sentence? (cause they almost all belong in jail) Which character did the show eventually make you hate? What character is the actual worst? Worst costume? Worst makeup? Worst CGI? Worst acting? Scene so bad it should be forgotten forever? What thing that was not meant to be funny made you laugh? What bad jokes did you cringe at? Most cringe moments? What line or phrase was the cheesiest? What line or phrase did you love that they eventually made cheesy and annoying? When and why did you stop watching? Why did you keep watching? When should the show have ended? What Disney characters did you feel were forced into the show and which did you hate most? Who do you blame? Writers, Big Disney, bad schedule, fan service, etc? Knowing what you do now would you do it all over again? As in, watch the show and engage with the fandom? Bonus: Rant about something The numbering didn’t come through with the copy paste. 😂 http://daxx04.tumblr.com/post/183784821484/salty-ouat-asks
  23. I expected all those things too and was bitterly disappointed. It’s obvious the show runners fell in love with their character and wanted her to have every good thing. So much similarity to Lana Lang in Smallville, she got all the things.
  24. daxx

    Salty asks from Tumblr

    Yeah, that plot did Emma no favors and wasn’t in character for either of them, nor was killing David’s father very piraty, rescuing an enemy of the king does though. They should have had Hook rescue him then kill him when he slips about selling his son.
  25. @KAOS Agent I can think of an episode that made me feel for a new character, but not the character they intended me to feel for. The Crocodile, I felt bad for Hook by the end. I know the writing said I should feel for Rumple but I didn’t. I empathized with Milah’s desire to get away but I would have appreciated her more if she’d taken her son of course, I could never make that choice, but I totally get her options were extremely limited by society and the age.