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  1. There's the table flip as MSTREE mentions, but they were mostly referencing an extremely popular - dare I say iconic - moment from RH of BH between Lisa Rinna, ED, and Kim Richards linked below: I find it funny you call him "nu-Austin" even though he's been playing the role (off and on) since the 90s. I'm pretty sure he's even played the role longer at this point. However, I do agree that PM was the better Austin. Overall, I enjoyed this series. Oddly, my favorite part was the ending with the family photos with John/Marlena/Carrie/Anna/Austin/Tony. I think that's
  2. Chad was shockingly good as a drag queen. That was actually amazing. That's all!
  3. So I watched the first two episodes. 1. I'm so happy to see Carrie Brady back on my screen. It's funny because I've convinced myself that Carrie no longer has a place on current Days, but Christie Clark is such a natural soap heroine, and they haven't even given her anything of substance to do yet. I really like her scenes with Anna, and she does small things to convey her uncertain relationship with her biological mother. She always seems so frightened that Anna is going to leave without a goodbye, and she looked absolutely devastated in yesterday's episode when Anna left. I would love i
  4. Probably another long-lost son for Vivian. More realistically, Nicholas was a few years older than Shawn, so he could have a son in his 20s going by Claire's SORAS.
  5. Does Marlena even know Holly exists? I don't mean that literally of course. However, have we ever heard anyone from Eric's family say they consider Holly family? Was Holly ever officially adopted by Eric? With Eric seemingly off canvas again, I don't expect any scenes with Holly and Marlena/John/Roman, Sami, Belle, etc. Does Brady, the person from the Evans/Black family who has the strongest relationship with Holly beside Eric, ever refer to Holly as his niece? I know Eric considers Holly his daughter, but it doesn't seem like anyone else sees her that way.
  6. How can he have an opinion on something he did not experience? I actually like that the show allowed Eric to be more reflective about his role in the demise of the marriage. Also, I liked how Nicole brought up Eric's propensity to simply leave a situation, consequences be damned. I wish the show could have delved more into that especially in contrast with Sami. As for the second bolded point, I thought Nicole had another great point. This isn't an exact quote but she said something about Eric staying in Africa to help people and only receive glory in return. However, being with her means
  7. I liked the idea of Phoebe having empathy, but I hated the execution. In season's 3 Primrose Empath, Phoebe is able to have a premonition without touching anything because of the immense psychic energy in the air. When Phoebe first got empathy in season 6, I thought they were going to develop that original idea - silly me. I thought her empathy would allow her to feel psychic energy thus advancing her premonition ability. Also, in Primrose Empath, the distance and range got farther the longer Prue had her empathy. Again, I thought Phoebe's empathy would grow to were she could feel emotions all
  8. The two have a brief conversation about their time in Nashville and how they've recovered from their "deaths." Not in that exact language of course. The scene also features Sami and Eric, Sami and Nicole passively-aggressively snarking at each other, Chloe interrupting to get Nicole out of what is obviously going to turn into an explosive situation. So in other words, a lot was going on in that scene, so it's understandable if you forgot it.
  9. I think this is ultimately what held both characters back from being the leads they should have been. It's shocking that in the grand scheme of Days they both have been footnote characters only important because of their parents and being kidnapped by a sibling almost 3 decades ago. And this process is repeating itself with their only daughter. I wish the show had explored both in serious relationships and was invested in seeing where they went instead of the predestined John/Marlena and Bo/Hope supercouple status that Shelle did not naturally earn at least with the BB/MM versions of the
  10. Belle was happier to see E.J. than she's been to see Sami in the past several years. Their scenes were actually pretty good, and it's the first time I thought there was some hope for this E.J. That immediately went out the window when he shared scenes with literally everyone else in this episode. Sami is truly a terrible person, and I love her for it. The smirk on her face when Xander walked through the door and announcing Nicole's tryst when Eric was in Africa was hilarious. I read some people's thoughts upthread about Sami, and I guess I have no problem with Sami not caring about Eric b
  11. He still lives with her parents, but the last time we got an update on Parker last week, he was in a summer camp. We also got confirmation that he is not SORASED because they specifically referenced him as a 10-year-old. Kristen kidnapped Chloe and locked her in the trunk of a car for several days. Jan, while kidnapping Claire, stole the car that had Chloe in the trunk. As Philip tried to rescue Chloe, Jan shot her in the arm. Jan is now in yet another coma, as a result of the tussle with Philip.
  12. Do you know for what storyline? Also, giving a great performance is different from having an interesting character.
  13. I didn't want to say anything, but since you did...I'll simply say I agree 100%. I don't have much to say except why does Gabi think Victor would appoint her CEO of Titan. Did I miss something? Even if Philip is removed there's still Xander, Brady, Sonny, Justin, etc. Granted, all of them are terrible choices, but I never realized Gabi and Victor were close enough for her to have such an expectation. I like the new Chanel. I think they both give off similar vibes and the character doesn't feel like she's gotten a personality transplant like what happens with a lot of recasts. While I
  14. Abe, Eli, Theo. I think the show has trouble writing interesting black male characters. They're 0-3 currently.
  15. She was raped by her stepbrother, Chase, on the Horton couch. It was obviously supposed to be the start of a major storyline for Hope and Ciara - this wasn't long after Bo's actual death - but for whatever reason, the show kinda dropped it.
  16. I guess I just have a different interpretation because Marlena did choose Roman - and by extension Sami and Carrie - over John during the affair storyline. She chose her family, and it was Roman who left Marlena, and it was Sami who was so angry about the affair that she chose to live with Roman instead of Marlena although Marlena wanted Sami with her and Belle. John and Marlena then spent literal years a part before they reconnected romantically and by then Sami's hatred of John and resentment of Marlena was so strong that any "choosing" Marlena would have to do between Sami and John would be
  17. That's actually my point. You didn't quote this part of my post but just a few sentences before this part I mention that the show did not invest in the Shawn/Ciara relationship. This was also to build on a point I made earlier in the week that the show is making a strange decision to go out of its way to ensure we, the audience, know that Ciara is not in contact with anyone in Salem. Julie and Doug didn't know about the engagement, either. My bigger point was that the show has Ciara in her childhood home not to interact and connect with her family, but because she wants (free?) legal aid. I j
  18. I honestly don't get this reasoning. Their youngest child is in her 40s (I'm not counting Paul) with a daughter in her 20s. Why would they not put each other first?
  19. He never named Kristen when he informed Nicole during the initial conversation. I'm not certain if he's done so since then.
  20. I guess I'm in the minority because I like this preview. First, I love the cast integration. second, this is classic soap. Nicole is at her happiest just when Sami has information to destroy every thing she's worked for. Last, this is classic Sami. A truly cruel, vicious human-being who doesn't care who she hurts in her quest for vengeance. Carrie knows that all too well. Speaking of, I wish Carrie was here. She's the only John/Marlena/Roman child that isn't there. I'm obviously not counting Paul or the Gemini twins.
  21. It's so sad that Shawn, Ciara, and Claire are what's left of Bo and Hope's history. They deserve so much better. I actually liked Ciara in those scenes and laughed out loud at the firebug and hide the matches comments. I find it difficult to care about Shawn's relationship with either party. In theory, Shawn being torn between his little sister and daughter should make for a great and dramatic tale. Sadly, after more than a decade, BB's Shawn is just not a leading man. The show hasn't done well in investing in either relationship, and he often times just comes off as ineffective at worst or pa
  22. First, I don't know how I feel about the new Chanel. Precious Way had an energy about her that made even the sometimes boring writing fun which also impacted her scene partners like Allie. Since, this was a more sullen scene, I don't know if the new actress has the same quality. I thought she was fine. I'll have to see more of her as I truly did love PW's Chanel and the Erica Kane vibe the show went for with her. Did Rafe/Ava show up because of contractual obligations? That was just odd. I hope Ciara will get a chance to interact with someone other than Ben and Theo soon. I wouldn't
  23. I haven't watched today's episode yet, but yesterday the construction guy was mainly there to reveal Paulina's plan to everyone and for comedic relief. Every time he spoke, Lani or Chanel would tell him to shut up or some variation thereof. It was obvious the show wanted us to see this as hilarious and not rude, disrespectful, irritating, and classist. As for the size of Salem, that seems to depend on the storyline. At certain points, the Salem skyline was littered with skyscrapers even Kiriakis Industries (or whatever the name is) was supposed to be in a brand new skyscraper back during
  24. It's of course terrible for people to call the actress names, and I'm vehemently against that. That being said, I hated that haircut. It was unfortunately paired with a personality transplant, and that's when the show started writing Sarah Horton like a descendant of Lucy Ricardo. I still remember the episode it premiered with her giggling like a teenager and texting Xander constantly on the job while some medical emergency was happening around her. Then her storylines and acting became a series of wacky adventures more suitable for Lucy and Ethel. The show really dropped the ball with the cha
  25. Why would Ben and Ciara clash over Justin when Justin is Ciara's cousin and has a great relationship with her? Why doesn't he just ask Marlena to get Belle to represent him? Considering how much Justin loses, that's a better plan. Why would Chloe need Brady to invite her to a party Nicole is hosting? I'm really annoyed at how the show is positioning the Nicole/Chloe friendship. Is Philip so desperate for a storyline that he's entering the Lumi/Ejami triangle. How dreadful!
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