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  1. Hope? Why are you even talking for one minute with Thomass? He has no right to hear about your issues with your husband, his sister or any of your children. I’m old enough to remember all of the old soaps where there were some crazy stories but most were at least sort of reasonable. I remember Chris and Nancy sitting in their kitchen discussing their kids and grandkids getting into trouble. They would fall over in a dead faint if they saw what was trying to be a soap today. Goodness gracious me. This makes me so sad.
  2. Who is worse? Victor or Phyllis? She gets more insane each day. Why doesn’t Nick take her to be examined and committed?
  3. Forgive me for questioning Flo but who the hell is she to stand in judgment on anyone?! What Sally did was certainly questionable but nothing at all as hateful and despicable as what she did to Hope, Liam and their entire families when she let them believe that their child was DEAD. That slut has no right to be sanctimonious about Sally or anyone else on this planet.
  4. How many times can Alex say “I love that .....” in one show? Too many times. I’m not sure that she’s even aware that she does it to the extreme.
  5. Steffy? Stop having sex with men without birth control. You owe much more than your libido to these innocent children you drag into the world with your lack of self control. Hope: Ditto. And also kick that nasty Liam to the curb and find your pride where you seem to have left it long ago. Raise your daughter to be better than you. And your mother.
  6. I’ve never commented on this show before. My son is a veterinarian who practices modern Vet medical care. He caught his son watching this show and told him to turn it off. He said if he wanted to know what vet med was like in 1950, this was the show to watch. He’s furious that this show is on the air to mislead people about current veterinary practices. Take this as you will.
  7. I watched one of these shows last night. Ty looks ancient and AV is just as bossy, know-it-all, look at me!! As she’s been on every other show she’s been on. I will not watch this show again. I laughed when I read that Donovan is suing her. As he should.
  8. It has seemed to me that Sunny has been very, very thin skinned about her cooking abilities, her hair/makeup/nails/clothing for a very long time. If you can’t stand the heat, Sunny, get the hell out of the kitchen! Oh, and STOP YELLING!!
  9. It’s official. I can no longer look at those ginormous lips on Steffy. Yuck.
  10. This entire story line with Sonny is so insulting and mind numbing that we should all boycott GH. I agree with all of the folks up line who have brought up so many good questions and observations. Could the writing on this show and the others possibly get any worse??!!
  11. I can’t for the life of me understand why the “hair stylists” on this show continue to put that enormous road kill on Steffy’s head. Hope’s hair is lovely although sometimes I hate the way it styled but at least it looks like real hair. As does Brooke’s hair although again I often hate the way it’s styled. In fact, can we please get some stylists who know how to actually do a woman’s hair?!
  12. Please, get a new hair do for Faith. I’m so very tired of seeing those hanks of hair hanging down in her face. Just like Sharon, Vicki, Phyllis, etc. Geez, get over this nonsense.
  13. I laughed today when Paris was blasting Zoe for constantly emphasizing that Carter is the COO! I swear the writers have been reading our comments about this. She’s just impressed with his title and his salary but is insanely jealous of Zende wanting to be with Paris. TDB, Zoe. And please CHANGE your clothes!!
  14. I’ve always thought that Phyllis was deranged but her behavior today just proved me right. She just gets worse and worse and more over the top each day.
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