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  1. I was actually embarrassed for Mariah when she acted so apologetic to Abby. Good Grief, writers! Are you ashamed? You should be!
  2. The more I see Abby and Nina, the stupider this Chance story gets. I’m sick of Abby acting like a 13 year old girl and Nina encouraging this behavior. Please put an end to this absurd plot.
  3. With all of the talk about how GF is dressed on this show, I thought I’d add my two cents. I think that her weight gain has caused this wardrobe issue. As I’ve gotten older (and quit smoking after 45 years) I’ve gained about 25 pounds. Because I was always a very small woman (size 2-4 or 6), this has been a really hard adjustment for me. However, there IS a way to dress that minimizes the weight gain and still look attractive. The wardrobe folks are not doing GF any favors. They could and should do so much better for her.
  4. I don’t believe for one second that Ashland (really, Y&R with that name) has cancer and 6 months to live. No doctor would ever tell a patient that he had that amount of time to live. What treatment is he going to receive? How effective is this treatment, etc, etc, etc. This sis just so stupid. But of course, Kyle and Tara will fall for it hook, line and sinker. Blech.
  5. Jason is obviously smitten with Britt as she is with him. He doesn’t have the balls to talk to her while Carly was there? Come on Jason. Be a real man.
  6. If Wolfgang didn’t want to be on his mom’s TV show, he doesn’t have to be. He’s a grown man, allegedly. This is just too intertwined for me even though my husband and I are very close to our kids. Something about this just raises my flags for some reason.
  7. Just to be shallow while I watched a couple of episodes today-the blond really needs to find a new color and cut! I realize that Seattle is rainy all of the time so it would behoove her to find a cut (and color) that was easy to manage but also looked good. Now it’s stringy and thin and every different length.
  8. Can someone more savvy than I am post a photo of Steffy’s flat hair?
  9. I’ve missed the past few episodes. What health problem does Ashland have? Thanks.
  10. I feel like that about every person who announces that they are gay, lesbian, bi, alcoholic, drug addicted, sex addicted, etc. I don’t care. I do not care.
  11. I have a feeling that Sunny has some deep seeded anxiety issues, probably from her childhood or a failed love affair (she used to have a long term boyfriend) which make her so quick to take offense even at innocent questions. I’m not a psychiatrist or anything like that but her reactions to any perceived insult are so over the top that it appears to be a long term issue. I hope she gets some help with that so she can be happy.
  12. I hadn’t thought of the possibility of Quinn and Shauna doing away with Paris to keep their secret quiet. Of course, they’d have to talk about it endlessly where everyone else could hear them. Ugh.
  13. I know that I’ve probably said this about 200 times before but this show is beyond the pale at having characters repeat the same lines every day for 47 months until someone overhears them and finally puts an end to our excruciating torture. If other writers can, you know, move it along, why in the world can’t the writers on this soap do it?!
  14. Today I was yelling at my TV “Test Gregory’s DNA!!!!!!!!”.
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