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  1. I’ve watched this soap for years and realize it would be very hard to replace Sharon Case as the character of Sharon. However. She’s such a “mail it in” actress at this point (and frankly, for years past) that I’m not sure we’d even miss her. And who is picking her wardrobe lately?! Holy moly! I’d love to have a Sharon with a personality and some “umph”. The current one is so incredibly boring and I don’t envision her getting any better. It’s time for her to retire.
  2. Is it impossible to believe that MB will ever be let go from this show? He really cannot remember his lines no matter the other actors involved or the circumstances. I can’t even watch this poor man anymore. It’s too uncomfortable and sad to watch him deteriorate every day. Sad for him, his family and his coworkers.
  3. Just when we think this show cannot get any more stupid or asinine, it proves us wrong. What exactly has Nina done to get arrested for in PC?
  4. That idea makes me throw up in my mouth. The Jack we used to know deserves so much better. This current one? I’m not sure what he deserves. Bring back our admirable Jack.
  5. I realized today that for the past few weeks (or maybe longer), I have muted the sound when certain characters came on the screen. Ridge/Brooke talking about Eric’s ED-click. Brooke, Katie, Other Sister-click. Zende/Paris-click. Carter/Quinn-click. Ridge/Eric/Carter-click. So it seems that I don’t feel the interest to listen to anyone on this show. That gives me back a half hour during my day. Yay for me!
  6. I was thinking Nick was acting like a whiny 5 year old who was jealous of daddy liking his brother better than him. Geez. That was embarrassing for Nick to talk to his dad like that and then get up to run away.
  7. Zende and Paris are the most uninteresting couple on the planet. Neither one of them can act and I say again and again, why can’t TPTB find actors in LA better than these two? Are they even trying? There’s a new Noah Newman on Y&R who is a star and slipped into his role at a crucial time (Victoria’s wedding in Tuscany). He is a real actor and so believable in his role already. These two on B&B? Nope. Of course, the writers don’t give any of these actors anything to say. The old saying “If it’s not on the page, it’s not on the stage” certainly applies here. Ditto, ditto, ditto. Nothing
  8. Jack is one of my favorite characters but I did have to laugh at how many times he walked across the “stage” at the palazzo. Back and forth, back and forth. Poor thing. He needs a good woman who is NOT Phyllis. He deserves an educated, refined woman who knows how to speak to other people without yelling, repeating every word and who does not stomp around everywhere she walks. Guess I want Phyllis to die. Oh yes, I do actually.
  9. I know that I’ve written this before but AH is not a good actress. She always seems a beat behind or having a facial expression not appropriate for the scene or too dull for words. She just can’t keep up with the accomplished actors on the show. And she never gets any better. I think this was most obvious in the wedding scenes when she should have shown like a star. She acted like she wasn’t sure exactly where she was supposed to be when she was supposed to be there.
  10. Katie? You have the hubris of a dozen Brookes. What in the hell were you doing going over to Carter’s apartment? It’s NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS!!!!!!!!!!
  11. After reading the comments about Katie, it occurred to me that Katie has never had a really great story line. She’s always been the “sad sack sister” that everyone had to protect and offer job opportunities. This actress can do so much more than cry, cry, cry and be someone to feel sorry for in every story. For heaven’s sake, move her away from Eric who’s old enough to be her grandfather!!! Give this woman a story or let her go. This show is making me stabby!
  12. I’ve been thinking about Phyllis’ behavior over all for the past 6 months or so. I’m not sure if it’s the character as much as it is the actress. She seems more and more desperate and hateful and just mean. Having read a few of her Instagrams and Twitters, I can see that kind of behavior coming through. At any rate, I hate her character and how awful she is to everyone. Under no circumstances are the writers to put her with Jack Abbott!!!! He deserves so much better and so do we.
  13. As a viewer, I don’t care if Quinn stays with Eric. I don’t care if she leaves him to go live with Carter. I don’t care if she and Carter leave the country. I just wish with all of my heart that that sanctimonious, pious, lying piece of shit, Ridge, would be run over, then stabbed in the heart and then shot in the brain. Whew. Now I feel a bit better.
  14. For all of the buildup to this wedding of the century, I’m very disappointed. But then, I always are.
  15. With reference to why Victoria’s children were not present at her wedding but Ashland’s only son was present, I can only surmise that these writers are insane. They’re not even trying anymore.
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