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  1. My difficulties with NLG is that her way is the only way. She doesn’t seem to ever admit or even consider the possibility that what she thinks may not be the truth or the only way to see a situation. I am as intelligent and educated and experienced and world traveled as she is but hold very different beliefs. I would never totally discount her beliefs but would assume that she has researched and considered the issues. I would hope and expect that she would grant me the same respect.
  2. I really don’t care what happens to Brooke or Ridge but I’d just like for a short while to not have to see Brooke crying!!!! Geez Louise, I’m so very tired of that and hearing her tell Ridge that she loves him soooo muuuuuch!
  3. Both Sharon and Victoria need a really good hairbrush! And Sharon needs a really good haircut! But she’s needed one for the past 10-12 years. Why won’t she cut that hair and try a new, more current cut?
  4. Laura is my favorite character/actress on this show but damn I wish she’d cut that stringy hair!
  5. Every time I see Willow, I’m struck again how beautiful she is. Also the actress who plays Britt. Very little makeup but just lovely.
  6. Do we have any idea how Flo and Shauna support themselves? Neither one have jobs.
  7. If this is true, they’re both old enough to know how to avoid pregnancy. When are people, rich or poor, educated or not, going to stop creating children they are in no way prepared to raise in the best way for the child?!?!
  8. I watched one last night with a couple in Miami who won $15 million and had a budget of $700,000 for a condo or a house. David’s tattoos have done me in from now on. What astonished me was when they looked at a condo on a high floor and they all raved over the “view”. ????? The view was the tops of about 60 other buildings. No water, no mountains, no trees, no pastures, no rolling hills. Nothing to look at except the roofs of other buildings!!! Do people really think that’s a “view”?
  9. Thank you! I’ve been saying this for years!!
  10. Olivia may be a buttinsky but gosh, she wears some attractive, perfectly fitted dresses.
  11. I don’t know what is going on with Sally and that doctor but I’ve never seen a doc act like that in my life! Do y’all think this was a trick being pulled by both of them from the very beginning? Yikes.
  12. Well, thanks for explaining what the heck Brooke was holding in her hands. We had someone here so I muted the TV but couldn’t for the life of me figure out why Ridge was handing her a black frame. Why that woman welcomed that bum back into her house and her bed (as Ridge is so fond of saying), I’ll never know. I just hate seeing her give away her pride and dignity after the awful way he’s treated her and how he flirted and kissed that tacky Shauna. Yuck.
  13. Even with other young people having their “first” kiss on soaps, that was the most awkward kiss I’ve ever seen. Cam seemed like he kind of knew what to do but holy cow, Trina. That was one sad attempt!
  14. This whole show today made no sense to me. What the hell is Rey doing taking charge of Faith? And that woman who was BF with Adam who was so annoying? Blech for the whole show.
  15. I am older than dirt but I remember the old days when people had love scenes that moved slowly along, building up the tension between the man and woman until they disappeared behind the bedroom door. Today, it’s a wrestling match, throwing each other all over the room and tearing off each other’s clothes. That may indeed be how people make love nowadays but I’ll stick to my kind. It was tender, gently and caring.
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