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  1. Sun-Bun wondered IF they’d been smart enough to save money not that they had been smart enough.
  2. Ivy was so beautiful and I loved her accent until.....um... what happened to her charming accent?!
  3. This is a bit late but after watching Michael holding a gun on Sonny and “talking” to him made me realize more than ever what a truly terrible actor CD is. If there were ever a story line worthy of high emotion, it was this one. CD seemed unsure of what his lines were and how he was supposed to act. I cannot imagine how he’s been retained on GH all of these years. GH has actually had some decent actors through the years but boy, do they stink now.
  4. I caught a few minutes of today’s show and wondered who the girl (with the buck teeth) was that Jack said he loved so much. Ashley was with him too. I don’t remember ever seeing her before. That woman who played Ashley was so beautiful!
  5. Today’s show was preempted by the hour and a half press conference on Covid 19. This was the one show I was looking forward to because of Cassie but no. We couldn’t have that, could we? I could have read or heard all of the Covid news on any channel or online all day long.
  6. We had a wood fireplace in our house on our farm in East TN. We kept it going almost all winter as it gets really cold here. My sister and BIL have a fireplace in their house in Destin,FL which they use while running the AC-ha. Everybody to their own thing, I guess.
  7. This show reminded me how truly awful Nicole’s wigs were over her 5-6 head. The acting was awful, the hair was awful and I was disgusted by the entire story line.
  8. The only thing worth watching today was that adorable, red headed Cassie! How precious was that little child?!
  9. Well, the good thing is that as Lauren was stumbling around on her platform shoes, she was being so very subtle about her relationship with Michael when Eric was praising their love for each other. Yeah, way to hide your affair, Lauren.
  10. I also thought that Nikki would fall down the stairs on those high heels but they weren’t nearly as ridiculous as Lauren’s or Abby’s. They wore platform shoes that they could barely walk in. Lauren, especially, was about to fall over in her shoes.
  11. How disappointing to see that Taylor (HT) had her upper lip plumped up so hugely as to be very distracting. I don’t know why women feel the need to do that to themselves. Ugly.
  12. I watched the first episode tonight. From watching Brian/Sarah in previous shows (which I’ve liked), I know that all of the “conflict” was producer generated. It’s just a bunch of bulls..t to generate interest. I always liked this couple but not on this show.
  13. I just watched this episode this afternoon while baking cookies. Y’all were all right with your comments. It really is just a long hallway and I can’t figure out how a family or even a couple could live there comfortably. It was my least favorite house of all of the ones they’ve done. Sad.
  14. It’s just my husband and me in our house but we have six (6) TVs. Yep, six.
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