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  1. Nikki wore that awful dress and belt once before and I commented on it. It’s still as ugly and uncomfortable looking now as it was then. I thought Abby’s dress was attractive but again (!) a huge, uncomfortable looking belt. And that blue sparkly dress with the cutouts that Phyllis wore in Vegas was all kinds of ugly.
  2. So after Victoria is named CEO of NE, she becomes a nun? What was that she was wearing today? Who in the hell dresses this woman?
  3. Is Nina spoofing Valentin? Is she trying to trick him into confessing finally that he really brought (bought) Sasha to be her daughter? Can she be stupid enough to believe his continuing lies?! Sadly, yes, she could.
  4. Oh Dear God. Just shut this shit show down now.
  5. Why is Maxie wearing a black nightgown at the office? Please find someone who can dress that young woman!
  6. When was the last time Nick or anyone else even mentioned Christian? We had the huge battle with Adam over that boy and once Nick won, he must have shuffled the kid off to boarding school with Faith. Isn’t Victor his grandad too along with Connor’s? So why the angst for one child and not the other? Aaarrrggghhh.
  7. I don’t think Chels is actually cutting Shep’s hair. Sometimes she cuts a 16th of an inch off while they’re gossiping about some of the other cast members. It gives them an excuse to be together.
  8. Brooke always squints. Why should today or tomorrow be any different?
  9. It really pisses me off that we have to fly this no good shyster crook over to Italy on OUR DIME.
  10. Um, hello? What’s happened to Nina, Val, Charlotte, Lulu, Dustin et al after the blowup at the wedding yesterday? Are they just taking a break to recover from that disaster for a day or so? Where is Sasha? Her apologist, Michael? Or really, do we actually care? Nah.
  11. What’s really sad (and just one of the reasons that soaps are going down the drain) is that we all predicted this crap weeks or possibly months ago. And did we get one paycheck for that? NOOOOOOO.
  12. If the transplant spares us more tears from Katie and Brooke, bring it on!!
  13. I don’t know who the actress is who’s playing Katie’s doctor but holy moly, she’s terrible. She always looks like she’s trying really hard to remember how to pronounce the words but also trying not to cry. What the hell?
  14. Why would the writers allow Brooke to lower herself to go to Shauna’s hotel room to berate her and warn her to stay away from Ridge? In real life, a woman of Brooke’s stature would consider Shauna a bug on the bottom of her shoe and just scrape it off. And boy, did I want someone to run a brush through that awful hair on Brooke today. Why don’t they do something with that mess?
  15. I had several laughs during today’s show. The first time was when I glimpsed Chelsea’s “sweater and a half”. What was that, exactly? The second time was when PHD Dr. Sharon arrived to save the day with her impressive education and years of experience as a therapist. The third time was seeing her carrying a briefcase! Dear God. Why do the writers get paid for this?
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