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  1. What’s this about Cabo? Is this from long ago?
  2. Gam2

    The Spoiler Collection

    I will finally be done forever. This story makes me sick already.
  3. The thing I can’t stand about Phyllis (this one or the last one) is how hateful she is all of the time. Even when there’s no need or justification, she attacks people personally in the most nasty way. There’s no need to be hateful and nasty and cruel to people unless they’ve killed one of your family members. Plus she looks like an insect most of the time. Plus that monologue about putting her dog to sleep and not telling her kids as punishment because they weren’t paying much attention to him was just too bizarre. I don’t care if she was “kidding”. That was downright mean. Way to go, Mom.
  4. Is Adrian an expected name in Hispanic society? I’ve know several Adrians and they were of English descent. Somehow, Adrian Rosales doesn’t roll off of the tongue.
  5. I keep thinking this guy who plays ReyRey will get better in the acting department. He’s awful with Nick and Chelsea, with Adam, with Lola and particularly with Sharon. Why can’t he look people in the eyes? I don’t buy this epic love story for a New York minute. How about some emotion, an occasional smile or laugh, real anger or something? Anything? I don’t buy this epic love story between him and Sharon for a New York minute.
  6. I agree about that awful pink lipstick. I can’t imagine that that’s a flattering color on any woman.
  7. I just watched Cam’s birthday party. Craig is a horrible drunk who insults his friends, uses terrible language, cannot accept the reality that Naomie is over him and has moved on, has fixated on Chelsea asking Austin to be home by 11:00 (?!). That man needs serious rehab and I can’t believe his parents haven’t hauled his ass off out west to one of those rehab ranches. His future is doomed if he doesn’t stop drinking.
  8. These poor children have already had a difficult start in life. I can’t seem to find anyone in their dad’s family or mother’s family who are willing or capable of providing a stable, loving, educated or religious life to these kids. It breaks my heart for them but that happens over and over all across this country every day. Use birth control, people!!
  9. Gam2

    Episode Discussion: TFGH

    Oh, friends. Please stop trying to make sense of this Oscar will thing. There are no attorneys, doctors, psychiatrists or regular human beings who can make any kind of sense of this story. Or any other story on this show. Suspend your brains.
  10. I’ve been gone for the past two days. I see that I haven’t missed one single thing that hasn’t been said a million times since January. These writers really are trying to demolish this show. They’re certainly doing a great job of it. I feel sorry for these actors. They must be embarrassed and bored out of their skulls.
  11. Gam2

    "The View": Week of 7/8/2019

    I haven’t watched this show in years but do sometimes read the comments on this site. I’m a conservative, Army daughter and Army wife, a lover of this country. Please, whatever you do, do not confuse me with this maniac. My dad was an Army Officer, my father-in-law was an Army Officer and my husband was an Army Officer. They were honored for their own accomplishments. I have never tried to live off of their lives nor have our children. Shut the hell up, Meghan. Your dad’s accomplishments were NOT YOURS. Shut Up.
  12. Gam2

    Episode Discussion: TFGH

    The writing on this show just gets more unbelievable every single day. Oscar leaves his ELQ stock to Shiloh? In what universe would this ever be allowed to happen? Will someone, anyone please just kill this shyster tomorrow so we can be done with this nonsense? And again. Sam? SPEAK UP! QUIT MUMBLING!
  13. Do any of these people have jobs that they go to and you know, work at occasionally? And something one of you said today reminded me of Hope coming out of the bathroom after accepting Tomass’ proposal and he was standing there with his shirt unbuttoned, candles lit and ready to attack her. She said she just wanted to go to bed and he said “Good, I’ll join you”. I couldn’t believe his nerve! Really, Tomass? You unbuttoned your shirt? I have a terrible feeling that he’s going to do something violent to Hope which will make her more depressed and nuts than ever. Eeeeewwwww.
  14. Gam2

    Episode Discussion: TFGH

    I thought the “performance” by Liz’s sons was downright bad and embarrassing. It was obviously pre-recorded and auto tuned. The little boys acted like they’d rather be anywhere but there. And I still cannot and will not accept this epic love story between Liz and Franco. They’re not selling me on that bs at all. And just forget this Kim with the syringe nonsense. How stupid is that? I hate what these writers have done to a once admired soap.
  15. I broke my promise to myself and peeked in on the show today. Brooke? Liam? Hit Ridge over the head with a heavy object and run down to the dark, dreary cabin to rescue Hope because she’s too feeble, defenseless and helpless to throw Tomass out on his ass. Honest to God, if I have to watch her flare her nostrils and flatten her upper lip in an attempt to “act” once more, I will scream.
  16. Gam2

    Episode Discussion: TFGH

    I’m old enough to remember when the soaps had kind of, sort of believable story lines with people we actually cared about. That was so long ago. This Dev/Joss story angst is boring and tiring and not believable. One more soap for me to give up on. Bye.
  17. I totally agree. This story line is so awful and has been drawn out for soooooooo loooooonnnnngggg that even the few loyal viewers left have given up. I’ve been insulted for the last time by these writers. I don’t watch anymore— I just read the snark here.
  18. I have been amused at how careful everyone has been to say “Hope is ending her marriage” rather than “She’s getting a divorce”. What’s so awful about getting a divorce? Almost everyone on this show has done that multiple times but Hope is too goody good to actually get one? Oh, please.
  19. I wonder how Ridge is going to excuse his son’s deceptions and manipulations when he finds out that Tomass knew about Beth. He lied to Hope, Steffy, Liam, Brooke, Ridge and everyone else in town. And what about that poor little Douglas? Ridge can’t see what a monster Tomass is so how is he going to excuse his behavior?
  20. Gam2

    Dr. Jeff, Rocky Mountain Vet

    Apology accepted. Thanks.
  21. Gam2

    Dr. Jeff, Rocky Mountain Vet

    Cleanliness and kind, compassionate care for animals and their families are not mutually exclusive. That’s a paper tiger used to divert what I actually said.
  22. I agree with this a thousand times over. That little boy has been through enough already. His father should be hung from the nearest tree at dawn.
  23. Oh, please. Douglass pulls a honking diamond ring out of his pocket to propose to Hope for his dad and Tomass just shrugs his shoulders like he had no idea that Douglass was going to do that or where he got that ring or anything else. I cannot wait for someone, anyone to shoot that bastard down in the street and then run over his body.
  24. Did Ramona sell her business? Does she work at all anymore? She never talks about working, owning her own business, having her own money like she used to do all of the time.