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  1. I don't understand how MM can say grief is taboo. It is true that some people might not know how to react/support a friend when he/she/they suffer a loss but I don't think that's taboo. I think that is just discomfort. And for her to say there are no resources - Uh, I don't think she's right. When my mother died last year we were offered grief support for a year (without cost) from her hospice care plus our church also offered grief support. Same thing when my father died this year. We, as a family, also had "the ear" of friends and other family to talk, share, laugh, and cry about them. It seems to me as you said, Coffeewinewater, MM is wallowing in grief.
  2. This is almost exactly what I said about last week's episode! Aren't they supposed to go in twos to see victims/perpetrators? They all seemed to go off on their own. Although, Benson did say they were getting another/more detective(s).
  3. MM (and Abby) tried to misdirect and Rachel Maddow would give the facts! (eg. MM said the whistleblower contacted aides, Schiff specifically, in Congress regarding what he/she knew. Rachel said that is the way it is done in both Houses. Whistleblowers typically contact aides not Congress or Senate members specifically. Not unusual at all.) Also loved that when anyone asked for Rachel for her opinion she would answer , "That's above my pay grade." To me that meant she was only giving facts and correct procedures in this case (impeachment inquiry/impeachment). And, this is for you Abby, "cry wolf" does not mean what you think it means. Apparently, Abby, you think it means "look here! This is important! This is illegal. Everyone ignore it!' It actually means to tell a lie for help when it is not needed!
  4. So the squad only has three people now - the captain, the lieutenant, and sergeant? That's it? No, plain ol' detectives? And these three (OMG! THREE!) are taking care of all of Manhattan? And for goodness' sakes - Two DA's have "fallen in love" with Olivia, and have turned their backs on their own conscience, ethics, commitment to the law to do her bidding? And she has chastised them in the past for not moving quickly to do what she wants? I hope this is a road that Carisi will NOT take!!
  5. I got to see the great walk-off - MM's voice was loud, Anna kind of quietly said, "You don't have to shout, I'm two feet from you." MM's reaction was to get a bit more loud.* And accuse Anna of being rude. What is wrong with MM??? *I have a tendency to raise my voice unconsciously whether I'm happy,excited, upset, sad, etc. My friends have to remind me to keep my voice down. I always apologize and really try to do so but still not 100% successful. So I kind of get why she becomes so loud but she never acknowledges it nor apologizes for doing so.
  6. I missed the first 10 - 15 minutes of the show and did not get to witness the splendor that is MM red-faced and stomping off!
  7. Saw the show last night and here are a few things for what it's worth (I know less than zero about dancing!) Re: Christie's fall - I fell out of bed and broke my hand last year, not a hard fall but it got broken. Plus I once had a serious ankle sprain (the doctor told me it would have been better if I had broken it. I was on crutches for four/five months) when I tripped over a crack on the sidewalk. So I think she really hurt herself - it doesn't make any sense for her to do something on purpose just to give her daughter the limelight (to be honest, I think Christie would prefer to be in it) I thought it was pretty decent first episode. Although, I initially gave Sean Spicer some latitude (he really seemed to be enjoying himself) but after reading that tweet - nuh uh, not any more. James Van der Beek (sp?) was a pleasant surprise ๐Ÿ™‚
  8. Wow! MM really doesn't seem to know how to use words/phrases. Case in point "The cast is die" and MM's transition to talk about Meredith's husband, "You know your husband Richard..." What??? Could she have meant to say, "We know your husband Richard..."? Plus - Meredith is explaining how she broke her toe right before she began working on her new game show "25 Words or Less" and how she broke it after. Two minutes later Abby says, "You're doing a new game show?"
  9. It seemed that the women in this particular show became used to having a certain amount of money/income. They did not seem to even think of putting money away for a "rainy day". When that ended, they wanted the same lifestyle that they had enjoyed before the "crash". I think that most people would find a way to live on a more restricted budget. But they didn't want to do that - they wanted "easy" money and seemed to have found a way to get it. They also seemed to not even "get" how horribly wrong their scheme could go - someone could have been really physically/mentally impacted because of the mixture of drugs they were given (plus combined with alcohol!). They were lucky that they didn't kill someone!! They would have been arrested for murder (of some type). The two women interviewed still didn't seem to "get" that they did something wrong!! I understand that during their stripper days they were treated badly by the men that they had to deal with BUT that is not a reason to cheat, steal, drug other men. ^^^THIS!! Exactly! I did not see this as "woman empowerment" - It showed that some women could be just as selfish, greedy, disregarding other people's feelings/rights, and love money just as some men do.
  10. Of course the murder that the wife committed is wrong BUT her husband's affair was the catalyst. He should have never started something especially since he said that his wife seemed fragile because she could not find a job. His affair was the final straw that broke his wife. Going to a marriage counselor - she thought they were both going to repair their marriage, he had an ulterior motive - to get help to divorce her. And I don't like when it seems that the people around the two people committing adultery seem to justify the "relationship" - "Oh, you could see the sparks." "They had so much in common." "There was definite chemistry between them."
  11. Friday's show was the first show of the new season that I saw (I went on vacation with some friends and we did not watch the news even once!) It's always interesting to "hear" others thoughts about the show. The Bernie Sanders clips were kind of eye-opening - in the way they treat what he says differently (IMO) than others. The first clip about the baby, I really don't think he was rude - at church, sometimes the priest has asked parents to quiet their babies and not in a rude way. I didn't think he was rude. The orange guy kicked out the parent and crying baby at one of his rallies. The second clip, Sanders basically said that women should have the right to control their bodies (he really didn't address population control and its link to the environment) and that included birth control/abortion rights. Abby and MM said it was eugenics - ummm, no, He said that women should have a right to decide about their own bodies. He did not say anything about selective breeding!! I agree with others that the Pamela Anderson interview was hard to watch. And so good to see that MM has not changed a bit! Good for her! (sarcasm ๐Ÿคจ)
  12. OHhhhhhh - Rachel Campos-Duffy could talk to the rest of the panel how the orange guy is the only president who seems to look younger now that he is president. Could hardly wait to hear Ana's/Joy's reply to that!!
  13. I didn't realize that talking about a deceased family member was taboo ๐Ÿ˜ž I better apologize to my friends for mentioning my mother (who died almost two years ago) and my father (who died four months ago) in casual conversation IF it was appropriate or relevant. Her father was over 80 years old. I realize that losing a parent is difficult but they had a life - and her father apparently had enough money, healthcare, time to say good-bye and plan. A friend of mine was just diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. The doctor told him that he has six to eight months at the outside three years to live. He has four kids. He is worried about being fired due to so many trips to the doctor/hospital, he is worried about his four children and wife, he is worried about his family losing their home when he dies. MM, tell me again how difficult it is for you??
  14. Sorry, Bannana. That was my opinion/view if you'd like not MM's.
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