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  1. I hear MM saying how difficult this terrible time has been for her as if no one else is finding it hard to do so. Yet - she still has a job, she can work from home and she has family money if she needs it. She even has the wherewithal to leave where she is and go back to her family home! She has more options than the majority of the population. She is around the same age as one of my nieces. Right before everything began, my niece moved from one state, crossed over three states to begin a new job where she did not know a single person. Two weeks into her new job (which was her "dream" job!) she was let go and has been "staying in" for the last three months. She has no income at the moment and it trying to get unemployment (there is a snag because she had only been in the state for about three weeks). I have yet to hear my niece complain about her situation. She is soldiering on and doing her best to stay afloat. She tries to stay positive and is still looking for a job to help her through (she is hoping the company she worked for will call her once openings are allowed). I am so proud of her independence and optimism. I wonder how MM would do in the same circumstances?
  2. On a totally shallow note about today's show: I was looking at MM as she spoke. I got distracted by her eyes - she looked cross-eyed as she was speaking. It distracted me so much I didn't listen to what she said.
  3. I thought the same thing! I really wanted to hear what she was saying, giving some interesting facts but her voice reminded me of the voice of one of my professors in college.
  4. The one thing that struck me (besides "vote of confidence" - hee, hee) was when MM said, "A parody of Brad Pitt.." What?? No one did a parody of Brad Pitt. Does she not know what a parody is? HE did an impression of Dr. Fauci. If you have not seen it, I found it funny 😄
  5. The Disney building is truly beautiful to me - with its lines and curves. There are stairs on the outside so you can walk to the top and enjoy a really nice view of the city. Regarding "native" dishes - people sometimes have trouble eating menudo, pozole, and cows' brains; I think all three are an acquired taste (as well as tamales for some people). To be honest the cow's brains kind of freak me out - but I still enjoyed when my mom and aunts would cook them.
  6. I love Ana! And she looks so cute in her turban 🙂
  7. This is exactly what I was thinking when MM said the protesters are showing their support for their second amendment right, I thought that the protesters were protesting staying home/shelter at home - why the need to brandish a gun much less a AK47? These same people would be panicking and yelling for the government to do something if a group of people of color did the same thing.
  8. It's funny because I've thought the very same thing! Especially today. She looked very nice! I've always liked Sarah and now more than ever, she does not seem to be putting up with MM's nonsense but in a nice and courteous fashion. That seemed pretty clear today - well, to me. 🙂 The show has been "interrupted" here almost every day. Last week was the first time the program was on from start to finish Probably not so many interruptions because "the guy in the White House" (TM Whoopie) is having his "updates" later on in the day. Maybe to get better ratings than "The Bachelor"?
  9. I liked Dayoung (sp?) but thought it was safe. I liked what Nancy, Marquise (?), and Brittany, as well as what Chesley did. I thought any of those three could/should be at the top. I'm sorry I really did not like Sergio 's. It did not seem to relate to the challenge. He took a current event and fit it to his narrative as an immigrant (I say this as a Hispanic who is outraged by the treatment of the families at the border). I know I'm being judgemental but I thought he was a bit of a phony about it. I guess the style of the dress could be related but it was IMO not well done . I did not like Victoria 's. I thought it should just be safe. I couldn't believe that the judges were gaga over it.
  10. Lusinia, I totally agree with what you just said! She does it a lot! the other day I timed how long it takes her to ask a question - anywhere from 40 seconds to two minutes! I think I'll check again in case I timed her incorrectly. She usually prefaced her question with things the guest has done/appeared in/has stated in the past/family or friends connection plus interspersed with her opinion/experiences/father. The program was interrupted by impeachment update so I did not see the whole show.
  11. I was kind of bummed that Whoopie apologized. It just seemed that to me that why should she when she was just trying to get the discussion some cohesion (I don't know if that's the right word) compared to M&M calling Joy a birch (which to me was worse), MM was not forced to apologize. I do not understand MM's animosity towards the Republicans who wrote the opportunity ed piece and the ones who worked on the movie. I realize that they did participate in the movie about John McCain's campaign but I thought he came across in a positive way. And again this - "my deceased father"
  12. All this talk of lasagna has made me hungry! There is an Italian deli around the corner from my house, I order it from them 🙂 It is yummy!! As well as their pasta salad.
  13. MM has said "the cast has died" before. At least this time she seems to acknowledge that she doesn't seem to know this quote/saying. I'm a second language learner and I know the correct quote. Also agree with what someone said upthread, MM's voice is so screechy! I sometimes have to mute her. There have been times when she has said something I agree with but her voice just irritates me so much that I can't focus on her actual words. I don't know why they don't seem to care for Pete Buttigieg. He is a vet, part of a minority group, seems thoughtful and measured when he speaks, and appears to really care for our country and Constitution. At the very least, be respectful of him. (I am not really a supporter of him, although I do like him 🙂 ). Did I miss them talking about the inquiry?
  14. I just saw the "cover" - it's funny!! I think it was made by "Good Liars". They made faux covers and put them on some of DTJ's books in a book store 🙂 Oh, sorry - I don't know how to link it neither 😞
  15. I don't understand how MM can say grief is taboo. It is true that some people might not know how to react/support a friend when he/she/they suffer a loss but I don't think that's taboo. I think that is just discomfort. And for her to say there are no resources - Uh, I don't think she's right. When my mother died last year we were offered grief support for a year (without cost) from her hospice care plus our church also offered grief support. Same thing when my father died this year. We, as a family, also had "the ear" of friends and other family to talk, share, laugh, and cry about them. It seems to me as you said, Coffeewinewater, MM is wallowing in grief.
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