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  1. Wow! I am still processing the whole announcement by MM. I actually tuned in about 10 minutes after the show began. It seemed as if MM had already been talking for a while. When she said something about a newborn, I thought, "She's pregnant again?" After a bit I realized that she was talking about her daughter! Isn't she like 9/10 months old? I don't think that is considered newborn or am I wrong? Her speech was gracious. The other hosts graciously said (lied) how she is not a snowflake (I'm surprised Joy's nose did not grow), an asset to the show, etc. And I don't care w
  2. Regarding President Biden's "stance" on abortion/MM's sudden preaching against abortion - When did MM become an expert on spiritual matters specifically the Catholic faith? I was offended by her words. We are not a country founded in religious tenets but on the rights of its citizen and includes separation of Church and State. President Biden cannot (and should not) force his own personal religious beliefs on the country (although it seems that some Republicans think they can, apparently MM included) What President Biden believes personally and actually practices (eg. if HE got pr
  3. I've found MM annoying these past three or four years for so many reasons - many have been "talked" about on this thread. But one thing was about how she seems to look to the side when the panel is talking/discussing. I never really saw it and I would think to myself, "Wow, it's not enough to be annoyed with her for what she does but also really picking on a small physical tick." So I want to apologize to those of you who have noticed it. I truly never did until today~ She really does consistently seem to look towards the side then react with a (imo) a fake smile or laugh. It's as if she
  4. Oh my goodness! I cannot agree with you more!! I just want to see my niece's new baby - She was born last June and I've only had glimpses of her. And I miss her big (four year old) sister's hugs and voice too. I just want to be able to play with them. I too have over indulged in Amazon packages. 🙂 It seems as though for MM the most important thing about receiving the vaccine is getting drunk? REALLY?! I really enjoyed Gov. Newsome's answers to the questions - specifically about the recall. He responded so well to that one - from what he said (and in line with what I have
  5. I found it kind of interesting that MM focused on only one word "Neanderthal" and left out the second word "thinking". I wonder if Biden had said that the Republican governors who were discontinuing the requirement to wear a mask were using "magical thinking", would the Republicans then say that Biden thought they were "magical"? MM is so awful, I really try to follow her thinking but it is so convoluted and disjointed that the majority of the time it doesn't make sense to me. I love how Ana brought up the issues that two Republicans have, but that the Republican (as a whole) are on
  6. I really enjoyed today's show. Everyone had a chance to speak and respond to each other. I have to say that Joy's comparing the Republicans to cannibalistic turtles - LOL.
  7. Re: today's show, I thought that Biden's press secretary, Jen Psaki, was pretty good. I liked how she said that they are providing medical help as well as education for the children who do not have family with them at this time. Apparently these children were sent across the border without any parents which is different than what the previous administration did (physically taking them form their parents). And MM saying "potato, potahto" - shut up. Side note: Is MM going to winter formal? Or just trying out hairstyles for prom?
  8. So I guess all the "soft maternal" attitude was used up on Monday? It sounds as if she is back to her "old" self. 😞 The show was pre-empted here due to Congress validating the electoral votes. How will MM react tomorrow regarding behavior of her "tribe" today?
  9. I have not commented in a while but I have to agree with many of you who have said the show is much better, lighter without MM being part of the panel. I know that some people have mused that without her the conversation would just be four women agreeing with each other. That was shown to be wrong when the panel talked about the term "defund the police". There was push back from Sunny to Sara, Whoppie, and Joy. Each one had their own take on it. I found it interesting and gave me food for thought (which I think is what a discussion should do). My family/friends have discussed the term
  10. I really felt for Ana. My brother got the virus this past summer and stayed with me for about five weeks as he battled the virus and recovered. He ended up staying in the hospital for a bit and results were he had pneumonia too. He had a fever for over 15 days and had low oxygen levels (that's how he ended up in the hospital, not the 105 temperature!). His case was considered mild 😯 It is infuriating after watching someone you care about go through this and there are people who still deny it! Sorry I went off on a small rant and off-topic. Back to today's show: It seems that t
  11. I think it's important for Biden to participate in the debates (he has continued to say he will, although the "other" guy keeps stating that Biden won't show up) so I disagree with Joy. Not just because it is what we, as a country, have a history of presidential debates but because it would play in the "guy in the white house" (TM Whoopie) narrative that Biden is afraid of him. Biden showed that "the guy in the white house" could not rattle him (which seemed to be *"tgitwh" plan A, maybe his only plan). I also think that Biden has seen the crazy and can deal with it better the next time ar
  12. *I didn't get to see all of the show today, I know it was probably taped yesterday because of the news conference topic (yesterday's conference was even more bizarre!) were based on what "the guy in the White House" (TM Whoopie) said on Wednesday. It's just difficult to watch MM trying to sound informed/aware/smart. *I had to have a phone appointment with my doctor. I am currently taking care of someone who tested positive. I wanted info from my doctor about possible testing, any new precautions, and progress of the disease in my person.
  13. I was soooo surprised that MM took a the topic under discussion and turned it into something else. The topic was contact tracing and how people were denying that they were at a party so that they wouldn't get in trouble. MM's contribution - people distrust the government and they are buying a lot of guns.
  14. My niece had her baby on Monday!!! Her whole family is doing well.. I just can't see the new baby for a while. Regarding today's show - Boy, Mm seemed even more angry than usual! She constantly tells "us" that something should not be partisan and then almost immediately makes it partisan. She seems to do this a lot. I found the mayor articulate, concise and pretty likeable.
  15. As time goes on I just keep finding what MM says odd. I can't think of another word at the moment. Saying things like "You make me defend him" (referring to Trump). As someone upthread said, "NO, you are choosing to defend him." It's not her job to defend him, she doesn't work for him (hmm, or does she? My own conspiracy theory!) She talks about going out to physically buy a crib - please! My niece was pregnant before the virus started, lost her job (don't blame employers;, they wanted to do something different that she was not qualified for), has a toddler and a pre-teen. She and
  16. I hear MM saying how difficult this terrible time has been for her as if no one else is finding it hard to do so. Yet - she still has a job, she can work from home and she has family money if she needs it. She even has the wherewithal to leave where she is and go back to her family home! She has more options than the majority of the population. She is around the same age as one of my nieces. Right before everything began, my niece moved from one state, crossed over three states to begin a new job where she did not know a single person. Two weeks into her new job (which was her "dream" job
  17. On a totally shallow note about today's show: I was looking at MM as she spoke. I got distracted by her eyes - she looked cross-eyed as she was speaking. It distracted me so much I didn't listen to what she said.
  18. I thought the same thing! I really wanted to hear what she was saying, giving some interesting facts but her voice reminded me of the voice of one of my professors in college.
  19. The one thing that struck me (besides "vote of confidence" - hee, hee) was when MM said, "A parody of Brad Pitt.." What?? No one did a parody of Brad Pitt. Does she not know what a parody is? HE did an impression of Dr. Fauci. If you have not seen it, I found it funny 😄
  20. The Disney building is truly beautiful to me - with its lines and curves. There are stairs on the outside so you can walk to the top and enjoy a really nice view of the city. Regarding "native" dishes - people sometimes have trouble eating menudo, pozole, and cows' brains; I think all three are an acquired taste (as well as tamales for some people). To be honest the cow's brains kind of freak me out - but I still enjoyed when my mom and aunts would cook them.
  21. I love Ana! And she looks so cute in her turban 🙂
  22. This is exactly what I was thinking when MM said the protesters are showing their support for their second amendment right, I thought that the protesters were protesting staying home/shelter at home - why the need to brandish a gun much less a AK47? These same people would be panicking and yelling for the government to do something if a group of people of color did the same thing.
  23. It's funny because I've thought the very same thing! Especially today. She looked very nice! I've always liked Sarah and now more than ever, she does not seem to be putting up with MM's nonsense but in a nice and courteous fashion. That seemed pretty clear today - well, to me. 🙂 The show has been "interrupted" here almost every day. Last week was the first time the program was on from start to finish Probably not so many interruptions because "the guy in the White House" (TM Whoopie) is having his "updates" later on in the day. Maybe to get better ratings than "The Bachelor"?
  24. I liked Dayoung (sp?) but thought it was safe. I liked what Nancy, Marquise (?), and Brittany, as well as what Chesley did. I thought any of those three could/should be at the top. I'm sorry I really did not like Sergio 's. It did not seem to relate to the challenge. He took a current event and fit it to his narrative as an immigrant (I say this as a Hispanic who is outraged by the treatment of the families at the border). I know I'm being judgemental but I thought he was a bit of a phony about it. I guess the style of the dress could be related but it was IMO not well done .
  25. Lusinia, I totally agree with what you just said! She does it a lot! the other day I timed how long it takes her to ask a question - anywhere from 40 seconds to two minutes! I think I'll check again in case I timed her incorrectly. She usually prefaced her question with things the guest has done/appeared in/has stated in the past/family or friends connection plus interspersed with her opinion/experiences/father. The program was interrupted by impeachment update so I did not see the whole show.
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