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  1. I agree. I was also thinking because her hubby strongly suggests she should. And if Whoopi lays into MeAgain, I bet she’s the one who has to apologize. I wish someone could ask MeAgain to quote (without referencing) her favorite verse in the Bible. Because for her to be such an authority on who is more faithful, I’m willing to bet she’s barely read it. Has she studied it? Interpreted and debated the meanings behind the stories? No, because she doesn’t strike me as a person who possesses an iota of intellectual curiosity.
  2. Can she not go back to Fox News or go somewhere with her “tribe”? At this point, it feels like she’s picking fights just to see how far she can go. Having Ana on earlier this week was such a breath of fresh air. The women didn’t always agree, but everyone was able to get their point across. Plus, Ana doesn’t pout when someone objects to something she says.
  3. Meghan sounds like my teenaged self when I’d argue with my mom. Except…I’m 37 and grew out of that 20 years ago. Catch up, MeAgain! Ugh, and Whoopi had to apologize while Meghan mutters her apology. There’s no justice in the world…
  4. And WTF was that even. Is it just me or is she becoming even more (I know it’s hard to believe) nonsensical?
  5. Sarah is out today but MeAgain is there? Shouldn’t it be the other way around? Ugh.
  6. There is no joy (no pun intended) left in this show anymore. The ladies are over MeAgain. The audience is over her. Can someone pull the plug on this train wreck?
  7. Re: White House snubbing - in reference to the “View” insider...Meghan, girl is that you?
  8. I see what you did there, Sunny! I wish I could have seen MeAgain’s face while Sunny was reminding princess why she was there in the first place.
  9. We would not be sending them our best.
  10. I hope Meghan wrote down Sanjay’s response so she doesn’t have to bring up “not understanding” and why the “goal posts” move all the time. I feel like I can recount at least 2 times someone on the show has said almost the same thing he said about why things aren’t back to normal yet. And Meghan, since you dislike Dr. Fauci so much, don’t worry about whether he eats indoors or takes his food home. And go, Sunny, go!!!
  11. And she’s not just vaxxed, she’s double vaxxed!
  12. Well, she came up with an ad campaign, but no one seems to be calling her back...
  13. But, but Dr. Fauci made her give her masks away at the beginning of this pandemic. He told her she didn’t need one and he’s been lying to her ever since... (that’s my sarcasm at her ridiculousness)
  14. She wants it both ways. She wants the current administration to fix it all, but if they do something – anything not within her specificity – it’s wrong. She honestly acts like I did when I was...12. My parents pulled me out of that real quick. I wonder if the previous tactic of ignoring Meghan’s word salad nonsense isn’t working and the ladies are deciding to fight back. I feel like in the past few weeks they’d just ignore what she spewed as to not feed into it, but she’s so ridiculous it’s hard not to counter. Loved Sunny’s rebuttal and hope she does more of it. And Whoopi’s “frog’s leg
  15. I’m sure Tamir Rice would agree. But alas... I think I’m out. I’ve zoned out Bill’s cranky old man rants because I would look forward to seeing some of the guests, but it sounds like he’s going to keep heading right down this path...at least until his solar power shed is cleared. Will keep up with the forum to see if there are any interesting insights from guests, but won’t miss Bill.
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