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  1. Completely agree as well. At this point, if I were Candiace I would ignore Ashley altogether – and put Chris on code to do the same. Even if that chick says “hello” I’d just keep on going and she can say whatever she wants. No good comes out of them interacting with her. Ashley’s newfound mother (literally) Teresa image aside, she has one of the messiest histories as a housewife. The focus is now on her raising her babies, but a reel of her history on the show won’t look too flattering for her or her “husband”.
  2. Candiace is just too immature – plain and simple. She fights with her words, but as Chris said, she won’t let things go and ends up going below the belt. I’m a little older than her and I would never think to say “your mama” if I’m in an argument with someone. It’s not necessary and Mia’s mama wasn’t around to defend herself. I do wonder if Candiace being quick to use her mouth is a defense mechanism for things that have happened to her in the past. Maybe bullying or a point where she felt defenseless so she’s determined to cut people down before they cut her. It’s just speculation on my
  3. I wouldn’t talk about Mia’s mother and her struggles in Candiace’s shoes because that’s just really not nice. However, if Mia’s mom relapses because of Candiace calling her low budget, then there’s a bigger problem at hand, I’d imagine. And Mia’s husband is like those nasty old men in the club with a few dollars and thinks someone wants them. They are wrong.
  4. The notion that anyone “deserves” to get beat up for something they say is beyond to me. It’s okay to not have enough self control to keep your hands to yourself? As an adult? And to your point, then Gizelle, Ashley and Karen would’ve “deserved” a beat down seasons ago. All of the ladies have made comments about one another that were over the line.
  5. Joy and Sara are handling it well, though. What a curveball.
  6. I’m just happy Candiace got her music video, chile…
  7. Only Meghan would be over the moon over a shoutout from Paul F-ing Ryan…
  8. Am I wrong or did MyFather not personally ask Whoopi to hire Meghan as a favor to him? If so, what do we call that? I don’t care about Chris Cuomo one way or the other, but I think he does have credentials after decided he didn’t want to be a lawyer and going into journalism instead. Did his family connections help? I’m sure they did, but I don’t think he was totally incompetent either. Meghan on the other hand…
  9. What’s that word you love to use, MeAgain? Triggered?
  10. Well yes, MeAgain, I don’t know a single soul who wants to wear a mask, princess. And no one lied to her and Dr. Fauci didn’t make her give up her masks. But as we can see, it’s always on someone else.
  11. I’m glad Whoopi pushed back on that a bit. I know the ladies on the show are as exhausted with her as we are and probably trying to just ignore Meghan until she finally goes away. The awful part is that Meghan is (and has been) getting away with these blatant lies for so long on this show. Hopefully there’s nowhere to go but DOWN for her…
  12. I thought about this a little (not too much, don’t worry) and I wonder if Christina Hendricks being EP also affected the plot lines. Her character was made of Teflon until the very end and made out to be some criminal genius even though she wasn’t very smart. It’s conjecture in my part – but I wonder if having this feeling like her character was this “bad ass boss bitch” caused the storyline to falter. I mean if you compare Beth to the Tony Soprano or Walter White anti-hero trope, many people stayed with them in their journeys because there were consequences for their actions and you saw
  13. I came here because I was confused so I guess I’m in the same boat. Why did Annie have to go away to prison? Where were Annie’s prints on the gun from? Best thing I can say is that I hope Ruby and Stan left. No way did Beth deserve that ending. She didn’t deserve to remain standing after everything. And no way was she smart or cunning enough to be a boss.
  14. As always, she looked silly trying to whip up her faux outrage. Whoopi’s face before they went to break said it all.
  15. Pin it on minorities instead of focusing on the low vaccination rates in the red states. Hence her little dog whistle that the people in the Bronx “must watch Tucker Carlson”. Can’t wait until she fades into obscurity with her obnoxious drivel.
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