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  1. Sharper2002

    S11.E16: Bye Wig, Hello Drama

    Honestly, with friends like Nene (if you want to call her one), you have to hold them at arm's length. Keep it casual and general and keep on moving. Otherwise, you will always get sucked into her drama and any perceived slight and you're on the shit list. Marlo had it right the first time when she was like, "I see you're good now, so I'm going to go home." If Nene wanted to chat through the issues after that, then talk a few days after. After watching WWH, I feel like Andy is also fed up with her shenanigans as well. I don't know if he has any power to influence whether she remains on the show or not, but she might want to dial it back about 100 notches.
  2. Sharper2002

    The Annual Grammy Awards Topic

    Agreed. I think they had to do that to make up for the um...lack of talent otherwise.
  3. Sharper2002

    Love & Hip Hop: New York

    I don’t think I can stick around to watch Juelz whistle through those fake chompers much longer. Life comes at you fast...
  4. Sharper2002


    I just finished watching the season so I could collect all of my thoughts. Just some general observations: Watching the corruption of the police and government officials was just appalling. I'd always heard about the corrupt police and officials and how rampant it is in Mexico, but it makes a difference when you see it within the context of the story and how so many were affected. Even Calderoni, who was ready to hunt Felix down and turned down his money, let's Felix go when he realizes the torture tapes could implicate his bosses and put him in danger. You just can't win within that system. I thought Michael Pena was fine as Kiki although it seemed like he only switched within the two modes of either being pissed or brooding. I guess it makes sense for the circumstances he was in, but he wasn't super compelling. I remember whispering "No" when he called out to Felix on the street and said he wanted him to know his name. Knowing the level of support they had (zero) with the higher-ups, that was just a bad idea. And I felt awful for his poor neighbor who was killed for setting up the wiretap. The poor man was a civilian trying to help his neighbor and this is out he goes out. I started getting annoyed with all of Rafa's scenes towards the end. From "kidnapping" Sofia to viciously killing the American tourists, he was a huge liability. His arc was interested in seeing him going from being poor and just caring about his plants to going full-on Scarface. He had more money than he knew what to do with it and cocaine is a hell of a drug, so it shouldn't be surprising that he ended up acting that way. Throw in the poor impulse control and he's one step away from bringing down the whole operation. Don Neto was the type to mind his own business and keep his head down, provide advice when needed and understood the game. When Felix sold him out, he accepted it and was basically like "we had a good run". Diego Luna was giving a whole look as Felix. His arc was interesting to watch starting out as a negotiator to become all-out ruthless. I had to laugh in the final episode when the heads of the plazas were meeting behind his back and he showed up with his military backing and bossed up out of the helicopter. He was like, "Not on my watch!" However, like so many who can't be satisfied with the status quo, he always wanted to move to the next best thing. His business became his obsession and he was willing to protect that at all costs. Finally, it was cool to see the Cali cartel and Pablo again! That was a very cool tie-in to the Colombian series. Hopefully, there will be a season 2 to deal with the aftermath of Kiki's murder.
  5. Sharper2002

    S04.E10: Winner

    So Werner really thought he could go on vacation and come back? He really had no idea who he was dealing with. It would have been SO easy to finish the job and go home. Its actually probably better Mike killed Werner. With the way Gus looked, I think Mike was quite merciful in comparison. Poor cashier at the currency exchange. He gives Mike a pass and is ultimately killed by Lalo’s nosy ass. Also, I know Mike said that Lalo wasn’t told a lot when he talked to Werner, but I think Gus knows better. Assuming this is the beginning of the end of Kim and Jimmy. He rolled right over her with him scam and he’s a monster that can’t be contained now. Yay to seeing Ernesto again! But no Nacho. :(
  6. Sharper2002

    S01.E09 Pre-Nuptial

    In a family of egotistical and insipid people, I just want Tom to get hit by a car. Preferably one that Greg is driving.
  7. Sharper2002

    S02.E11: Crabs in a Barrel

    LOL. She did say her mom. That was my bad, damn autocorrect. :)
  8. Sharper2002

    S02.E11: Crabs in a Barrel

    Those guys moved so fast. From Earn switching the gun to CC’s bag and then CC switching to his manager’s bag and the gun being discovered. I hope Earn can flourish on this tour and really own his role now. With Van potentially moving back home with her man and essentially saying she’s really moving on with life and Paperboi giving him another shot, he needs to take it. Especially if he wants to do better for Lottie. LOL at them leaving Tracey. I guess he’ll have to find somewhere else to stay now. Other things to unpack, but I’ll have to come back to it later.
  9. Sharper2002

    S08.E18: The Ties that Bind

    No lie. I was walking past the TV when I saw Addie eating the margarine and I seriously stopped and said, “what the fuck?” to my TV. Jesus, Leah.
  10. Sharper2002

    S08.E11: Swiping and Griping

    God. Jennelle is such a waste of human space. She is just pathetic and I'm waiting for the day UBT leaves her high and dry with another lost child on her hands. Bitch, your mom took your child when you said you couldn't (wouldn't) take care of him and essentially partying and getting high was a higher priority. Barb isn't perfect, but she cares for Jace and he'd be lost in the system if it wasn't for her. That's something Janelle and UBT conveniently forget. Everytime I see her on TV, I have to resist the urge to tweet "LOSER" @ her. No words for the other girls. Same stuff, different episode.
  11. Sharper2002

    S02.E06: Line Of Our Elders

    So this really brought something home for me on a personal level, too. I have a cousin that is a lot like RA: the only boy in our generation, aimless, been to jail a few times, doesn't have a steady job and he just does whatever he wants to do, there for his kid, but not necessarily dependable. His mother and father worked themselves to the bone to provide for him and he grew up in a very loving and respectful family. The older women in my family (aunts, my mom) are very much like Aunt Vi: they coddle him, tell the rest girls to lay off of him and tell him that he's fine. Tell us that he's a victim (of something) and he can do whatever, blah blah blah. I've been accused of being jealous, spiteful or putting him down whenever he...does what he does. Now? I'm just quiet and I shake my head from a distance. LOL. That said, I think back to aunt Vi and the women in my family and realize that there are quite a few families that value and treasure the son, who is in line to carry on the namesake and the pride of the family. If he messes up along the way? That's just in his nature, but we carry him along anyway. For the women, it's a bit different. We don't get those types of chances and sometimes -- we don't get that type of support. Anyway, seeing this family dynamic on TV just makes my blood boil, but I'm definitely familiar with it. I'll be damned if I ever raise my son like that (if I have one).
  12. Sharper2002

    S03.E10: Lantern

    Ha! Seriously! And that's a shame, but it shows what an unlikeable bastard Hector is.
  13. Sharper2002

    S03.E10: Lantern

    So surprised Jimmy came through for Irene and actually felt bad enough to let go of the Sandpiper case. I guess this will place him on the path to representing criminals and becoming full on Saul. Wish I could say that I felt more about Chuck...but I didn't. I thought his breakdown sequence was way too long. I get it. He was relapsing. I'm weirdly happy that Nacho made it through the finale and his plan worked! Him trying to shoot and kill Hector would have been a bad idea. And LOL at Gus trying to keep Hector alive. You really have to want to exact revenge on someone bad to try and keep them around that bad. Especially if they're a scumbag like Hector. And go Howard for getting Chuck the hell outta there. He did what he had to do in order to give Chuck the boot and not play in to these games. Plus, he didn't have to go down to Jimmy's level to do it. I thought Howard was a douche at first, but you really got to see more layers of him.
  14. Sharper2002

    S03.E09: Fall

    I thought so, too. I was just hoping that she would elaborate. Heck, someone would FINALLY elaborate. :)
  15. Sharper2002

    S03.E09: Fall

    Well, Jimmy the con man is definitely back in full effect and he has no shame. Turning the old ladies against one another? I actually gave a little mini-cheer to Howard when he pointed out how pathetic Jimmy is. He saw right through him. Chuck...I wish he'd go away, but I know that won't happen anytime soon. Poor Nacho. You could hear him internally saying "oh shit" when Hector seemingly recovered from his spell. He didn't care what happened to him, but he wanted to make sure his father didn't suffer anymore than he'd have to due to his actions. Lydia has been tolerable and not her hyper, annoying self that she was on Breaking Bad. When she told Mike that he obviously didn't know Gus if all he thought he was a drug dealer, I was waiting for her to say more. Then...what else is he? Speaking of Gus, I wish we'd get a bit more time with him, but I know that it's difficult with all of these other stories going on. Plus, his story really only intertwines with Mike and partly Nacho/Hector's. Still, it would be nice to flesh out a bit more backstory of his character before the season ends. Hector still sucks as a person. I do feel bad for Kim, but I still have no idea why she took on another client when Mesa Verda was more than enough work for her. Extra kudos? Still feeling guilt over Jimmy's transgression? To prove to herself that she has the juice? She can take it from me: burnout is real.