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  1. What do you mean? she can't absorb foods because of her multiple terminal diseases!
  2. Let me clarify, since I didn't spell it out in my post. In my view, this entire cast is garbage and one crew being trashier on a particular day doesn't make another group any more sympathetic to me. Point blank and the period. I won't pen a sociological manifesto on how deliberate offensive speech against transgender people (Transgenderism?? really?) and Cody's willingness to rely on his voluntary, chosen military status to defend his hate speech makes him trash, because it's obvious. This was not a flash of offensiveness. His words were a hateful, deliberate choice. He perpetuated ideology that every day leads to marginalization and violence against transgender individuals, and he wanted to rely on a privilege to protect his abusive words. I don't really give a fuck who tries to abuse his protected ass. I'm not going to jump on his side just because Paul and co are being assholes. (and assholes, they are.)
  3. I really cannot stand Paul and despise how stupid the rest of this group are for following him...I think they beat the BB16 crew of followers. At least Caleb's lies were laughable and we had actual eye candy to check out, plus the Zankie angst. That being said, I cannot root for trashbox Cody and Baldica. They were trash and hateful from the start and them getting rudeness back doesn't bother me in the least. Cody has deliberately and willfully trashed trans people, and relied on his military service to keep him from getting called on it, Jessica has been very anti woman, especially toward Alex (lowkey racist "PaoPao" naming, "It makes me happy to see her getting fat/her gut"/etc) so they dont get a single bit of my sympathy. I haven't forgotten Numbnut cowboy's "faggot" bomb and reported "n-word" dropping either. Raven is a lying user, and Josh is an abusive mess. This entire cast is garbage and one crew being trashier on a particular day doesn't make another group any more sympathetic.
  4. So blessed that I don't have to see Max Fuxx's teeth and Chihuahua Brandi this season. Thank you, Mona. Chanel West Coast is mostly a sidekick on Rob Dyrdek's MTV shows (Fantasy Factory, Ridiculousness) that are shown in endless reruns (thus residual checks). She was also signed to Young Money for a minute. Not much real personality, no charisma to really pop off. No one in the grand scheme of entertainment, but has probably had more mainstream tv/media time than all of the extras on this show. I would also say she ranks higher than (in relation to the opening credits girls past and present) Lyrica, Hazel, Moniece, Nia, Brandi when it comes to having worked on her own and not having her credits attributed to whatever has been she fucked.
  5. These are a bunch of idiots. Ryan is primarily at fault here. I'm sure he started out 'everyone has a voice, we are all family, WE are 9MAG' but then when VH1 licensing and cash showed up, now he's the boss. Ryan wasn't the only one running/creating 9MAG. If that were the case, he wouldn't have needed/included a staff to whom he gave basically equal status. My analysis doesn't include Charmaine/Danielle, but people like Kat (who is equally, if not more talented) and Phor/Van (even Don) who are more personable and probably bring more foot traffic into the shop on a regular. Ryan is too stuck on himself to cultivate a steady client base, and before this show he was not dragging all the celebs he wants us to think he was. Ryan is a straight bitch ass IMO. He feels like he can holler at, cuss, and talk to people any kind of way, but then get offended if he is treated reciprocally. I also think Rachel came back to a steady paycheck and is now in his ear trying to run shit and be another Dusty Dutchess. Notice after she had her outside baby by who she thought would be a big star (Jeremih), she was out the door for the bright lights of LA. Now all of a sudden, he ain't popping, she is back in Chicago to pick up those VH1 checks and be 'in love' with Ryan's punk ass again. Phor is the pussiest of all pussies. He will never pop off musically, and he knows this, so he will never condemn wrong as long as he is getting his TV paycheck. We've seen that in prior seasons, and it's back now. JR is a nobody, as is the new receptionist. Ryan is going to torpedo his show because of ego. At least Cease let the Puma/Sky/O'Shit/Donna mess play out for years and got his money that way while stacking for other locations. Ryan (and the little voice beside him, Rachel) is smelling himself too fast and is letting go of the personalities that make his show a show. In the words of NeNe, he's playing for the wrong team. Once he fires all the personalites, he's left with nothing, while Cease's non-tattooing ass has opened up other branches/tv franchises. Phor, JR, and Dumbass Ashley/Don drama aren't enough to keep me tuning in. Speaking of Mr. and Mrs. Dumbass...could Trashley have made it any more clear that she only married Don for the title/'prestige' of being married? Now she wants to quit her job and be a stay at home mom to a kid who's about to go to kindergarten? Bitch, the raggedy piece of man you got (who you are probably still sharing) has ZERO skills, ZERO education, a short lived position on a fourth tier tv show, and is the unskilled "assistant" to his brother who barely works part time. In what world do you see him supporting you in some grand Mommy lifestyle? You basically saying you ain't gonna work and it's up to Phor to support you all. And Phor is a big enough bitch to do it. Ashley, bye. I need Don's other baby momma to have at least finished her degree and be leading the little girl in a better direction cuz her daddy's side aint shit. Glad Kat is out, I wonder if she will be getting a spinoff or opening/working in a legit shop out West. She, like Ryan, is talented, and I hope at least one of them escapes the stupidity trap and prospers.
  6. it's real, they hate each other and plenty of folks from their season have chosen 'sides' in the mess.
  7. I get that point, but their situation was also so trainwreck trashy, I could see them being chosen for TM even with keeping Carly. Stepsiblings having a kid while their junkie parents duke it out and go back and forth to jail? No brainer storyline.
  8. Based on his parents' attitudes and how they excuse everything away, I think Sean would've been a dick whether or not he had DS. That's why I don't have a problem assessing his behavior as douchey. Developmental delays or not, the people on this show have displayed the ability to grow and mature (Rachel with the food stealing, Elena's histrionics) or at least be told how they're reacting isn't appropriate (Cristina's selfishness in her relationship/possessiveness) and understand what is being said. Sean's parents don't bother to tell him and if anyone does say anything to him about his behavior, he has very little inclination to accept critique. Sometimes we just gotta know that people are people, and certain "flaws" would be there regardless of extenuating circumstances.
  9. LOL so this person who just popped up now is to be believed. Sounds like someone the professional manipulator Kardashians may have paid. Yeah, she's a trashy stripper, and no one with whom I'd be associated...but his story is a little too convenient. Why not come out when she was making the big bucks? He was too moral for that and waited until someone else was trashing her? Boy bye. She pimped Pimpmomma. I got no problem with that.
  10. Tami is only siding with Crazy Jackie now to cement the next season. Trust and believe if someone talked shit about Tami's kids, she'd be all about an ass whoopin'. They gotta keep these checks coming, especially now that they've iced out Brandi/Malaysia (cuz they didn't personally like them). There's no one to beef with but each other. They're gonna have to bring in other bb hoes for the check. I'd love to see Draya or Royce back. They never had any issue beefing with the old head girls. Tami is "friends" with Shaunie, that's it. She is working to keep her check coming in because Reggie sure aint bout shit and these kids aint bringing in no money. Kenny Anderson's payments are long done, and this girl gotta stay earning. As a viewer, I sure would love to see Tami or Evelyn pop Jackie in her fool ass forehead but I know it won't happen. Sadly, we are going to have to bring back a Brandi/Malaysia or some equally ratchet duo who needs airtime and a check. Where are the Govan sisters?
  11. Rob is 100% trash. We can blame Kris for working harder for the girls, we can blame his undiagnosed mental illnesses, but all in all, he is trash. He is a grown man now. He can choose therapy, he can choose meds, he can choose work. No matter what one thinks of Chyna, that doesn't give him the right to post revenge porn, it makes him a shitty man/father to trash his daughter's mother online in multiple venues. He's done it to his sisters, his mother, the mother of his child. There is no excuse for this garbage bag. One can be manipulative with threats of self harm, and that doesn't exclude them from the potential of actually acting on those threats. So Rob can be saying shit to fuck with her and she KNOWS that, but she still doesn't know if or when he may actually act on them. Are we going to be still blaming Chyna or putting shit in quotation marks once he harms himself, Chyna, or Dream? Victim blaming has got to stop. This girl could be bent over on every corner giving her ass away but that doesn't give him the right to expose her body or manipulate with self harm or give the public the right to shit on her parenting. We haven't had these sorts of issues come up with her and Tyga's child. Rob is the factor in problematic parenting/adulting. on a hood note: Rob tried to play a pimps' game when he was woefully underprepared. He got lit up, gassed up, and cashed out. He wanted to fuck with his sisters but chose the wrong chick to do it with. He was a duck. That's what happens when you're a spoiled white boy trying to play hood life. Kylie got ducked the same way paying for all of Tyga's shit, she just had better self preservation sense than to put it out online.
  12. I think Elena is very high functioning and most of the issues we saw from her in the first two season are emotional, not necessarily cognitive. I think the therapy and meds have made a world of difference in her. I also think John is the next highest functioning (on a social/emotional level) which will make the transition to working/skills acquisition easier for them. They are a great duo/besties, IMO. I also think they seem to have been the least coddled based on the familial interactions we've seen. Elena because of her mother's shame about having a disabled child and John's family seems to talk to him as they would most typical siblings. They've had to function without the babying and (i realize there are different "levels" of DS) and it seems they are better off for it. Also ties into the following post: These two seem to have been "mascotted" the most. Sean's parents and their inappropriate reactions/support of his behaviors (lashing out/attitude towards women) have made him be the little prince who we all just have to understand is who he is. "Oh, Sean acts angry when he's confused," No, he's not acting angry, he IS angry and yall have supported this for 20+ years. He was also a "star" a bit on his own by "dating" (how real was that?) the actress who played Becky Jackson on "Glee." They ate that shit up and fed it to Sean. Megan has been the specialest snowflake of them all (in her/mom's mind) with her being a cheerleader (did she have to do the tumbles and maintain a gpa like the rest of the girls?), "dating" Brendan (constantly supervised), "owning" a business, being an inspirational speaker (of words Kris wrote, that she just memorizes and mumbles out) and now a TV star. Being included and lauded for things they didn't even accomplish seems to have done them no favors. It might have felt good in their youth, but now that they are young adults, they're stuck when things don't go their way.
  13. No, it's because he's ignorant trash with the vibe of a serial killer. for reference see 1) His Ferguson MO comments being flippant about the death and subsequent social upheaval of an innocent person and 2) his transphobic remarks. He is only an alpha male when people subscribe to his grunting, non communicative way of being. He won't be alpha much longer with his own alliance disliking the way he ignores them. HOH is only one week.
  14. I guess he saw Rich and Moniece doing the crossover for extra checks and decided to get in on the action. I'm just wondering what color furs Safaree will bring this season.
  15. sunsheyen

    Simon Says

    I won't even go through too much of this. Although Simon seems to be on "our" side, he's still a scumbag involved with this production for his financial benefit. He drags the other cast members just enough to keep his name relevant and to keep his spot on the show. He also tried to twitter indict the main EP on some borderline racist shit just for clickbait while never showing what he (his own self) has done to uplift POC. Fuck Simon. He's just another user.
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