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  1. Her calendar says "dinner with" the Petersons. Who puts "dinner with XX" when what you're doing is babysitting? Also, if you're so forgetful that "dinner with the Petersons" doesn't jog your memory, you need to be more specific anyway.
  2. Crayon colored hair is not at all unheard of where I live, but its popularity wouldn't stop my dad from commenting on it. He's kind of an asshole, though.
  3. In Bernie's defense, do we know he wasn't wearing a suit under that parka? Garth Brooks, though, sure he was on brand, but you can still wear your big ass belt buckle and cowboy hat with nicer pants. Even jeans that had the proper inseam would have been an improvement. Lady Gaga's enormous skirt and enormous brooch were on brand but entirely appropriate for the occasion, for example. He could have definitely been dressed more inappropriately (like Ed Sheeran in the article someone posted above), and he didn't look like a slob, but how far off does your attire have to be from the dress code, unwritten though it may be, before it's "okay" for people to find fault with it? What Garth Brooks wore at the inauguration was exactly what my dad considered formalwear when I was growing up, but when he was called upon to attend a formal event to accept a national award on behalf of an organization he was a part of, he went out and bought a suit. If my blue-collar, rural dad can buy a goddamn suit, then so can Garth Brooks. At the time, George Clooney said that he was the worst Batman. I don't agree. The movie was bad, but he wasn't the worst Batman (at the time). I thought he was still better than Val Kilmer. In related news, in addition to all of Kamala Harris's firsts, I'm excited to have in such a prominent position a woman who kept her own last name after getting married.
  4. I'd hate to projectile vomit, then. I break blood vessels in my face from normal vomiting.
  5. I'd never make it as a maid because I fucking hate cleaning.
  6. Did they accidentally buy the wrong ticket, or did they accidentally get on the wrong plane?
  7. About ten years ago, there was a rash of people putting poop on bathroom walls in the store I work at. I never saw it myself but I remember the first time it happened, this one associate discovered it, and then people one by one went in and came out laughing and telling everyone else they had to go in and see. I abstained. It stopped happening after the associate who discovered it the first time quit.
  8. Why the fuck is she on an exercise bike?
  9. Same with the HurryCane commercial. Some of the people pronounce it "hurricane" and others pronounce it "hurry cane."
  10. Wait, what? Either that lady was also not flushing, or the non-flusher in question (in which case, how many generations of this family aren't flushing, and what does the husband think about what he married into), or else she knows it isn't the maid's job.
  11. I just feel bad for whoever has to clean up after him.
  12. I wouldn't call him good looking, and I also wouldn't call him fat. I very much dislike his dancing, though.
  13. I don't know. I'm having trouble thinking of a situation where "wait" doesn't mean "stop, at least for a minute" (other than the "wait for the bus" sense, which no one would think was what was intended here). If you're leaving the room, if you're pouring someone a drink, if you're about to put something in the oven. Hell, you can say "catch!" then toss something to someone, then yell "wait" while it's in the air, and they'd hesitate or even jump out of the way. If you say "wait" in the car, the driver is likely to slam on the brakes or at least take their foot of the gas. If someone has already put something in the oven and you yell "wait," they'll think they need to take it out. I'm not wanting to join the debate over who was in the wrong here, but "wait" very clearly means "stop or pause what you're doing," to me.
  14. Haha no, but even if I did, it wouldn't have made me aware that the first kid existed! 😄
  15. Because all of the plots on the show are predicated on women not having equal rights.
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