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  1. I'm not sure I understand what you mean. Are you saying that just because someone is disrespectful doesn't mean they are disrespecting you? Or is it that you think "disrespect" shouldn't be a verb, and people should say "be disrespectful" instead?
  2. The only time I hear "nauseous" being used for "causing nausea" is when people are complaining about other people using it incorrectly. I feel like I read it in a book exactly one time and was like "Oh, wow, someone out there really does use 'nauseous' like that." I don't hear people use it like that in real life. Everyone I know uses "nauseating" to mean "causing nausea" and "nauseous" or "nauseated" to mean "experiencing nausea." I wonder if it's regional.
  3. I like her, too. I don't mind her voice, and I don't mind hearing about her being vegan. She can't avoid talking about it, since she has to describe her ingredients, and it's not like she's proselytizing or something. And I'm someone who can't go a meal without an animal product.
  4. They were referring to Maggie "forgetting" the flour, but she didn't forget. She even said that it seemed like it should have flour in it, but she checked off all the ingredients and it wasn't there. She didn't see it on the next page until Giuseppe showed her. Even though she was the only one who made this mistake, I still don't think it was very fair of them to have formatted the ingredient list like that. I thought he should have chopped them up. You'd still get the crunch but you would be able to cut through the cake easier. They would be distributed more evenly as well. What
  5. See this is exactly why it's nonsense to say some old dude "is a product of his time" when he gropes women for decades or says offensive shit. People have the capacity to change.
  6. Not so few that that Chigs being in his 30s would have been shocking to me. (Although I wouldn't have guessed he was that young.) He's got less gray hair than my sister did at 30 and about what my thirtysomething husband has.
  7. If I recall, the thing that bothered me most about Matt mentioning his sexual orientation was that it came off in an explaining-the-joke kind of way. If I had to pick a previous contestant to host, Lottie from last year (?) comes to mind. She seems like the right amount of witty for me.
  8. Neither my husband nor I want our corpses taking up space. He absolutely does not care what happens to his. So I decided for both of us that my body is going to the body farm, and his is being composted. He also doesn't want a funeral, but I've told him that there's going to be some sort of something and he'll be dead anyway, so he won't know the difference. Which is kind of ironic, because the whole reason he thinks funerals are ridiculous is because the person is dead anyway and won't know the difference, and I always tell him that the funerals are for the living.
  9. Glass Tiger - Someday Jennifer Holliday - Someday The Strokes - Someday
  10. Although I'd rather say "died," "passed away" doesn't really bother me. To me it's akin to saying "restroom" as opposed to "toilet" or something. (It's only truth, however, if you believe that someone has gone somewhere and hasn't simply stopped existing.) "Homegoing" though...I'd never heard this before, and it reminds me of how the My Pillow guy makes sure his cross is poking out of his collar.
  11. I have no idea about Ellen Pompeo's internal thought processes, but this is how her story comes off, and if she's married to a black man, you'd think she'd be sensitive to that. But I've also heard with my own ears people say racist things about people who are their partner's race, often of the "you know how X people are" variety, so that's a thing.
  12. That turn of phrase seems irresponsible to me. "Non-responsive" can mean (typically means?) unconscious and not responding to stimuli. If someone called and told me that my loved one was "non-responsive," I'd think they were telling me to get down there before they die, not that the person is already dead.
  13. I think people are losing their minds because Dolly said she liked it. I had to go look it up because people kept talking about it. I'm nit sure I've heard it otherwise.
  14. Well then my point still stands. He was asserting his authority and instead of clarifying the misunderstanding, she swears and postures and then tells a story about how she went off on the aggressive black interloper. But hey it was an amazing experience!
  15. That's what one person is saying. Others are awaiting an explanation because we don't see it, and if he is, we are also missing something.
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