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  1. I've never heard anything bad about Bill Murray other than what people have just said about him just now in this thread, but he seems annoying to me. Like, some of the "quirky" things you hear about him doing would be obnoxious if some rando did it. But it's Bill Murray so, you've just gotta chuckle!
  2. I always figured they were planning on waking the other person up.
  3. She says she "cannot take confrontation," but I have trouble squaring that with her saying awful things directly to someone. Is that not confrontational? I guess that means she doesn't like to receive confrontation (though who does?) not that she doesn't like to deliver confrontation. Got it, Chrissy!
  4. Probably the same people who dance around with their Swiffers and showerhead speakers. Also, I don't know what difference her size makes. Would the dancing be less annoying if she were bigger?
  5. Yeah, upon close inspection, the thong is pretty clear. I feel like if you have to get in close to see whether or not she's wearing a thong, you can't really see much. But also, I imagine a color choice was made so that the thong isn't obvious at first glance, but it's not skin-colored, so she/viewers can "prove" she's wearing something.
  6. I feel the same way. Plus, not only is the host annoying, but he's superfluous. The show is basically House Hunters with him instead of a voiceover narrator. They don't need him for anything, and the show doesn't even try to pretend he does any of the legwork. He goes and gets listings from other people and shows the buyers. The thing he does that I hate the most is when he uses his fingers to trace air circles over the different parts of the printouts the realtor gives him.
  7. I wouldn't know from experience, but I seriously doubt it for anything more than emergency backup. I can't imagine there's enough fabric there to absorb any significant amount of fluid. Otherwise they'd already be making full pads for thongs, not just pantiliners.
  8. Is the voiceover guy in this commercial the same person who does the AM/PM commercials?
  9. Ah, gotcha. I took the info I quoted to mean that the sex scenes were pages and pages long in THIS book.
  10. I don't know what goes on in the minds of people who think women are helpless, but wouldn't thinking someone didn't know what they were doing make you more likely to help them? It seems like a woman would be more likely to get unsolicited help than get ignored. Also the tool belt line seems like them trying to avoid implying it's because she's a woman, although they could be going for an "and you know what we mean by that <wink>." Either way you shouldn't have to flirt to get an employee's help, when their literal job is to help anyone who asks.
  11. I find the cold call Tide commercials mildly amusing. (Also, the first thing I saw Ice-T act in was Tank Girl. What were you watching?
  12. I missed one, which is fine, because I've only seen five of the shows, and of those, two of them are ones I've only seen one or two episodes of.
  13. Yeah, I think that's why I didn't even realize it was a joke at first.
  14. In your state is your landlord not required by law to inform you in advance that someone will be entering your home?
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