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  1. But Sam, he got to live his dream and paddle the boat!
  2. So Peacock passes on this show, but orders a Ted the teddy bear series? absolutely ridiculous. Fuck you, Peacock!
  3. According to THR, yes he's leaving.
  4. I think the phone was never sent.
  5. There was a payoff. During the credits they counted how many times the red folder showed up. 7
  6. Fuck you, show. You are not well written enough to use 9/11. Fuck you
  7. It sure seems like PFT is trying to give Edgar an eating disorder.
  8. That was the dullest penultimate episode I've ever seen.
  9. I laughed a lot and ended up being deeply moved.
  10. Why did Tara host game time?
  11. Emma Ishta just claimed on Twitter that she doesn't have an accent anymore.
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