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  1. Have to wonder if Jill's 'Yay, Derrick is graduating law school!' was really 'Yay, we can start trying for another baby bc Dreck said no more kids until he's done with law school and now he's done!'. Also, I can absolutely see Dreck under estimating the difficulty of the bar and just assuming he would pass. As far as how far along Jill was, IIRC she said she miscarried a couple of days after she tested positive. Knowing the Duggars, Jill probably tested early & often, meaning she was most likely barely 4 weeks pregnant, if that. Certainly, people are entitled to grieve however they ch
  2. See, this is where I'm torn. Most 'reality' shows are heavily scripted bs, however, in this case the twin's obvious body dysmorphia is very real. The numerous cosmetic procedures and surgeries they endure are real. Their distorted fun house-like mirror reflections are real (and sad). The arrested development and abandonment issues they both exhibit are real. I guess my question is how much of this shit show is fake and how much is real? And is it wrong to enjoy the madness?
  3. So the parents divorced when the twits were around 12yrs old? Interesting. (Forgive me if this fact was already known as I'm a little late to the Darcey shitshow & still catching up). We wondered why both Darcey & Stacey seem to have the mental maturity of a 13yr old girl, reaching for the stars, chasing their dreams & obsessed w/romance novel type worldwind romances. Mentally they're still in middle school. Actually, Darcey makes middle schoolers look mature by comparison.
  4. I hope JB is not relaxed at all. I hope he spends his nights tossing and turning, worrying about money, family secrets about to come out and the discovery of his financial shenanigans by the gov't. Why yes, I am a spiteful little bitch.
  5. I came here to post about the same show - a preview 1hr episode was shown last night after Dr. Pipple Popper on TLC. There was no tv quide listing for the show, it just showed up. It's basically a reboot of 1000lb Sisters minus the lousy attitude of Ms. Queen Tammy. It features two morbidly obese ladies who are childhood besties. They are like sisters and use humor to cover up their pain. Sound familiar? One wants more out of life and tries to convince the other to join her on a weight loss journey to qualify for surgery. It even features Dr. Proctor. And Tammy thought TLC coul
  6. And yet they didnt consider their own son molesting his sisters, repeatedly, a scandal at all. To quote JB & Mechelle, "It was no big deal". Go figure.
  7. Please let it be JB on an obstruction of justice or destruction of evidence charge. Pleaseeee (fingers crossed)...
  8. Other posters seem to be of the opinion that Smuggar will have no say regarding his case and whether it goes trial or not, that Blob & Benzo hold the power. I strongly disagree. Imho, the pervert holds all the power. He knows where all JB's proverbial bodies are buried, all of JB financial shenanigans and of all the messed up bullshit that has occurred in the family since day 1. If Smug truly feels his life is inescapable shit then he has nothing to lose and a person with nothing to lose is very dangerous. If I was JB I'd be very nervous right about now. Actually, if Smug sings h
  9. I've been reading how Tammy is supposedly going all scorched earth, badmouthing her fans & tlc. While trashing your fans may not be a good idea, badmouthing your employer never is a good idea. Tammy claims tlc can't fire her although I don't know why she thinks that. If she has a contract it probably contains some provision for bad behavior of the subject. If she thinks it's bc she's a 'star', no one is irreplaceable. If it's bc her siblings have promised solidarity in not filming without her, well if tlc has shown us one thing it's that there's no shortage of dysfunctional fatty fam
  10. Exactly. There really was no mystery, just tlc once again manipulating the storyline to suit their narrative. I wonder if the "..part of me died.." bit was actually shot out of order and was when Jerry left Tammy to return to his wife. That context would actually make sense. Dude claims he felt guilty and returned to his wife out of obligation but I think he saw the writing on the wall. Tammy was one step away from being bed bound and he was 1st in line for bed pan duty (no pun intended lol)
  11. And this would surprise....exactly no one lol. In fact I believe it was RealReality who predicted a code grey (combative patient). The question remains, is Tammy 'putting out' for the security guard to look the other way when food is snuck in for her? Again, it wouldn't surprise me.
  12. To clarify my earlier comment that Tammy doesn't want to change, what I meant is I don't feel she's hit rock bottom yet or come to that 'a-ha' moment where she is willing to take a leap of faith and do anything and everything to save her life. To be honest, she may never reach that moment and it's terribly sad. Btw, I agree that a food addiction can be every bit as vicious as a heroin or alcohol addiction. In fact possibly more so because you still have to eat every day.
  13. Tammy does not want to change. Period. She may say she does but really she doesnt. Imho Tammy is stuck as a perpetual 11yr old (around the age the grandmother died) who wants what she wants but doesn't want any consequences for her actions. There's always something to blame - her crappy childhood, the mother, the grandma, Amy & Michael, Chris, Covid, etc etc. As frustrating as it is, no one can make Tammy lose weight if she's not willing to put in the work or sacrifice in any way.
  14. Gage looks terrified of getting eaten by the big red blob. I'm sorry but I recall a stock pic of an extremely obese person holding a newborn with a thought bubble above the newborn's head saying "Please don't eat me!" Unfortunately that was my first thought when I saw Tammy's pic w/Gage
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