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  1. I THINK Sarah may have been confusing Jonathan Taylor Thomas with Jonathan Brandis, a teen heartthrob from the same time who died in 2003 or it's possible she could have confused him with Brad Renfro (who was in Tom & Huck with JTT) who died in 2008.
  2. Quick question: I thought this was the third game time, with it being VG-1 TA-2 and SDB-0? Did I imagine that?
  3. Since 1997! I looked it up because I was wondering if he'd ever been off TV at all since was on Buffy, and nope. Angel ended in 2004 and Bones started up in 2005. He's been on TV a full 20 years. Good on him, though.
  4. Hi, I just watched all of this and it was wonderful. Everything I dislike in regards to traditional sitcoms paled in comparison to the writing and acting. Yeah, there was some cheesy stuff but it was really touching. I definitely found myself crying a few times during the show. Especially at the end. Also, I want to take a moment to shout the credits and theme song. I am actually Cuban-American (who also went to Catholic school!), and Gloria Estefan's update is pitch perfect as are the actual credits. It honestly felt a lot like looking through the old photos of my parents from when they
  5. When I was in film school, I was taught in Doc that you should always have a specific POV and story that you're telling. Honestly, if that did the whole family thing and then the auditing and then the belief system, it might muddy things up. You really only need to focus on the effect it has on families. That's more than enough. Everything else serves that specific story.
  6. In fairness, this is just a thing MSW does. I only say this because I just watched the entirety of the the show on Netflix and I'm probably gonna do it again because this year has been....trying, to say the least.
  7. Can we rank the interns? I'm not going to include Zach in this, because I feel like he's in a seperate field, since he had three whole season and the rest of the squints had less than I'd say...30-15 episodes each? I'm gonna go worst to best: WELLS IS THE WORST. Like 1000% percent. He's obnoxious and I cannot stand him. I'm most likely to skip an episode he's in. He's just insufferble and there are no redeeming qualities to him. Vaziri is only a step below Wells, to be honest. His bs with Cam is honestly so annoying and his nonchemistry with her makes me crazy. Fuentes is next w
  8. Same. I have to catch up on the first season on Hulu, but I definitely enjoyed it. It's really just a fun ride.
  9. I knew it from all the hints and stuff and I couldn't be more excited about this news! Yay Joe Reid!
  10. On the real, if the racists won't go see Star Wars...somehow I doubt that it's really going to affect how much money the movie makes at all and hey, there won't be racists jerks in the theater so I think we all win! I'm not super into the franchise in general but I think all the wah-wah complaining by racists make me want to see it, so...
  11. It's the wardrobe people basically pulling out all the stops because let's be real: the Halloween episodes are the only time that they get to have any fun on most shows. If you're a high school show you have prom, and you maybe get a wedding or two but yeah, wardrobe's gotta have their fun somehow, you know?
  12. I mean, I think she gets enough time off in between albums, because she literally just kind of goes into her hole when working on albums, so I'm pretty sure she'll be hiding away more once the Grammys are done with. Oh, was it? I've only become a bigger Taylor fan since "Red" (I mean, I like her older stuff but it didn't click with me until Red) so I didn't even realize this was a thing. This gives me hope! I know she does it live so that does lend itself to the possibility.
  13. Taylor Swift follows a very specific album release schedule, so she won'e release anything until October of 2016, I'm sure. Her schedule is basically: release an album in October of year 1, so that it's too late to count for Grammys, go om tour at the beginning of the year and then get nominated for a bunch of Grammys in year 2 , take a break to do an album and then start it all over the next year so that's she's never really out of the public eye. It's actually kind of brilliant. Also, I'm so mad "New Romatics" is a deluxe track, because that means it won't get released as a single. It's
  14. Meh, I don't see it as shade. I see it as her knowing what she is and knowing what Taylor is and their brands really don't mix that well.
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