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  1. I do think Tammy might have something more going on than an eating disorder, but it doesn't seem to be Prader-Willi syndrome, the condition with no off button. She's able to control her eating, she chooses not to.
  2. So that's what it is! I had the same reaction you did and couldn't figure out what the item was. Thank you.
  3. I kind of love Lindsay but I will say she's never needed an excuse, permission, or sometimes even a real reason to be a raging asshole. She does crave sympathy and attention but no more so than Amanda, Kyle, or Carl, all of whom are also quite talented in the raging asshole department. It doesn't seem like we've actually seen Lindsay jump into bed and then fall in love. She and Everett had been dating long term when they were first introduced, the same with Stravy. She and Carl were good friends before their short-lived dating and are still friends, she and Austin were friends when they j
  4. On Winter House I thought Andrea was kind of sleazy and not as swoony as the women thought. Now I'd cancel a date with Jason Momoa if Andrea called. Both of the new kids are pretty but they're non-entities right now. We'll see what happens in a few more episodes. Paige and Ciara actually got out of bed during a morning! I was stunned that Ciara thought Carl was the hottest guy in the house. Then I remembered: Austin. Someone said Luke was in Minnesota, I think. There was nothing about whether he was going to stay there or show up in a future episode. There is that one extra bedr
  5. I was super annoyed by that. Not only were the straps not strong enough for the job, Precious kept saying to tack them. Tacking is basting; you don't use it for heavy duty. This is an example of why I don't think we need models as judges (or hosts). Experience in one part of your industry doesn't mean you have expertise in the whole industry. Having models judge Project Runway is like having Joey Chestnut judge Top Chef.
  6. Maybe this is how it happened: Cheezwiz was the original poster of the "best Nelson Muntz" comment. Aghst responded to a post you made quoting Cheezwiz. I copy pasted from the quote in your post when I answered aghst. The system then attributed the quote to you because it was inside the post you wrote. Just a guess and sorry for the mix up.
  7. OMG. And I was coming here to say they both looked half naked. Christian and I do not have the same aesthetic. Absolutely. Every time the judges go crazy for it all I can think of is plant hangers from the 70s.
  8. It's possible, but the Captain's usual approach is to huff and puff and then do nothing. He's typically all foam, no beer.
  9. It doesn't. When something is snatched it looks great. So "your waist is snatched" is a high compliment.
  10. I'm going with cautiously optimistic, too, mainly because no one seemed to be trying for the villain edit and the looks were mostly good. So far. All of these shows have a way of messing with us. That's why I don't love anyone yet. We'll see what happens. To me, Lizzo was OK, although I loved when she and Ru shut Michelle down on not understanding Kornbread's lyrics. Also, now I want some cornbread. Has Ross had weight loss surgery or did he do that on his own? I have no idea why throwing spaghetti and meatballs and a toaster into a bubble bath and then jumping in yourself was s
  11. So, kind of sparkly hot pink with a scarf is dated and ugly, but neon hot pink with a scarf-like sleeve and cheap looking sparkly jewel is modern and fashion forward. Good to know. I'm not crazy about Christina, but I'm glad Wendy's lie didn't get her eliminated.
  12. What Cliff did to Marcel during Season 2 of Top Chef has been called a prank gone wrong, a bad decision he made while drunk. To me it was an assault and very disturbing. It's been 14 years since the incident and Cliff apparently has made no more similar bad decisions. Good for him. I understand why some think he deserves another chance. Personally I'd rather see this gig go to a chef who decided not to be violent. Neither, I think. Marti Cummings is non-binary and uses them/they pronouns. Their drag daughter, Peachez Imam Cummings, uses she/they pronouns. It's not just gay men who do d
  13. In the meeting Charlotte said they were aware that there's a wide range in this type of exploration and they were trying to figure out how seriously they should take this. Talking to Charlotte in the hallway Harry notes that Rose could be doing this for fun or attention. So at this point Charlotte and Harry weren't sure it was a big enough deal to call the school. I don't think they were wrong. This is an exploration. Wait until the dust settles, see who Rock is then and act accordingly. In the meantime, everyone needs to stop stressing and let the kid run their race.
  14. Me, too, so I went back and checked and that was the case. During the Conference of Discomfort Laura said, "I honestly had no idea that you didn't know." She confirmed that with Robin, who then went on to say that Rock never gave them any clue that their parents were resistant to their changing identity. So they had no concerns about safety. Although I wasn't a fan of Laura and Robin and all their assuming, I think the school is off the hook here. They didn't call the parents because they thought it wasn't necessary.
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