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  1. For some folks, sure, especially if it's a milestone birthday. I'm guessing it mostly depends on what you learned growing up. I felt guilty about not throwing a huge party for my husband's fiftieth; he was ecstatic. Good point. About 80% of people with achondroplasia are born to parents of average height. They didn't need to be tested. Zach's achondroplasia means with each pregnancy there's a 50-50 chance of the child having achondroplasia.
  2. Exactly. Despite what My 600 Pound Life wants us to believe, I think many, if not most, of us who are overweight know about portion size, reading labels, and healthy diet. We also knew, long before science confirmed it, that the problem wasn't losing weight, but keeping it off. Now that we understand more about things like the role of hormones like leptin and ghrelin in weight management, we need to get that information out. I think Whitney blaming her inability to maintain weight loss on PCOS is more about not understanding what her body is doing than making excuses.
  3. I'm enjoying the inclusive designs. I don't think they'll catch on right away, but I hope it will happen over time. While we're waiting, maybe people can work on vocabulary and stop saying "I'm obsessed with" whatever it is. No, you're not. Obsessions aren't comfortable, fun or pleasant in any way. Prabal Gurung's comment about celebrating women of different sizes and making them look beautiful was sweet, I guess, but right now only one designer in this competition is able to do that. I'd love to see a show like this use only models who weren't the conventional type. While we're at it, ma
  4. When talking about the paternity test, JL mentioned he'd tried to reach out to Dani's doctor, then added he hoped lawyers didn't need to get involved. WTF? You don't need either. All it takes is a genuine desire for the information and a few bucks. I'm not a fan of Andy Cohen, but he was spot on advising JL to tell his mother to stop fucking around on SM and help him get the test done. (My words, not Andy's.) See NYCFree's post for an educated guess about why it's likely that's not true. Just in general, with DNA tests being accessible and inexpensive, I doubt there's much lassoing goi
  5. It does seem like a set up. Last year Glen, Ciara and Paget were all the crew it took to get the boat from place to place when there were no guests. As much as I dislike Gary, he's good at his job, as is Colin. Take your two best deckies, who can feed themselves and will spend most of their time on outside, and get the job done with no drama.
  6. Alli does what she thinks is the right thing in an effort to spare Sydney's feelings. Sydney's response is to be deliberately hurtful as "revenge." On Alli. For something Gary did. Gary response is to be deliberately hurtful for spite. On Alli. Because she wouldn't do what he wanted when he wanted. Sydney and Gary are horrible, horrible people.
  7. For me, this show hit its "holy shit, they went there!" high point with the death of Zabel. Everything after wasn't going to have the same punch. In the after show one of the creators was just delighted with the huge, surprise twist ending. Yeah, no. When you arrest the murderer at the beginning of the last episode we know he's not really the murderer. Since Mare had already arrested most of Easttown, there were few suspects left and all the bits that were included to help us believe Mare was correct to suspect Ryan also tipped us off. Some other headscratchers for me: In all the tim
  8. Hannah: Paige and Ciara: Luke (and everyone else):
  9. Sure. There are examples of both ideas right here in this discussion.
  10. Great link, thank you. This illustrates what's so frustrating about this series for me. The writers did a huge amount of research and decided to ignore much of it. I'd rather know what Martha really did than watch things the writers made up, like her having influence on the Lend-Lease Act or being present when Missy collapsed. The truth about all of these people is interesting enough; there's no need to manufacture drama. The writers probably think they've covered themselves with the Fact or Fiction page for each episode. That only works if people actually read it. Many won't and will com
  11. I think so. Then he modeled appropriate behavior for the situation by owning it and apologizing, without even having to have someone tell him to do it. My guess is everyone on that set had taken a similar "suggestion" and that's why there was no pearl clutching from anyone but Andy. News flash, Andy, viewers figured out producer driven shenanigans a long time ago. Kyle does act like he's the head of the household. I think he's trying to stick to the original story line, which was that Kyle organized the house and the group. Now that people are just kind of rolling in from wherever it does
  12. I'm not sure she was upset. Both Ciara and Luke have said theirs was a rebound relationship. She was maybe irritated or confused by the ghosting, but not hurt. That's why she was open to hooking up with Luke after he explained (and offered a shot at "stardom") and why we didn't hear about the incident until she wanted to divert attention away from Hannah at the reunion. If it had really been a problem, the perfect time to bring it up would have been early in the season, when Hannah was airing her list of Horrors Against Women Committed by Luke. Then the list would have had the one dick move he
  13. As rude and messy as she can be, I like Kenya. I agree she needs to learn when to shut up, but I laughed out loud at Drew trying to come for her and failing because Kenya just. wasn't. having. it. Kenya has some mental health issues and I won't drag her for them. Nor will I agree that she'll be competitive with her daughter. I hope she realizes the extent of Marc's abuse, leaves him, gets help and gets better, especially if that includes some kind of re-connection with her mother. So after getting a lot of blow back, Porsha looked up something she should have learned in middle school. Yay
  14. Exactly, they made him a skirt chasing buffoon. Worse, in the fourth episode they made it look like he designed the lend-lease program because of Martha's influence. In reality, it was part of a long term plan for the US to be ready in case of war, which Roosevelt believed was inevitable. We don't know a lot about Martha, so it makes sense that the writers need to extrapolate from what we do know, i.e., make stuff up. We know a lot about Roosevelt and I wish they'd try for a realistic representation of him. It doesn't help that Kyle MacLachan's characterization seems to depend mostly on broad
  15. She has a BSN in critical care nursing from Chamberlain University.
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