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  1. Samwil

    Little House On The Prairie

    What in tarnation is going on around here? I had to search for this thread. Does no one realize how iconic this subject has been? Where is everyone? I'm here, I'm here! I still hate James.
  2. Samwil

    Jenelle: Birther Of 3, Mother To None

    Ensley is an unfortunate looking child. I feel sorry for her, her father's head and mother's eyebrows. Seriously, her head is freaking huge.
  3. Samwil

    The Partridge Family

    Usually celebrity deaths don't really get to me. David's was an exception. Weeks later, I still get sad thinking of him. Friday nights used to be an event with the PF and BB. We always got special treats (Thanks, Mom!) and got to watch the shows. It's always saddened me that David had such sadness in his life when he gave such joy to a generation of kids. Finally FETV is showing PF episodes in my area, so I have just sat and watched for a few hours, the shows are still enjoyable, and David was still as gorgeous as remembered.
  4. Samwil

    Jenelle: Birther Of 3, Mother To None

    Her eyes are creepy as fuck. Not even going to say anything about that head band that's about to snap.
  5. Samwil

    All Episodes Talk

    This is just what I watch cooking shows for. Ice cream with warmed apple sauce and cinnamon. WTF?? I hate this hag.
  6. Samwil

    All Episodes Discussion: 2017 Season

    I hope the Russians haven't been poisoning Rach.
  7. Samwil

    All Episodes Talk

    Wasn't the Silver Grill at Higbees downtown?
  8. Samwil

    Morning Joe: All Episodes Talk

    Joe is about to stroke out.
  9. Samwil

    Teen Mom OG Reunion

    I dropped MTV from my cable package months ago, so I have been keeping up here. Tyler, you aren't 17 anymore, and guess what bud? You are fat too. Hahahaha Don't have much to add about the girls, but I am happy to see that Gary has tried his best to make a good life for little Leah Leanne. I would keep her far from Amber. Amber just needs to admit that she really doesn't want anything to do with her.
  10. Samwil

    All Episodes Talk: Crime And Punishment

    I have been so sick all week, and passed out last night without knowing how this ended. How did they get caught? The son, what happened when she looked at him with the death stare? Any info is welcomed. Thank you.
  11. Samwil

    S15.E08: Daniel M

    I was expecting something different from this episode. Like dead people talking to Daniel all the time. Did a doctor actually tell Daniel that he had lupas, or was this something that he completely made up? I thought at first his shaking was put on, but his face was so rough looking. His brain must be mush.
  12. Everything about this show had potential, and then it aired. I didn't make it through the premier.
  13. Samwil

    S07.E07: Man Of The House

    I I I am confused. Did I miss an episode or is this thread for tonight's episode?
  14. Samwil

    S07.E01: Here We Go Again

    Didn't Mama Dawn pick Leah's latest house while she was in rehab? Why would MD get a house for her so far from Corey?
  15. I would have liked Blair Underwood in the OJ role. Handsome, with the charm, and more of OJ's stature. Did I say handsome? Robert Shapiro came off as such a strange man, I am loving John Travolta's take on him. Just saw an interview with JT and CBV, and thankfully JT's face wasn't as tightly pulled as Shapiro's. I am loving this show!!