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  1. Kjharrison

    Proven Innocent

    Giving this show a chance! Kelsey Grammer is eeeeeevilll lol
  2. Kjharrison

    S09.E09: Boooooooooooone!

    Seriously, Debbie. Liam is nine. Locking him out is a bit much, don’t you think? And as insufferable as Fiona has been these past few episodes, she does have a point. She took care of Debbie her whole life.
  3. Kjharrison

    S14.E07: Mindie; Katherine

    Mindie EATS her meth? Wtf? Is this a thing that people do?
  4. Kjharrison

    S14.E03: Samantha C.

    Ugh for real! That was so gross.
  5. Kjharrison

    S01.E07: The Cop

    " that's the last ultimatum you give me. Go." Hell yes! Just when I was about to give up on this show.
  6. I would have been like 8 when this aired, so I don't really remember this era. Can someone explain what was so awful about the previous season that they had Madonna say it was only a dream? Thanks!