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  1. This is from memory so sorry if it's not 100% correct but: Lydia Quigley: Love is strongest when it's cruel. Best line of both seasons IMO, knocked me back.
  2. And this, Lucy, is why you don't start getting a crush on the evil bad boy frat brother just because he gave you the best sex of your teenaged life. Before you know it he has you playing with knives, doing drugs, and confessing all your secrets which he'll probably tell all over campus. All their parts were like an 18th Century cautionary Lifetime movie -- something along the lines of "Mother, May I Sleep with (Lord) Murder?" I feel so bad for her, she's probably all of seventeen and he's what? In his late twenties or early thirties? He's a twisted monster with all sorts of class and race
  3. I rewatched episode 1 of season 2 and just noticed something for the first time. When Lord Fallon goes to Greek Street and picks up Kitty, Liddington is there handling the horses and pretending to be his coachman. It was Liddington's button that was found in Kitty's hair. So did they kill her together or was it Fallon or Liddington acting alone?
  4. I thought Fallon was chastising Liddington for his inept work at trying to scare Margaret and her girls with that bloody heart at the front door theatrics. And then I thought Fallon killed Kitty to finish the job of scaring Margaret that Liddington wasn't able to accomplish. Let me know if upon rewatch, you find out for sure.
  5. I don't think Charlotte is Lady Fitz's child, but I don't even have a guess as to who is. I think Justice Hunt starting to kind of care about harlots and how a woman ends up a harlot, as well as Margaret and the others denouncing him for not doing much to find Kitty's killer, might be some foreshadowing that when he finds out Fallon murdered Kitty he will do his utmost to send him to the gallows -- and probably Quigley will contribute to that in some way to save her own hide (like turning state's witness or something). The actor who plays Fallon said he "loved this job" past tense so yeah
  6. It's interesting how his wig has changed from season 1 haha. It's a more natural hair color (although why he opted for a pale blond one instead of one closer to his actual hair color...?) and not as bumped up high and less powdered. Funny how close-cropped his natural hair is...weren't the wigs back then super itchy so the men kept their hair very short? Also, he doesn't rouge and powder up his face as much as the other men, it seems. As always the hair and costuming department on this show knocks it out of the park and are, I think, reflecting some of the changing fashion and style from the f
  7. I guess maybe he enjoys all sides and facets of her and who she was and is now, which would indicate that he's the perfect guy for her since he accepts and likes all of her...but nah, he's a serial killer so a very bad option for Lucy. Their relationship is fascinating, especially how the balance of emotional power between them is unclear and seems to swing back and forth from moment to moment, but I really hope it doesn't turn out romantic.
  8. Did Fallon plant Liddington's button in Kitty's hair? Because I always thought that was surprisingly sloppy for Fallon to leave his button on her body and he seems smarter and more careful than that. Or do all the Spartans have those buttons as some sign of their membership in the Virgin Hunt Club (shudder)? Now it's been pretty much confirmed that the Marquess of Blayne is the leader or at least high up in VHC with the way he was talking to Fallon, never seen the latter so deferential to anyone before. Speaking of, the Marquess can go choke on a glass of port for treating Charlotte that way,
  9. I think despite how bawdy and rollicking the tone of this show is, it can be much subtler and just as grim as THT. I also think some of the actors are better and make much more interesting acting choices (or perhaps are given better direction, I'm not sure). Two particular instances stand out in my mind from the double episode premiere and I think they're from two of the strongest actors & characters on the show -- Lydia Quigley and Lord Fallon. Loved the interesting upward twitch/tic of her right eye when she said 'persuade them' to Lady Fitz who rebuffed her by saying the beau monde woul
  10. I think she might've had bigger fish to fry. The actress is in the new Mamma Mia! film.
  11. I am very worried for Lucy. She's playing a dangerous game...with a serial killer. This show is so engrossing and I'm impressed at how it juggles such a large cast but gives enough time to everyone's stories interweaving it into such a fascinating tapestry. Definitely my show of the summer.
  12. It's back and looks better than ever. Spoilery trailer for S2, I can't wait!
  13. My gf and I want to do a rewatch of SYTYCD's best routines from past seasons in preparation for the premiere of S14 (can you tell that we're excited to have this show back after that kids season that we didn't watch?). Please rec your favorite routines, especially if you feel they are under-appreciated/need more love and attention!
  14. I'm very happy and excited about the list of All-Stars (and I am not really a fan of All-Stars and keep wishing to return to how it was before). Comfort, Cyrus, Jasmine, Marko, and Paul were favorites of mine in their original seasons.
  15. Oh, I took that as it was possibly removed by the coroner for examination and the cops brought it in and showed it to him as a shock tactic? IDK that whole bit was very odd and at first I thought he said vagina when he meant uterus because he compared it to looking like a heart wrapped up in paper, but I really don't know because it was so weird. I'm not discounting his story because cops back then probably used all kinds of tactics that were messed up, the whole thing is just very strange.
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