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  1. This show is lovely escapism and I just finished season three for the first time. I enjoyed it. I loved the twist that the woman Harry fell for was a con artist. I never saw it coming! I totally believed that Nancy Webb was a dull, earnest do-gooder, so I was taken completely by surprise. Great story development. Once the show revealed it, I was dying for one of the characters to work it out. I hoped Violette would notice, when she began to work for her. But it makes sense that Princess Marie, the Russian aristocrat, would figure it out, as she was pretty shifty herself. (It was enjoyable
  2. Kirsty


    Oh no, the students asked Bill for an apology at the town hall and his response was: "I am sorry if I made anyone feel--" ie. the non-apology apology. He was supposed to apologise for giving the Nazi salute! He did not. Apologising for someone else's feelings is not an apology. And the "if" weakens it further. Like when a guy gropes someone and his apology is "I'm sorry if I made anyone feel uncomfortable". He's not sorry for the grope and he takes no responsibility for it, but if any overly sensitive people were upset about it, well, he's sorry about that now that he's in trouble.
  3. Kirsty


    I really enjoyed this and I would have liked more episodes! I appreciate the variety of humour in the show ie. witty lines, pratfalls, making fun of the old professors, cringe-inducing situations, culture clashes, Duchovny singing! etc. It was great fun and almost all of the characters got to show us more than one side. Like, that little scene with the old white male (Melville) professor going to bed with his wife really showed another dimension to the character. And no one's issues were dismissed. I could see that Bill wasn't a Nazi and I could also see that the students were right. Too
  4. I've watched a bunch of episodes from seasons five and six on Netflix over the past week. I should say rewatched, as I watched these back when they first aired on TV. I've been enjoying them. But one thing that stands out a mile to me -- and it would stand out even more to a younger viewer seeing the show for the first time -- is that this show was written at a time when mental health wasn't spoken of. So when Rory is clearly suffering in season five, or Paris is clearly in a bad mental place in season six, these characters don't even have the language to talk about it. They don't talk a
  5. I hated what Richard said ie. that he likes seeing Aine in a different gear. It's an odd thing to say to someone whose friend has just died. Also, I didnt like that Richard decided to hire another tutor for Etienne. It must seem to Etienne that his father stole his tutor. Etienne and Aine had a friendship. Quite dark to kill off Tom by suicide. I enjoy the show but I think the season is too short. This season threw up a lot of issues but there was no time to deal with them. More episodes per season would allow it to slow down.
  6. So Bradley is into Aine. Aine isnt aware that he's attracted to her either; she's entirely oblivious and totally into Richard. So this is going to be an awkward problem for her, because she lives with Bradley and she clearly thinks of him as a mate. I enjoy Aine's dynamic with Bradley more than her relationship dynamic with Richard. But this is so out of the blue that I don't expect it to lead to a romantic relationship between them. There has been no build-up. Emma is Bradley's girlfriend, right? I wonder if she'll notice before Aine does. I just feel bad for Vish. He's a love
  7. Okay, I feel like I got more answers in this episode. Aine isn't faking anything in bed with Richard. And Shona slept with Charlotte - We only ever saw them kiss last season, right? You know that love triangle situation is not going to end well. I suppose it's just a matter of how close to the wedding Shona comes clean about her relationship with Charlotte. To Aine or to herself. Speaking of the wedding, my favourite thing in the episode was their mother on video call in the bridal shop. That conversation made me laugh and reminded me of my own family. I loved that Shona had to angrily sa
  8. Did anyone else think Aine was faking the orgasm with Richard? I agree that Aine & Richard are awkward together. Neither of them seems entirely comfortable in their own skin, and together they double down on the awkwardness. It's believable, but it doesn't make for a couple I love to watch or anything.
  9. I finished season 2 last night, so I'm skipping over the last few pages of posts (about season 3) for now. One thing I wasn't crazy about in the second season was the show becoming The Jonas Show. He’s not interesting enough to justify four versions of him in one episode. And unfortunately, the show vastly overestimates how much I care about Jonas’s feelings for Martha. In season one, they were teenagers who had kissed before he went away and she started dating someone else. Normal teen stuff! Yet in the second season the show is constantly returning to that pairing like it’s the lov
  10. Agreed. It was too much. Half of the happy endings you listed should have been cut! The only thing I'd say in the show's defence is that on the other side of the scale... Kevin died, Erin died, Zabel died. Each young person's sudden death devastated the people all around them. And the resolution to Erin's murder mystery is a tragic one that means Ryan, an even younger person, is (justly) taken from his family. And everyone's dealing with very heavy stuff already, even the minor characters like Beth, Mr. Carroll, and Dawn. The show completely fooled me. I believed the killer was John, and
  11. I watched some of season two recently and the way the Louis/Madame de Maintenon relationship seems to work is that she adores him and he adores him too. I mean, by season three it's clear that he cares for her as well. But the main thing they have in common is that they both believe he is literally God's gift. 😄 He used to be his own number one fan, and then at a time when his faith was flagging, he encountered this true devotee and president of the Louis fanclub, who helped him restore his faith in his greatness. I find it very believable! I don't think it's uncommon for romantic re
  12. I loved Amalia's origin story. I just really like her character, both actresses playing her are fantastic, and I found it satisfying to get an explanation for why she's different from the other Victorian women. I also thought it was really brave and cool and interesting to set the first half an hour or so in a different genre in a different time and place with an entirely different cast! I actually checked to make sure I was watching the right show. I love when a show doesn't spoon-feed you. I always think it's a really good sign. But even at that, I have to admit that the future-set
  13. I'm afraid ole Jane doesn't count! 😉 We've had Austen adaptations coming out our ears for decades. Austen's novels are not just respectable, they're considered to be classics and they're on school syllabuses, so they're adapted as often as Dickens' novels. What I'm talking about is all the other books in the biggest genre in publishing. The books that are shelved under Romance, not under Classics. There's nothing respectable about those.
  14. I totally agree with you, which is why I think John was counting on Lori telling Mare. He knows that telling Lori is like leaving a message for the cops! The message that "Billy killed Erin" is actually more believable coming from Lori. And, true to form, her face was like an open book to Mare, and she sang like a canary and barely needed any prompting! Like most people here, I'm assuming that John is guilty either of fathering Erin's child or of killing her, or both, and he wants to pin it on Billy. I think Mare did it because it's the right thing to do. Mare has plenty of faults but
  15. CouchTater, I thought this thread wasn't supposed to spoil stuff about later episodes? This show was only released this week in the UK and Ireland.
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