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  1. I agree with all the comments that it was a weak but enjoyable season. I'd have liked if the show could slow down some of the plotty developments, but I guess there were a lot of story threads to tie up before it ended. The pacing was an issue this season. I loved the ending Molly got. I liked how awkward Taurean is and I liked them together, even if we didn't see much of it. I didn't find Nathan stepping back to be out of character. I can believe that he wanted out of the messy shit because its not good for him, or that it was too much too soon for him and he was in over his head, o
  2. I liked how transparent Logan's manipulation attempts were in that final scene. It was obvious to all that he was trying to split up the three kids. It's always worked in the past! And it just made him seem more villainous. It's interesting that the big change in the season finale isn't Logan losing. That's never happened. Selling the company is new, and it's also another variety of Logan winning, which is old. The kids lose again, Kendall loses again, Shiv loses again, Roman loses again. That's the show, I suppose. It makes Logan seem very small and petty when I consider that he constant
  3. Agreed. Gerri committed herself to exactly nothing. She committed Roman to nothing either -- I love that she said she couldn't recall if it had happened before! I take it Gerri has learned to steer around the Roy kids and their manipulations over the years. But it's not in her interest to make an outright enemy of any of them, and who would want the drama anyway? The Roy kids are kind of like in-laws; you don't have to like them but they're part of the package deal of, in this case, running the company. Same! I paused more than once because I was dying of mortification. When Roman real
  4. I enjoy the individual episodes. This week Tom letting loose by turning over Greg's desk and trashing the room made me laugh a lot. I love some of the fantastic lines in the script. Of course I knew the birthday episode was going to be depressing but I was still moved by Kendall's sadness. But... there's so little forward momentum. At the start of the season things seemed to be happening. Logan was threatened by Kendall's move and everyone knew it. That shook things up and made for good drama. But as the season progressed, everything returned to the status quo and the show is stuck there.
  5. Huh?? You've lost me. The number of episodes in a season is on IMDB and Wikipedia, and I'm sure it's in entertainment news pieces all over the internet. There isn't anything here to dispute.
  6. There are three more episodes, which makes it a nine episode season.
  7. A commenter on the Guardian recap of this episode put Logan's comment about Peter Munnion together with Kendall's age ie. Logan said that Kendall's mother's new fiance is a man who has been sniffing around her for forty years, right? And Kendall is turning forty. So what if Logan is not Kendall's biological father? It would be one hell of a twist! And it might push Kendall over the edge. But it's such a fundamental change that I don't know if the writers would do it.
  8. Well, it's not confirmation bias, because I thought Roman was into older women. Why would I expect or look for sexual tension between him and a random male political candidate? What bias would that confirm? It was very surprising. I'll admit I don't know if it was intentional, though. Like I genuinely don't know if that's what I was supposed to take from that scene or if the scriptwriters were just as surprised as me when they watched it! It was there, and I'm giving the actors credit for it, but that doesn't mean that anything will come of it.
  9. I don't know how you get two actors to generate sexual tension when they're talking about politics from opposite sides of a bathroom, but the guys playing Roman and Mencken did a beautiful job. I'm very curious about where that might go. Given Mencken's politics, he's probably wildly homophobic. And Roman's sexuality must be deeply repressed. But then Roman is so damaged and dysfunctional that it's hard to know what's going on with him behind all the jokes. He's pitiful. If Logan notices the vibes between Roman and Mencken, I guess he could use it to destroy Mencken's conservative support.
  10. Nooooo! I was counting on this show to get me through the festive season! That is so disappointing. Its the perfect Christmas show, too.
  11. The sequence with Midge's TV spot has to be the highlight of the second season. It was very enjoyable to see the positive reactions in all the various rooms where her colleagues, her acquaintances, her friends, and her family were watching her light up the screen. Well played, Midge and Susie.
  12. Nothing illustrates Joel's role as The One for Midge better than the flashback to his marriage proposal at the start of this episode. I might not like his pushy style in that scene, but there was singing, dancing in the middle of the street, and an audience. On this show, that's how you do a proposal. I think Midge found it crazy romantic and it was a very happy memory for her. Unfortunately for Dr. Ben, he didn't even get a proposal scene. And the flashback to Joel's romantic proposal came right before the scene of Benjamin discussing his bank statements with Abe. That was a pretty stark
  13. Good episode. I love that Midge enjoys all the resort activities. She really cares about doing them and excelling at them. Her zest for life is a very attractive quality. Midge's outfit for the journey back to the city was adorable, her radio routine in Benjamin's car was funny, and then I enjoyed her date. It's a good sign that her comedy routine in the car is what made him ask her out, also a good sign that she took him to a comedy club and to the Stage Deli, and even better that she came clean about her big secret. He passed a couple of tests there, plus Zachary Levi's delivery of "So
  14. I enjoyed this episode. The resort looks lovely and quaint, and I want to stay in that house on the lake with its sunroom! Imagine spending two months there every summer. Actually a summer of drama at one of those resorts could be its own show. (I'd watch.) But if Amazon is pouring money into this show, then this was a fun way to spend it. I liked getting to see Midge, Rose, and Abe happily enjoying themselves together. Zachary Levi is an interesting arrival on the scene. His character's personal philosophy of staying away from people is obviously supposed to be wrong. But I don't know wh
  15. It doesn't make sense to me that Midge doesn't even consider quitting comedy for Joel. It's the 1950s; she's never had any ambition to be anything other than a wife and mother until now; she doesn't have a comedy career yet because she only took it up a few months ago; and it's the only thing standing in the way of her marriage.
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