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  1. Hope’s dress?! Paris’ earrings??!! Wasn’t a fan of Paris’ dress either! Glad all these guys have tuxes at the ready too. Loved Brooke’s hair today and didn’t mind her dress. Ridge must have felt he had to say A LOT today so his hiatus must be coming soon. Nice to see Alley Mills (Pam) back on the show. She was off screen for a long time and I assume due to her husband’s accident and death then covid.
  2. Deran’s face is pale and chunkier this season! He does wear a bodysuit when surfing which might explain his being pale. Agree, Frankie was off but I figured it was because at one time she had Craig wrapped around her finger and he basically dismissed her and walked off. It won’t end well in any case!
  3. It was! The shopping list was NOT for the wedding! A tad too early for the wedding as filming is months behind real time and they are having it catered I assume.
  4. Pass the Gravol after today’s nauseating show. No Emmys today for Outstanding Writing! Not a fan of the manbun but Thomas wore it well. Yep, the shit is about to hit the fan. Hope it is worth it. We needed new blood on the show and hope it is not a regular that is Finn’s mother.
  5. Jer and Audrey do not want to be part of the show so I assume this includes their children which is why they are never seen. We don’t know what happens other than that.
  6. Spinal stenosis can affect anyone. Surgery is the last resort ahead of many other treatments and surgery is not always possible if someone has the condition. I don’t know anyone who would not dread surgery either for themselves or a small child.
  7. Tori did a lengthy video of her and Lilah on Instagram and she answers viewer questions. She said she is working doing photography for friends/family/word of mouth clients. She talked about Lilah’s eyes not getting worse nor getting better so far. Lilah walked a few steps on the video. She also talked about Jackson’s legs and how they are dreading the surgery when it happens.
  8. Will on The Little Couple had a badly bowed leg as did Alex on 7 Little J’s when they were much younger but both never had the surgery and the delay worked in their favour. Will it also work out that way for Jackson? Who is to say. Delaying surgery on a rambunctious still growing boy who has no issues with pain or discomfort right now seems like a prudent thing to do. It certainly isn’t slowing him down! Lol It is hard for the viewers to watch though and TLC does like the drama .
  9. I am only talking about Jackson. Zach is another story and I am not up to date with his past medical. If you choose not to believe Zach and Tori then so be it. Do we need to hear it from a doctor’s mouth in order for it to be deemed legitimate?
  10. Jackson has already seen a doctor and had xrays done. Why are we discounting what this doctor has recommended as a course of treatment which is to leave it until he gets a bit older?
  11. Will on The Little Couple had one very bowed leg too very similar to Jackson’s. I see pics of him as late as last week at a swim meet on Instagram and his legs look good. I don’t think he had surgery as Jen is posting pics of the kids quite often and they are quite active.
  12. It is not Jackson’s fault his behavior is unrestrained. It is the responsibility of his parents period! Lilah is no longer crawling so hold off on CPS! Lol Not all kids develop at the same rate and she was just slower. s
  13. No doubt Matt will want to have his vision of a wedding take precedence if he does ever remarry, not sure if he is into it as much as Caryn is. I am remembering his plan for the deck on Caryn’s new house yet his plans never got completely put in place so he must have compromised. Caryn said Matt’s plans were a bit over the top or something to that effect, not remembering exactly.
  14. I thought Matt looked very happy with Caryn’s redo! He would not have given her the go ahead in the first place if he didn’t want it done. He had his usual Matt smile on his face so I didn’t see any displeasure. And he did compliment it saying she did a great job.
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