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  1. Google Zach Roloff Washington house and it shows up
  2. Let’s not forget not only was Eric involved with Brooke and Donna but he also was with their Mom so bring Katie into the mix making it a true family “affair!”
  3. I have noticed Ashland always grabs her chin and then goes in for a kiss as if to plant it correctly or something. I agree there is no passion coming from either of them. I have never seen it from AH with anyone as I recall. I so wanted to cut that hair off of Phyllis’ face!
  4. I don’t get why B&B can have a real baby play Steffy’s new son yet Abby must handle a phantom. I missed getting a good look at Summer’s dress, only saw that it was red. Can anyone post a photo? I liked Victoria’s dress style wise and it fit her like a glove. But the actress is so thin her bones were showing in the backless dress. I also wished she would have worn her hair in a different hairstyle like an upsweep rather than her usual behind one ear and draped over the other shoulder looking like it needs a good brushing. Phyllis managed to pout her way through the cere
  5. Sad news about Felix. It is awful losing a pet and best friend. Two days before the wedding too.
  6. The realtor sign is still on their lawn in her pic on IG but blocked out so you can’t read it. Tori answered a couple of comments and said they were not moving to the farm but were still filming and had lots to share.
  7. My guess is Paris is showing @6 inches of cleavage. Can you imagine the skimpy outfits she is going to be wearing now that she and Thomas are roomies! Nice to see Carter lose his temper. Too bad he didn’t when Eric proposed it but he was too busy imagining himself with Quinn again.
  8. Tori posted on IG that they sold their house and have moved to Washington! No other details Anyone heard the scoop re why?
  9. I guess their thinking is we gotta show what we paid the big bucks for!
  10. The actress playing Tessa has a beautiful voice and Leslie’s piano playing was great too.
  11. Is palazzo another name for HOTEL?! Every single person seems to have a room there so just how many rooms are there? And I still call drinking game every time that word “palazzo” is used! New Noah is a hit for me. It usually takes me a while to accept a replacement and sometimes it just doesn’t happen like Jason playing Billy but I liked him right off the bat. You can smell Phyllis and Jack getting together soon, very soon with the way things are heading downwards with her and Nick.
  12. Paris’ cleavage today with her jello boobs. Loved the outfit though! Liam barging in, GMAB. And Hope was writing all those letters to her Dad and inviting hm to her house but all of a sudden does a 180 wanting to “take things slow” “meet in a public place” and now wonders if he has changed??
  13. I thought he said he was off the sauce when he was at Hope’s and I assumed he got dry in prison.
  14. I like KKL’s side part! Her hairstyle reminded me of old Hollywood glamor now that her hair is longer. I am not a fan of middle parts as the hair usually hangs down the middle of both cheeks closing off the face. Brooke also looks good with her hair upswept. Didn’t take much for Deacon to break his abstinence and start knocking back the shots. I thought he and KB played off each other well. Glad to see Steffy out of that last outfit and if that is her natural hair length to stick to it and forget the hair pieces.
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