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  1. I don’t think Tori was resistant to Jackson having the surgery but wanted to avoid a second surgery which was probable at the time. Time has passed and she is also now in the earlier stages of a 3rd pregnancy and is able to physically carry Jackson around until he is able to do more for himself. I though Lilah only had to wear the corrective glasses for a few hours a day not all the time. I am seeing many current pics on IG of LIlah with glasses and without.
  2. She reminds me of the doctor on ER who walked with a cane, Laura Innes…but wiki doesn’t list Y&R in her credits.
  3. From the preview of the wedding Jackson was asking Amy what time did the dancing start or something like that and then danced so he didn’t look in pain! He also used that scooter like a madman with no limits.
  4. Anyone know if that is Hunter Tylo’s pic in the opening credits or is it the recast who hasn’t aired yet? If that is the recast they sure picked an actress that looks just like her!
  5. Oh Abby and her nasally whining going on and on and on laying guilt on Chance! Everything is about her and her happiness. She is so selfish. Sick to death of her and the baby storyline and the Chance on a “mission!” Is this show now the Phyllis hour?! Every.Single.Episode.there is her slinking around somewhere flashing her blue veneers. Why is she getting so much airtime!?
  6. Tori said it was surgery on his legs so sounds like they did both at the same time. An even tougher recovery for an active boy.
  7. Jackson had surgery today to correct his bowed leg according to Tori’s IG. There is a pic of Jackson in a hospital bed. Poor boy has some pain and healing to do. At least now everyone can stop lamenting about Zach and Tori ignoring his leg!
  8. I skipped through most of the Phyllis pukefest! I thought I was the only one noticing MS’s blue veneers! And she shows them off every chance she gets. MS must have had it written into her contract that she must be onscreen for a % of air time each episode or something??!! But WHY?? And those dresses they put her in, skin tight, off one shoulder and glittery as hell! She dresses like a Barbie doll. Sick to death of her.
  9. KKL looked beautiful in that outfit and her hair pulled back. She was stunning but made me puke kissing that grubby excuse for Ridge. Ron Moss looked the part of a debonair fashion designer, TK just does not cut it… It was unnecessary to show them stupidly sitting in the living room trying to eat plates of dinner including turkey legs?! They could have just said dinner is served and ended the show. Poor Amelia stuck upstairs unable to celebrate with her own family looking after the kids again. Enjoyed the scenes with Deacon, he makes me laugh.
  10. Well Tessa was married or partnered with the guy she went on tour with and she was dating Noah before she hooked up with Mariah.
  11. LOL it certainly was! Must have been a Dyson! Had to FF Finn’s overreaction to Jack’s confession. I don’t get it myself. Steffy had no lines today, Yay! I will bet if Zende was on Oprah right now he would jump up on the couch backwards too! I was glad to hear Paris tell Thomas they should remain friends. But Zende and Thomas are heading for problems and over Paris?!
  12. So many grown men drooling over Paris?! GMAB Halloween is over Paris, lose the orangey red hair already. Your natural hair color would look GREAT! Carter is cringeworthy and wonder why he suddenly has the need to flirt with Paris when Katie and he were growing closer. Zende is boring boring boring. So sick of their kissing all the time…especially when they have an audience and they are in the office.
  13. Sharon’s puffy overdone face is only matched by Tracey Bergman’s! Tracey has crease lines from the corners of her mouth leading to her ears she is pulled so tight! And she was dressed in leopard print yesterday and to me she just looked cheap.
  14. KKL looked amazing today! Her hair was full and loved the style and she looks great in black. Loved the shorter skirt for a change to show off her nice legs. So when exactly is TK taking that sabbatical again?? Sick of his gravel voice shouting almost every line of dialogue. Finn is such a wimp. Caves to Steffy all the time and now to Shiela at the restaurant. Steffy is going to blow that thing off her head when she walks in and Finn has no more manhood to lose.
  15. Bursting out crying at the slightest thing can be brought on by depression. It was having an impact on my life and my doctor put me on an antidepressant and things improved significantly thank goodness. It was becoming embarrassing and I was avoiding situations because I couldn’t predict what would trigger it. Even some commercials brought it on.
  16. Maybe they are rich enough to afford an indoor stroller and an outdoor one!!
  17. Wouldn’t CBS require Steve Burton to be vaccinated on their sets too?
  18. I didn’t think Paris’ hair could look worse until today! Absolutely horrible. Speaking of hair, Hope’s bangs are growing on me. Both Quinn and Brooke had straggly limp looking hair. Glad to see Douglas back!
  19. WTF is Sharon wearing to work at the coffee house!? Nikki and Mariah have never looked worse but let’s not forget how they dress Phyllis and Lauren! Who are these wardrobe people? Sharon’s face is a permanent bloat now and with her heavy eye makeup and constant roots she is in need of a huge makeover, she is looking much older than her real life partner Adam these days. Nikki needs to cut that hair! She has beautiful hair but it is not doing anything for her especially when pulled severely off her face. FF almost all of Billy and Lily these days. Do not find the Gaines stor
  20. So Quinn keeps saying Eric got his mojo back and she is happy BUT they still have not had sex yet have they? She is acting like everything is back to normal now. Not sure they think he is “cured” of his ED…explain it to me like I am Lily….
  21. I thought it was just me who didn’t know who they are! Fill us in!
  22. One of Eric’s funniest lines “I take my commitments seriously!” How many affairs did he have again?! So Donna has to pack up her bottles of honey bear and toddle off so wonder where she will land. Me thinks Katie will ask Carter to work his magic on Quinn again and set her up so Eric thinks she is back at it with Carter to foil the marriage. Steffy’s “female bun” is hilarious especially along with a mini skirt! Her riding roughshod over Hope and Finn then telling him “I am not trying to be controlling!” Or words to that effect.
  23. ^^^^SO agree re Donna’s Betty Boop simpering whimp performance! Bringing her hand up to her face instead of friggin’ standing her ground! If she truly feels she did nothing wrong then say so and forcefully. We know it won’t work on crazy Quinn but at least show some balls!
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