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  1. I thought she admitted writing them herself - when the question about Dorit's facial surgery was asked, she British-humorously said, "Oh yes, I had to put that one in there" 😄
  2. After Kristen did what she did, LVP brought her into a room to discuss the incident, where she seemed ready to allow Kristen to grovel, and then smugly admonish and forgive her - a standard scene on VPR. But Kristen refused to bow and kiss the Royal Pink Keister, and acted like a snotty bitch instead, so she got fired. Since then she has groveled and cried, but Lisa holds grudges and it was too late.
  3. I agree with your entire statement. LVP and Bill M both think they are better than others, their shit doesn't stink, and IMO neither of them is as smart as they think they are. (Smart people know that jokes they make amongst friends are not the same as jokes that can be made in public.) And I don't know how Bill reacted, but anyone interested will be waiting a looooooong time to get an unqualified apology from LVP.
  4. That's because all he really wants to be is a back-up dancer 😄
  5. Do the administrators of the test usually wear a shirt with their name and "Polygraph Examiner" stitched across the breast? 😄 I am also calling bullshit on how the ladies found out - I sincerely doubt that someone spotted LVP and two of her housepets at the police station 🙄
  6. princelina

    S07.E24: Reunion Part 3

    You just know Lisa LOVED Patrick making comments about her ass 😄
  7. princelina

    S07.E23: Reunion Part 2

    I haven't seen the earlier seasons either, except for some reruns, but I did see the original "How Did They Get Here" and the girls from the original did say they were skinny then because they were poor and couldn't afford food. I'm pretty sure "couldn't afford" meant that they spent the money they had on drink and drugs over food - but anyways that's what they said 🙂
  8. princelina

    S07.E23: Reunion Part 2

    But because he's a sociopath he will blame her and use it for an excuse. Nah - he said he just wanted a beer 😄
  9. princelina

    Unpopular Opinions

    You are not - I like the opening shot they give with the lawn and pool and etc., but the house itself is as stupid as Yolanda's fridge 😄
  10. princelina

    S09.E14: The Show Must Go On

    I love a white kitchen, and hers looked nice, but I would like it more with some bright colorful accents instead of the pale pink. When I had a white kitchen it had blue countertops and big blue buttons for cabinet door handles. I am around Erika's age, and despite what she thinks, being Erika Jayne is not my ideal fantasy; I would hate it. However I enjoy the one episode a year where they focus on her concert just to see what goes on and what she thinks I should be envying. To each her own and all that. IMO Teddi's problem is that she is both a know-it-all AND trying too hard to fit in with the others. Last season she was a know-it-all who was going to make THEM all fit in with her pot luck life, then when that drove her to tears she tried the facials in the back yard, which blew up, so now she's trying to be up in all the drama, which just makes her look bitchy and kind of dumb. Yet still comes off as a know-it-all 😄
  11. princelina

    S09.E13: Grilling Me Softly

    I agree with most of this - I have never thought that Lisa was so clever and 'manipulative' - she's just smarter than the rest of them 😄 (This is not PC but my brother has a saying - "It's like being the tallest midget"). The only thing I disagree with is Lisa getting over grudges - when Rinna laughed along with her (and even gave her her false eyelashes!) LVP was loving the heck out of that and wasn't ever going to stop. Rinna is a shit-stirrer for sure, but in previous seasons she put up with a lot of British humor directed at her. So I see where her glee this season is coming from. Not that I like her behavior now, nor do I think it's justified. And it's hard to say, "Get back to me when you're over it" when the response to that would be, "Why would you think I am _____?" (blink blink)
  12. princelina

    S09.E13: Grilling Me Softly

    Here's what I think her 'tell' is: Chin in, eyes wide, "Why would you think I ________?" blink blink blink (In this case "be upset with Dorit?") I agree with you on that. I don't think Lisa thinks of it that way. She just wants others to be upset on her behalf, while she acts unbothered and makes British humor digs. (Last year she was pissed about Dorit's attitude for the magazine shoot - the little guy in charge acted upset, which made Lisa feel good and she denied being annoyed herself, and then acted like a bitch (Britishly humorously, of course) when Dorit came to her birthday party and gave her a gift. There was no "set-up", Dorit just received her just desserts for acting like a bitch when Lisa was trying to give her the magazine spread.) When I did my student teaching in a high school, there was a clan of siblings and cousins, and if one of them got yelled at or in trouble, the whole gang would stay home the next day. My cooperating teacher called it "teaching us a lesson" 😄 I don't think LVP is in to set-ups; she is into teaching lessons. And I agree also about true snark and gossip - but if this show were true they'd all go hang out with their own friends and people they like who like them - so there is a level of artificiality about all this that we can't get past 🙂
  13. princelina

    S07.E23: Reunion Part 2

    Imagine if you lived there! 😧
  14. She deserves it - her husband was one of the worst 😣
  15. princelina

    S09.E13: Grilling Me Softly

    Maybe, but I don't think so - I think she knew what she was doing, but the others didn't play their part in her game like she's used to. And I think Teddi comes out of this whole thing looking like both an asshole (especially after getting her brother on to VPR a couple weeks before) and a moron.
  16. Aha! I never believed he really moved in with her - but if he did it to save a year's rent to buy a house it finally makes sense!
  17. princelina

    S09.E13: Grilling Me Softly

    I am not an LVP fan, and I agree with what you say. IMO the problem is that Lisa is reaping what she has sown, and years of (and her habit of) shady behavior are the reason this is happening this year. If she really didn't want it mentioned on camera, she could have been more decisive about that when Teddi and the John brought it up. If Kenny didn't want her talking about it in deference to their friendship, then after it came out she could have said something like, "I was really pissed, but we have discussed it and handled it with them and I'm not talking about it anymore." Instead she mumbles and looks away from Teddi and John, and gives Kyle the "Why would I be upset with Dorit?" bit. And then prevaricates with Teddi, as @LibertarianSlut detailed above. It doesn't make her look innocent, even if she is. And IMO she probably expected them all to be outraged about Dorit (like people here) so that she could be Lady Bountiful who wasn't upset, not a bit, whilst making little "joking" digs at Dorit that meant nothing, dahling, nothing at all, quit being a baby and get a sense of humor.
  18. princelina

    S09.E13: Grilling Me Softly

    My thought as I was watching this was that Teddi should have planned the menu and brought the food herself. It was nice to see everyone dressed appropriately for the activity - I don't remember that ever happening before! Me neither! I haven't seen her in anything since she guest starred on Friends, but that's probably just me 😄 I did think Camille's comment was a joke.
  19. princelina

    S09.E13: Grilling Me Softly

    I guess I am too! Also, when they all swore they weren't judging her, I was thinking, "I am!" 😄
  20. princelina

    S09.E13: Grilling Me Softly

    I thought she said it was a guy in New York? I did not miss VDP at all, and thought the camping trip looked like fun. PK's apology text looked okay, Kyle seemed fine with it, and Teddi and Rinna need to quit trying to make it a thing. I guess there must really be a VDP dog spinoff coming - previews show LVP doing the kitchen reveal tone of those Johns. I never even heard of them before this season and now they're everywhere - but I don't need to know them because I won't be watching that one.
  21. Saw this on Facebook 😄
  22. princelina

    S07.E22: Reunion Part 1

    I thought it was funny when Lisa chided James for saying he didn't care about Lalar's friendship - exactly what Lisa says on BH whenever she is at odds with any of them 🙄 To be fair I don't think LVP "used" her grief this season; certainly not like Lalar uses hers. (I think the way her dad died is very sad, but honestly if my dad saw me on tv bragging about giving BJs for PJs, oral sex on girls while their boyfriend drove the car, and ass-play with My Man, he'd certainly have a heart attack or stroke). Lashing out isn't LVP's MO anyway - hers is snide remarks until her opponent is upset, then playing dumb about it and claiming to have been joking (See: her treatment of the Toms about their role in the bar) and if things finally come to a head, claiming that she doesn't care anyway. (See: my comment above)
  23. princelina

    Hired Friends: Whitney's Social Barnacles

    The same reason many other parents do, I suppose. Not every overweight, ignorant boob gets a TV show, but they're still out there!
  24. princelina

    S09.E12: The Ultimate Ultimatum

    Last season - the dog died unexpectedly, and when they all got together Erika said that she was sorry about her dog, and Lisa chided her for not calling or texting.🙄