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  1. Probably, and it depends on the person if I care or not. If they're someone I used to be friends with, I'd like to know why. If it someone at work who doesn't really know me, I don't care too much.
  2. I read the book again about a year ago. It still holds up in that Stephen King way, he's a great story-teller. The build-up is the best part of the novel, and that is completely lacking here. I never cared much for the mini-series (haven't seen it this century,) but I'm remembering it better in comparison to this lump of crap. I think Tom Cullen, Flagg, and Harold (except last episode) are the best parts of this.
  3. Definitely improve my living situation. Probably another house in the country. Quit my freaking job.
  4. I live in Queens, but I've seen exactly 1 episode of King of Queens. And I can remember the exact date, because my wife and I watched it in the hospital the day my kids were born.
  5. It was even worse than I expected.
  6. That is the secret of karaoke. I hate those jerks who can really sing. I played both Mega and Powerball. Not a penny. 😞
  7. Well, I could sell cocaine, but I don't have the disposition for that. To clarify, I do believe you (or anyone) can be taught to how to play a simple song on guitar, bass or keyboards. Will you be pro? Play like Hendrix? Unlikely, but you will still be better than you were before, and have fun doing it.
  8. Me too! On both accounts! I was so bad they moved me to third trumpet, and I wasn't much better. I sing at a D- level, but I still enjoy it. I've sang backup in some bands, but mostly yelling. I sang lead on a Stooges song once. For me, getting together with friends and jamming or doing covers of old rock songs is about as fun as you can get.
  9. I played it about 10 times, and I'm still not sure. "How about you facilitate me out of here?" I think she says "out of here" I'm not sure of the facilitate part.
  10. I have no idea why "bass" rhymes with "ass" when it's a fish, and "ace" when it's a musical range. Or, for that matter, why enough doesn't rhyme with through. Anyone can play an instrument. You don't have to learn how to read music, and you don't have to be Eddie Van Halen to play guitar. It's supposed to be fun, and a lot of people miss that.
  11. I took a lot of theory classes, and can figure out a piece, but I can't sight read. To be honest, it's probably easier to jump into playing rock bass at a beginner level. Any instrument is difficult to master. Yes. If I play bass at a B level, I can play guitar at a C- level.
  12. I agree with you about the bass player, of course. I've always been cool with the drummers. The lead singers can be a bit full of themselves, as you might imagine.
  13. Yeah, that's the one. Even the icon for the site changes.
  14. She went by Ari and wore a wig. At the time, I respected her for adopting a bunch of kids. Now it's just chilling.
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