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  1. Well, that was a snooze. I'm going to spoil that sneak peek for everyone: it's dark, and Carol and Daryl speak in hushed tones to each other.
  2. Nothing? I thought it was a touching episode. The father-daughter stuff was very nice.
  3. Oh, sweet mother of all that's holy, save me from this sight.
  4. I'm having a hard time getting past this one.
  5. Seriously, I'm not any kind of fashion expert or fancy dresser, but that blouse was awful. Either Queen Elizabeth I or frilled gecko, take your pick. And those brown pants were doing her no favors.
  6. I would say KISS were a real rock band in the 70s. I like their first 6 albums or so, it's good pop-rock. "KISS Alive!" is a classic live album. They started to get a very young audience because of their make-up. When I was in 4th grade, they were the biggest thing ever. They started to get silly, (sillier?) starring in stupid movies and putting out concept albums. By the time the 80s came, they were largely forgotten, and 2 original members were out. They dropped the make-up and started to play the pop metal that was popular at the time. Some time in the 90s they decided to get the original members back and tour in full make-up and costume. This gave them an additional boost in popularity, and they've been riding this nostalgia wave since. They replaced the same 2 members with new guys in make-up, which is why they look youngish. At this point, I can't see them as more than a nostalgia act.
  7. I'm pleasantly surprised with the results tonight. At least Tyler didn't win.
  8. I can't believe an act could come in below Boogie Storm.
  9. Blech. I hate "no one goes home" week. That's twice this season. It would have been cool if Mike & Leo went home and one of the ladies came over to Alton's team.
  10. True, the actress gives her a lot of depth.
  11. I usually find the "old lady who curses and talks about sex" trope to be pretty tired, but this Grandma is so cute I give her a pass.
  12. For me, baked ziti and rigatoni bolognese. Any pasta in meat sauce, really. Linguini in white clam sauce with a ton of cheese? Heaven.
  13. I'm not a big Alton fan, but I just checked out his twitter, and he's really enjoying all the hate. I'll give him props for sheer snark.
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