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  1. Or "Darling Nikki" if you really want to go there.
  2. I little lovin' while the sun is shinin' The chorus was surprisingly melodic. That is closer to what I like. Lately I've been listening to what might be called "stoner metal." To me, they're bands that sound like old Black Sabbath but are still playing.
  3. I liked Garvey, but definitely Edwards.
  4. I watched the first 45 minutes or so and then I was called away. Definitely some of the better acting on this show, from Mary and Charles.
  5. Mary goes blind 2-parter is up at 7. I don't know if I have the energy for that today.
  6. "The Inheritance" is on Hallmark right now. Since I know where the Ingalls family ends up, I can tell what's going to happen even though I don't remember this one. ETA: Yes, I do remember this one, specifically the auction at the end, which I always liked. Mrs. Oleson was such a ______ in this.
  7. Harriet's head on the platter scared the living sh!t out of me when I first saw it!!!
  8. You might be crazy, but I agree 100%. The same thing is happening here, and we were one of the hardest hit areas in the world.
  9. I just caught the end of that silly balloon episode. Now the one where Nellie gets married is on. Much more entertaining, if only for Nellie & Mrs. Oleson's acting.
  10. There are still a lot of good bands, and plenty of crap. A lot of the bands I like now tend to sound like the 60s and 70s bands I like. I once saw Right Said Fred live. They lip synched their one song, and then did it again. They didn't even try to pretend. Luckily, I was absolutely hammered.
  11. Yeah, that bothered me, and no one seemed to recognize her either. Given that there probably isn't a lot of interesting news, I'd imagine she'd be quite notorious. If I were in her situation, I'd stay in my parent's cabin for a few months at least.
  12. Yeah, the best part was that Carrie wasn't actually in the episode more than 2 minutes.
  13. That's what I saw. Either pasties or they were digitally removed. Either way, there were no discernible nipples to my eyes.
  14. I like Domaine, Yo, and Eric. I'm still at the point where I don't really know a lot of names, I just go by characteristics. (Big guy, model, purple lipstick.) Domaine would be "face mask" in this scenario.
  15. I assure you I have no skills beyond writing a technical report and playing the basslines from the first 4 Black Sabbath records.
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