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  1. Superclam

    S04.E03: Deviant

    I'm now confused. Frankie the torturer from Bensonhurst what beat up by Cassidy, right? I see no evidence that he was anything but human.
  2. Superclam

    Worst Cooks In America

    I'm thankful that didn't qualify her for the "celebrity" edition.
  3. Superclam

    Small Talk: Ughngnggh! Ugghhnnn!

    I find Walmart weird any time of day.
  4. Superclam

    S04 All Episodes: Live Chat and Speculation

  5. Superclam

    S14.E11: Judge Cuts 4

    He is not, per this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/America's_Got_Talent_(season_14)#Top_36_acts BTW, wiki is usually pretty up to date and accurate with stuff like this.
  6. Superclam

    Small Talk: Ughngnggh! Ugghhnnn!

    No idea.
  7. Superclam

    America's Got These Media Links

    I believe it. This dumb show is very smart. On once a year during the summer and it's a new show every year. They take their talent from youtube act with lots of followers and then they post videos to get even more viewers. Simon is nothing if not media-savvy.
  8. Superclam

    Spoilers and Speculation

    Definitely Carol.
  9. Superclam

    Spoilers and Speculation

    That's what she said!!
  10. Superclam

    S02.E01: A Sparrow in a Swallow’s Nest

    Thanks, @Corgi-ears. No wonder I missed that!
  11. Superclam

    Spoilers and Speculation

    Damn!! That is good work!!
  12. Superclam

    S02.E01: A Sparrow in a Swallow’s Nest

    I totally missed that. Was then when they were talking at the dock where the lady committed suicide? I'll have to go back and rewatch. True, it could have been a drama about those days without the "spirit" part.
  13. Superclam

    Spoilers and Speculation

    Good thing this is the spoiler section. We wouldn't want to ruin seagulls for the season!! 🤣
  14. Asylum and Murder House are the best season by far, IMHO. The other seasons try but don't come close. What they tend to lack is a compelling story line. It sometimes feels like they make it up as they're going along. Many of the seasons are intertwined, but not so much that you can't follow. Every season is visually impressive, but then they go off on a tangent, drop characters, add in plot lines out of nowhere, etc. I usually end every season with a "wha???" That's my 2 cents. I like the show, but I don't know if I'd call it "can't miss tv."