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  1. Rebecca is definitely my least favorite so far. On both episodes, her craftsmanship and her creativity seem to be below everyone else's. I think she'll be gone pretty soon.
  2. I think it was 4 in episode 2.
  3. You have HBO? I use the HBO Go app from my Roku.
  4. I saw just the one during SNL. I haven't noticed much mention of it online either.
  5. Here in the U.S. of A. we say "knock wood" for whatever reason, and you have to knock on the table or your head. No idea why.
  6. I thought this season was a vast improvement on the last 2 (at least) up until that ridiculous "everyone falls into the same hole" ending.
  7. No, all the messages were centered instead of left justified for a little while. It only lasted about half an hour. I had that problem of the font size shrinking, though.
  8. Yes, all my text is centered for some reason. Looks like a greeting card.
  9. I saw my first commercial for it last night. As far as I can tell, it's on every night this week at 10, and week after on M, T & W, with 2 episodes the last Wednesday. I don't watch a lot of NBC, but it doesn't seem like they're promoting it heavily. Correction: It's on Monday - Thursday this week, Monday - Wednesday next week.
  10. I used words like "seemed" and "appeared to" in my industry, so sometimes I carry them over to my private life. To me, I doesn't mean anything.
  11. This is painfully true. But a year or two ago, it was Sunday afternoon, and I was thinking "I have to watch FTWD tonight." And the "had to" part got to me. It felt like a chore, and I realized I actually don't have to. From what I've read, I didn't miss anything. Anyway, I'll give this show its chance, but if it's crap, I'm out.
  12. I'm going to give it the first 8 episodes, or whatever the first season is. After that, if I don't like it, I'm not sticking with it like I did FtWD.
  13. Yeah, my knuckles will crack and bleed from the first cold day until the end of March. I have pretty sweaty palms, so I'm ok there.
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