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  1. mortonsalt

    S06.E10: Yippe Ki Yay Melon Farmer

    I know it's going to be really hard when Barry and Lainey break up. I'm glad that she and her dad at least got one nice Christmas though. I didn't care much for the Adam's subplot again either, but it was still miles better than him being obsessed over toys and destroying his dad's stamp collection, so he didn't bother me too much. I really enjoyed the other subplot though with Bev topping herself every day until she just finally gave up. Also, it was nice that there was no new Jackie, and I actually liked Erica this episode. I guess it was because there was no singing, and she was barely in the episode. Sometimes I watch this video when I need a laugh. Ridiculous Edited for TV Movie Lines (NSFW)
  2. mortonsalt

    S06.E09: Bachelor Party

    I agree, but unfortunately I doubt it will be picked up. I would much rather see Sue Sue in the City to see how Sue would conquer the big city rather than watch Schooled which has a lead character that I don't think I'm invested enough in to watch a whole show about. Plus, if Principal Glascott and Coach Mellor are just going to basically do the same shtick on Schooled that they do on The Goldbergs, I'm not really sure I want to see even more of it. If The Goldbergs weren't on the air at the same time, maybe I would watch it then, but if it's going to be pretty similar, I don't really know I want to watch both especially when the past few seasons have made me question whether I still want to watch the original show.
  3. mortonsalt

    The Mandalorian Anticipation

    Looks like they've got themselves a stew going. Carl Weathers Cast in The Mandalorian
  4. mortonsalt

    Beautiful Boy (2018)

    Yes, I thought would feel more for the characters, but I don't know for some reason I didn't. All of the elements are there for a powerful story on addiction, but it just didn't come together for me until near the end, and even then I felt more for the woman at the meeting who had just lost someone than I did for Steve Carell for most of the film. I can see why the director and screenwriter were trying to be unique in doing things and not doing cliche things that you would expect to see in a film about addiction, but I barely got the sense that it was something that tears families apart. I thought Timothee Chalamet did a pretty good job; although, I don't think I praise his performance as much as I've seen others do. Perhaps it was because of the flaws of the film, but I felt I've seen other actors do better when portraying addicts. As for Steve Carell, I thought he had some really nice moments when he was being more subtle and quiet, but when he gets all explosive and screaming, his voice just reminded me too much of Michael Scott, and I found myself wishing that another actor had played the part of David.
  5. mortonsalt

    S08.E09: Fire and Reign

    I know Roanoke went off the rails and isn't popular for good reason, but I think I know what you mean. I at least enjoyed watching it to see who was going to be the last survivor, and how more over the top it would get with the blood moon madness and what not. This season had a lot of potential, and some episodes there was that campy fun, but the last few episodes have been a chore to get through, imo.
  6. mortonsalt

    S06.07: Bohemian Rap City

    I was prepared to be more annoyed with Erica because I knew from the previews it was yet another episode with her singing, but I was also more pissed off at Adam. I agree with jmonique that Adam using Maury's stamps would have felt too immature for Adam to do in Season 1, but him being toy obsessed at 16 just makes it seem, imo, that there's seriously wrong going on. I get collecting action figures and other collectible items, but I don't know any 16 year olds that would be into toys and play with them like Adam or want to win a Toys 'R Us shopping spree. I know that they always have the injured party forgive the other person or persons, but Adam got off way too easy. The other story line wasn't so good either, but at least there were a few positives like the con man coming back again, and the Ricky Gold name moment.
  7. mortonsalt

    Family Guy

    It's from Kickboxer. I was just wondering if the exterminator reminded anyone else of Steve Holt from Arrested Development after he becomes an exterminator.
  8. mortonsalt

    S44.E03: Seth Meyers / Paul Simon

    Sorry my math isn't so good. I was also thinking about how they've only done three episodes this season and are already taking a break. It just seemed pretty early especially as the episodes so far haven't been that good.
  9. mortonsalt

    S44.E03: Seth Meyers / Paul Simon

    I didn't realize he had hosted four times before. I can't remember any memorable skits from him only one of his monologues where he did the Titanic arms thing. Definitely doesn't feel like the strongest person to host after a three week hiatus. Speaking of the hiatus, it seems really early to already take 3 weeks off. I was shocked when I saw that the next new episode wouldn't be until November, and that they were already repeating the first episode. I totally agree about the writing too. Episodes have always had sketches that didn't work before, but other than a few bright spots, the past three episodes have been bad, imo. Yes, the Beta Force commercial probably got the most laughs out of me, but he didn't really bring anything to the other sketches that someone else couldn't have done as well or better.
  10. mortonsalt

    S06.E03: RAD!

    I only remember it from seeing pictures online of a very young Nicole Kidman. I remember BMX being really big in the 80s, but I don't remember any movies about it. On the other hand, I do remember Gleaming the Cube and Police Academy 4 having skateboarding in them, and Tony Hawk being in both. (He was also in Thrashin' too which I didn't know about until Josh Brolin had his comeback with Milk and No Country for Old Men.) As for the episode, I loved seeing Rick Springfield and the constant use of Jessie's Girl, but I've grown tired of Erica especially the show always having to have the actress sing.
  11. mortonsalt

    AGT The Champions: Media & Speculation

    Can NBC please make him the host of the regular edition of America's Got Talent? Terry Crews to Host NBC's 'America's Got Talent: The Champions'
  12. mortonsalt

    S13.E18: Live Results 4 (Wednesday's Show)

    Yes, I know last season, there was some crossover, but this season on The Gong Show, it seems a lot of the acts have been on America's Got Talent before. It's interesting because some that did relatively well on America's Got Talent haven't necessarily done that well on The Gong Show. Although Christian and Scooby did end up winning on one of the episodes of The Gong Show.
  13. mortonsalt

    S13.E19: Live Semi Finals 2 (Tuesday's Show)

    I agree with the consensus so far. This was a pretty awful night especially for a semifinal. Christina Wells - At first I felt somewhat bad that she got the worst spot of the night, but her performance wasn't that great anyway. Also I think it was a poor song choice unless she could pull it off, but she couldn't. Da Republik - Da faq?!? Noah Guthrie - Chris Cornell did a really awesome cover of this, imo, and I think that's what Guthrie was trying to go for. Unfortunately he didn't even come close to doing what Cornell. Before the show, I thought he had a good shot of going through, but I don't see it now. Daniel Emmet - So-so boring. Angel City Chorale - I could barely hear him. Also while I know that song was written in response to 9/11, I'm not sure that it's had staying power since that era though. Aaron Crow - Boring, but I guess I'd rather have him than another singer go through. Vicki Barbolak - I want to root for a non-singer, but I also hope that this is the end of the line for her. We Three - I liked their other performances, but I think they should have went with a cover or a better original song. Glennis Grace - Technically she sounded fine to me, but it was so dull. Brian King Joseph - The only performance that I actually liked tonight. Courtney Hadwin - I agree with Commando Cody that Hadwin could totally blow this performance and still move on. While I don't know if she totally blew it, it was close. What a waste of the pimp spot.
  14. mortonsalt

    Making It

    Yes, I thought the cones looked pretty bad, but I was afraid that Jo was going to win after winning the first challenge. I don't know what happened to Amber. I was rooting for Khiem, but I thought it was going to be close between her and Khiem. Her wedding topper didn't look nice at all though, imo, and then her final projects were pretty simple compared to what Khiem and Jo both did. Looking forward to next season but agree with many here that I hope Dayna is one and done.
  15. mortonsalt

    Making It

    Yes, I think Amber is going to win too. I noticed that in last night's episode like in the first episode, they emphasized that it was important as a mom to think about yourself too. So I think that's definitely more the Etsy demographic than Khiem's designs. Plus, I think Amber has also been the most consistent so far. I wouldn't say that her designs have been the most original, but they've been well crafted and look like crafts that could be found on Etsy or Pinterest.