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  1. I love grown up Stephanie, too. She has been my favorite of the original characters. On a side note, I really hope Jodie Sweetin can stay sober after all this is done. She’s so talented. OH. And sucks to be Stephanie that her dad didn’t walk her down the aisle. He likely has now walked DJ twice.
  2. I didn’t see Viper, but liked seeing Michelle’s childhood friend auditioning for officiant. Super odd that Stamos wasn’t in that final scene.
  3. Much better than last week!
  4. I really enjoy this show, but thought this episode was absolutely awful. The whole dream storyline was a waste of time and not “out there” enough to make the dream concept make sense.
  5. I assumed that she bought him a higher-end dishwasher, not that it was a brand new dishwasher. Grace wouldn't have done the work to remove cabinets to install it.
  6. I'm only 36 minutes in, but am really enjoying today's episode. The ladies seem more laid back and the whole episode is a nice reprieve from the chaos of today.
  7. I truly don't understand why interruptions in Canada and New York make people think that the show go on hiatus because apparently other states don't exist.
  8. I feel like everyone’s really overthinking Sadie. She told her dad that he wasn’t giving the chance to be himself away from the other horses. He then told Madison in the future that she needs to give the father the opportunity to be himself. I truly don’t think there’s anything more to Sadie than just inspiring his comments.
  9. The line was that he talked to jack and “they” were on their way.
  10. I doubt it...they've had extremely different careers, despite being 2 years apart in age.
  11. Seeing Warren interrupted by 45's rambling press conference was cruel irony.
  12. Joy is 77, so, while she's doesn't have health issues, she's at an increased risk age.
  13. There's a People video interview with Clinton on the home page. He talks about how he thought for sure that the three of them were going to get another show after The Chew was canceled. He says he texts with Carla and Michael weekly.
  14. Since w&g called Phil “Filthy Phil” last week when in the kitchen after talking about podcasts, why were they trying to figure out a name for him in this episode? I’m glad that Phil was an actual bad guy and not just some wacky misunderstanding.
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