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  1. Yup. She was reasonable and enjoyable.
  2. Aileen

    Live PD

    It was impressive, but he's also SUPER excitable about basically anything.
  3. Aileen

    Live PD

    Oh...he is a lot.
  4. Aileen

    Live PD

    Is he the one who lost his shit last week with excitement about the souped up beater car with the giant engine cut out on the hood?
  5. I couldn't believe that the big "battle scene" happened with like 30 minutes left to spare. I kept thinking something epic was going to happen. It also felt like the roles of Carlos and Jay were both decreased significantly. D2 was so much better. I thought it was smart that the tribute didn't talk about "in memory of" or missing Cameron. It was a lovely tribute and I like the fact that it wasn't super obvious to young viewers who may not know what happened.
  6. Rewatching Descendants 2 right now while waiting for the D3 premiere. This movie is still as entertaining as it was in its first watch. Looking forward to the final installment and blinking back a ton of tears.
  7. Aileen

    S02.E20: Mind Playing Tricks on Me

    It really feels like they're trying to figure out which show is best for Marcus Scribner. I love the actor, but the timelines between the shows are so confusing that I'd prefer him on one or the other.
  8. Aileen

    S02.E16: New World Order

    I LOVED THIS EPISODE. LOVED IT. I have been meh on this season in general and just thought it was fantastic. I thought that the rounding up of the "halves" or whatever they would be called was so upsetting and well-done and I was relieved that it was in Ben's imagination. I also thought it was a comment on where we are as a society right now. I'm excited for spring. The one thing I don't understand is why Helen trusts Beth so much. She's shadyAF. I also wish the man who hates Ben's family wasn't going to be "a thing" in the spring. I don't like the actor or character. I was sure that Levi was captive in the ranch. Surprised we didn't see him at all.
  9. Aileen

    Andi Mack

    Fantastic finale and I thought the Cyrus/TJ scene was absolutely perfect. This is such a talented cast in a way that, I think, hasn't been scene in a Disney show before. The parents weren't over the top, there were no super precocious little kids...it was a great show.
  10. Aileen

    S02.E19: Only Human

    ? It was Halle's character who fell. She's in a neon yellow hoodie and you see her break away from the others to run faster, then you see her on the ground in the same hoodie. I loved the Luka and Aaron scene and the fact that they kept Charlie serious for the discussion in his office.
  11. Aileen

    Press Your Luck

    I love it and it makes me feel better about my pooch that is larger than hers 😉 I felt bad for the contestant since she didn't have any family or friends out on the stage. I wonder if they've decided to stop having people out there.
  12. The disconnect between THIS MM and the MM we get on the View is so bizarre.
  13. Aileen

    "The View": Week of 7/22/2019

    I totally took the Whoopi thing another way. To me, MM was talking down to her like she’d never heard of those movies and wasn’t aware of this pop culture moment and I felt like Whoopi was reminding her that, “yes, I’m a movie star and am aware that these films existed, thank you very much.”
  14. Aileen

    Andi Mack

    It looks like they're "going there" on next week's episode with Cyrus and TJ.
  15. Aileen

    "The View": Week of 7/8/2019

    Oh, I don’t think so...Sunny looked annoyed and kept talking over her. She wasn’t on the verge of tears.