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  1. Did they film season 5 differently? The lighting seems super dim and there's a huge drop off in color from the theme song ending to the show starting. Ahhh...it's my tv:
  2. Interesting because we thought it felt much more like old school modern family than most episodes lately.
  3. This was a great episode. I wish this show received more love and attention. It’s just so good. I laughed so hard at Angie backtalking the grocery store employee, “You could have had all of this!”
  4. I thought this episode was great. I'm assuming it was the final episode of the original season order since the ending felt like a finale with the flash forwards.
  5. Great episode. Everyone was real and it was easy to put yourself in Dre’s shoes about feeling guilt when getting close to Lynette. I figured Pops had to leave because he was impersonating a museum employee.
  6. They don’t wear uniforms in whatever grade they’re in now (8th?). It was mentioned randomly in the season premiere.
  7. What was the grandpa doing at the end during the montage? It looked like he ripped a valet ticket and handed an attendant his keys. I was lost as it seemed like whatever was happening was a “big deal.”
  8. I DVR'ed Seth last night so just started watching it. She gave him the nutcracker xmas sweater she designed and he asked her, "So, do all of your designs come to you in nightmares?" She laughed pretty genuinely. She seems to enjoy Seth.
  9. YES! Poppy’s ex! Thank you!!
  10. Who played the guy who invited Dre to the club? He looks so familiar and I deleted the episode before noting his name.
  11. I totally didn’t understand how putting the sex cuffs on Janet showed that she was truly Bad Janet. I must have missed something, but it made no sense to me.
  12. I agree. It's annoying, BUT I also appreciate that she turns her chair all the way around and scans the entire audience while doing it.
  13. Love this show. I laughed so often compared to Modern Family.
  14. I thought this episode was awful 😞 The last finale would have been a perfect ending. And Alex getting kissed by some guy when she didn't welcome it and then feeling threatened by all then men around her?? HI-larious. 🙄
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