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  1. I LOVED how Grace sent James packing. And I totally thought she killed the porpoise at first.
  2. I was so confused about the gags with Gloria and Jay not knowing who Dylan was. Has that been a thing?
  3. They have a large age difference, but 39 years is extreme.
  4. I was extremely surprised about Joy just brushing off all of the problems with Bloomberg and pitting "racist against racist." It made absolutely no sense when compared to, I don't know, anything that she's ever said. Ever. So bizarre and really disappointing.
  5. It was a jumpsuit and the bottom half was solid black pants.
  6. Beth told Kevin that “everyone” was inside. Kate’s not there. I don’t think Kate’s alive in the future timeline
  7. I loved the storyline with Jack and his husband. For the first time they actually felt like a couple to me.
  8. Absolutely hilarious...I laughed out loud so many times. ”Why did you run into the woods?!”
  9. She's past high school. Jack died during senior year and they're already living in the new house. This is well into what would be her freshman year of college.
  10. I’m not sure if she’s 17 or 18, but 17yos can vote in the primary as long as they’ll be 18 by general election.
  11. Plus Sunny made it clear yesterday that she was going to ask these questions. Amy's people should have made her aware.
  12. If it's the "shock" in the previews that they've been running, have no fear.
  13. Joy is my absolute favorite and I adore her, but that bisexuality conversation was batshit crazy.
  14. Yes we do...the motorcycle crash was 6 years after the heart transplant and what caused her death.
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