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  1. I don’t think she looks bad at all. I assumed that she may have gained weight while struggling with the show and her sobriety.
  2. I think that dawn’s comment that alluded to her being pansexual in MA and the Great Romance will be the representation in the BSC.
  3. When the wind blew out the chapel window, I exclaimed, “It’s Roseanne!”
  4. NotKato is very good in Righteous Gemstones ;)
  5. This show has hit its stride and I really hope it picks up viewers. It's a great combination of sweet but very funny.
  6. I don’t think we’re going to necessarily get a blackmail plot. I think that Peter is going to tell Gary that he won’t turn them in if they don’t turn Peter in. Everyone will know nothing and no one goes to jail. My 9 year old does. It was the street outside the bar.
  7. I really enjoy this show. I wouldn’t be shocked if we get a Coach and Lillian reveal eventually. I’ve gotten chemistry vibes from them since the pilot.
  8. I thought the wheelhouse guys and their lawyer were perfectly cast. I liked this episode a lot. Jet is one of my favorites from L&O-OC, so I was good with her popping up here (although I never thought she was a detective last season…I always thought she was just some computer hacker that worked for them).
  9. Hang on, hang on...so you think it's weird that an 18 year old was at a divorce party for a woman whose ex-husband had an affair with said 18 year old's mother, which resulted in the 18 year old's half-sister? :)
  10. This episode wasn’t super depressing. That’s unusual for this show.
  11. I legitimately laughed out loud several times. This was a fantastic episode, IMO. ”Her name is…Kia Sorento.”
  12. I called the potential Katherine hook up as soon as the actress arrived at the party. I’m also calling this…I bet Gary’s cancer is going to return. They’ve made a reference to his breast cancer every episode this season when it hadn’t been mentioned in a very long time.
  13. Interesting...Tom's one of my favorite characters. I loved how he called Marina and told her that the chef was in the house instead of wacky hijinks like in most sitcoms.
  14. Thought this was another great episode. I like the actress who ran the book club…she was on A Million Little Things. I wish more people were into this show…the comments on their Facebook ads are extremely (and bizarrely) negative, even for social media.
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