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  1. Yes, very often in older episodes of L&O and SVU. We never watched the first time around and often DVR episodes that are in syndication. Queen for a Day comes up a lot.
  2. As far as I recall there was a discussion about a mole early on in the pilot and then...never again.
  3. So was this only the 4 or 5 episodes that aired?
  4. Aileen

    Cruella (2021)

    Nothing happens to any animals.
  5. Good episode, but I do not need this show stretching all the way until June 9th.
  6. Toby’s at the house in the final fast forward.
  7. He had a meeting with a new firm last week, he didn’t have a deal worked out with them. I’m pretty sure that this episode and last week’s were aired out of order.
  8. I’m so confused about how they bought multicolor glitter without using the convenient curbside service at Target.
  9. I'm loving this show. The only miss for me was Sara randomly stealing things from Connor's house at the very end. I liked Tom and his wife trying to show that they still had "it." I thought it was the first time they've really had chemistry as a couple. Topher is great, IMO.
  10. He’s from Modern Family ;) You probably recognize him from that show.
  11. I’m loving this show. Even the sister worked for me this time.
  12. I really liked it. I enjoyed how the homeowners had to actually make decisions and just didn't blindly get everything they wanted. I live in the Chicago suburbs, which is why I initially tuned in.
  13. I've fallen asleep three times trying to get through this episode. I want to love this series and I just cannot. Also, I strongly dislike the actress that played the Wednesday Gal and still have PTSD of her abysmal role on Arrested Development.
  14. She has got to be one of the most beautiful women alive. She’s distractingly gorgeous. This episode had a lot of laugh out loud moments and the two flashbacks to black-ish were great. It made me sad, though, to hear Paul talk about “40 years from now,” knowing his fate from Black-ish.
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