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  1. forevertwentynine

    S04.E00: Captain Sandy's Yachtrageous Moments

    I know I will watch the season... and as I saw on this special (I FF'd through a lot of it), they have a new chef and I'm not going to like her at all.
  2. forevertwentynine

    S08.E10: D Day Comes Early

    🤣 Touche I've raised my kid... and now we're about the same maturity at 19. LOL
  3. forevertwentynine

    S08.E10: D Day Comes Early

    Or at least just a man. Of course he wants kids... they are fun for him, because he watched women raise everyone and do everything for him, so he just thinks that she's going to do it all too. He needs to really grow up.
  4. forevertwentynine

    S09.E07: Surprise

    Funny, when I watched this, I thought Stella looks EXACTLY like Luis. Just has more hair.
  5. forevertwentynine

    S09.E12: You'll Know the Bottom When You Hit It

    You should go back to the beginning, when the show was still really good. The bartender is her best friend, and Lip is a hypocrite because she didn't do that to him when he was a drunk loser.
  6. forevertwentynine

    S08.E05: 'Til Mud Do Us Part

    I can't remember if I watch this on Lifetime or TLC, but it takes up about a 3-4 hour slot with repeats. I have noticed when I cancel my 9:00 showing and record the later one, the first repeat IS only an hour long. But they repeat it later and it's the full show. I thought maybe the hour show was with half the commercials cut out, guess not huh?
  7. forevertwentynine

    S01.E27: Season 1B Reunion

    I'm thinking her Mom is just so happy that Stefan is finally not around. Plus the new boyfriend looks much more respectable. But who knows, Kayla got some issues. But she speaks truth and I'm glad she stood up for herself.
  8. forevertwentynine

    Floribama Shore

    anything I've seen on her Instagram shows she is not pregnant.
  9. forevertwentynine

    Floribama Shore

    These girls are so stupid with their pregnancy tests. There was no faint line of anything...she's just freaking out.
  10. forevertwentynine

    The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

    I don't think anyone reads this anymore, but where in the world is Tariq?
  11. forevertwentynine

    Most Memorable Meltdowns 2017.10.18

    This might be one of my first posts, but I'm reading the forums always. In regards to aubree and her eye drop freak out. Oh man, I remember when my son was 6. He had pink eye, so I had to put drops in. Exactly the same, he ran from me, screamed, everything. I eventually had to sit on him in like start squirting until something got in there. Ahhh...kids are fun. Janelle.... I wish she could watch this episode alone. Watch how she acted and actually realized something. We all know that will never happen. Horrible, screaming about how she had to smoke weed. Chasing after Keifer. I'm glad they didn't show her heroin use though. I remember that scene with Adumb with Chelsea and the surgery. First, funny to see him again before all the steroid bulk. calling his daughter a little bastard. I'm so glad Chelsea got her happy ending. The other girls are too stupid to figure it out. Kail doesn't deserve that wonderful sensitive Isaac. And as usual, Briana, you are stupid. Your mother is ratchet and disgusting, and I hate that I live in the same state as they do. I feel so horrible for her daughters. Another generation of man hating, when you guys are the problem, not them.
  12. forevertwentynine

    16 & Pregnant: Life After Labor 2014

    These girls were just so sadly pathetic. I can't remember all their names, but seriously, these were the most bottom feeding sad teenagers they've shown, in my opinion. Superficially..the first girl, she looked like a drag queen... a total man. What was up with those eyebrows? They were thinner on the show... are thick eyebrows making some sort of come back? The "baby daddy" she had though, yeah, he would have gotten punched throwing those $1 bills out of his pocket. The rest of the girls, the ones that took these deadbeats back and laughed it off...the ones with the one night stands, they are so immature. Only a couple stood out to have any chance of making it. I hope they are done with this. I'm way too old to watch this.